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By jona bryndis, May 5 2018 03:13PM

With our May 2018 session we are celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of Remote Prayers - a free remote energy - or distance healing session for the public. In over 75 sessions we facilitated energetic healing support, Rites of Passage (a family healing service for people passing) or Coma related energetic clearings to over 2000 individuals.

We started out as a group of 10 volunteers which has now grown to 33 members. This group consists of healers and empaths from all over the world offering this anonymous healing service once a month for anyone in need of energetic support for their self-healing or recovery process.

The purpose of a Remote Prayers Healing session is to actively involve a person in their healing process from emotional, spiritual, mental or physical distress. Remote Prayer Sessions offered through the Remote Prayers Group are non-religious and open to everyone.

By jona bryndis, Jun 9 2017 05:20AM

On our FREE Remote Prayers Group Healing Service

Remote Energy Healing is still a bit mysterious for most people. When joining a free Remote Prayer Group Healing Session for example, participants often don’t know what to expect. Do they need to prepare in a certain way? Do they have to do anything during the session? Will they feel anything? What are the energies the Remote Prayer Group works with?

Without going deeper into the mechanics of remote energy sessions and why they work, the objective of a Remote Prayer Session offered through the Remote Prayer Group is not to convince others that Energy Work can be a powerful alternative/supplement to traditional treatments or that we are great ‘healers’. We see our job in helping others by activating and strengthening their own inner self-healing without interfering; and thus effectively supporting this person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through our own self-healing experience.

By jona bryndis, Oct 24 2016 10:45PM

FIELD REPORT Remote Prayer FREE Group Healing Session


As so many monday mornings I finally get to write session reflections from ongoing remote energy transMISSIONS here at transCODES. Occasionally, I publish my session reflection as Field Report, so that those who are not familiar with energy work can get a peek into how it works.

One of our most popular transMISSION is our complimentary monthly Remote Prayers Group Healing session. They are open for everyone. For this session it is not needed to have experience with remote energy work; all participants receive a coded 60 min sound mp3 to listen during the sesssion.

Last week was a very busy week, hundreds of energetically sensitive people or those who are looking for a deeper inn connection signed up for our free and paid specific remote energy sessions. I mentioned this before, these sessions are the source for my Energy Updates and reading current collective energies, as it allows me to contextualize processes that individuals go through. (For more info check out my weekly energy reports here).

By sharing one of the session reflections (which can also be read and commented on in our transCODES forum community site) I hoping to encourage you readers to maybe stand still for a moment and contemplate about your deeper inner processes. We are so busy with just trying to 'survive' our lives, that we can forget to take this time from time to time. Please follow me into the realms of our higher consciousness and self-healing...

By jona bryndis, Aug 2 2016 04:00PM

There are many different forms of inner and outer suffering - some of which we can or can't control. Self-Healing means recognizing that there is a power in us that drives us to WANTING TO CHANGE that. It is an inner prompting that somehow guides us to seek for solutions inwardly.

Self-Healing means reclaiming your right to take all matters concerning our inner and outer life into our own hands - that you are not powerless and that you have the power to heal yourself within you.

In energy work we call this Awakening - The process of becoming aware that we have the power to change our situation, condition or circumstances within us.

Awakening to our inner self-healing power means "opening myself to the miraclous power of allowing myself to heal."

This, and our willingness to honestly reflect on our personal involvement and the sincere resolve to improve our lives is the first and most important step of activating our Divine Self-Healing powers.

How can we start our Self-Healing Journey?

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2016 09:00PM

To align to our Inner Higher Power no special environment or altered state of consciousness is needed! Connecting and aligning to our inner Self is natural and simple. All that is needed is 5-10 minutes each day, right after waking up, taking a break or going to bed...while walking the dog, cleaning the dishes, or waiting in line in a supermarket...being connected with Self is not a 'state' - but a way of living!

To expand our Meditation Tools we are adding two new Energy Alignment Meditations to our collection:


By jona bryndis, Jan 16 2016 08:56AM

Remote Prayer Group & Jona Bryndis

Finally! Our Energy Prayers are available!

Energy Prayers are 10 min Energy Alignment mp3’s designed as Meditation Tool to attune your personal energy field to a specific energetic healing resonance.

The Energetic Healing Alignments can be obtained as single Healing Resonance for $9.99 or as Subscription Set of 10 Energy Prayers plus bonus track with an automatic subscription for future Energy Prayers produced in the coming 12 month period starting from your sign-up date.

The revenue of all Energy Prayers flows back to our non-profit Remote Prayers Group and thus supports our monthly FREE Group Healings.

To align to our Inner Higher Power no special environment, mediation or altered state of consciousness is needed! Connecting and aligning to our inner Self is natural and simple. All that is needed is 5-10 minutes each day, right after waking up, taking a break or going to bed...while walking the dog, cleaning the dishes, or waiting in line in a supermarket...being connected with Self is not a 'state' - but a way of living.

The transCODES Remote Prayer Group wrote these Energy Prayers as part of the energetic alignment for our FREE Group Healings. Each Energy Prayer resonates on a different frequency and can be used as needed.

Each Energy Prayer consists of a coded invocation (spoken by Jona Bryndis) with an added 4hz Theta Metronome and an additional 30-min music track (inc. metronome) without voice for custom looping.

Thank you for your Donation!

Please note that ordered Energy Prayers are sent out manually - delivery can take up to 6 hours.

Healing Resonances available to date:

FREEDOM - Bonus (Free Dowload here)












DETACHMENT coming soon

Click here to buy an Energy Prayer MP3 or a Subscription.

Listen to the Energy Prayer FREEDOM

Energy Prayers are written by Jona Bryndis and Remote Prayer Group

Music by Jeff Casper, recorded by Scott Meadows

Audio Production: Super Power Sound LLC

Editing: Elecia Niedlinger


The Energy Prayer is coded to attune your personal energetic frequency to the faster vibratory resonance of your heart-field. The added theta metronome induces deeper states of consciousness and should therefore not be listened to while driving or operating heavy equipment.

By jona bryndis, Jan 16 2016 01:29AM

For those of you interested in how to apply spiritual and metaphysical concepts into your practical live I am occasionally sharing so-called Field Reports. They are session reports of our ongoing group transMISSIONS here at transCODES showing how we do this energetic ground-work. In case you have been wondering what Remote Energy transMISSIONS and how they work, these reports allow you to peek in to and feel out for yourself how we work on our inner aspects in groups or individual remote energy sessions. (For more info about Remote Energy transMISSIONS click here.)

These session reports are posted in our transMISSION forum after a session to give all participants the opportunity to compare, comment, reflect and share. Our energy coaches keep a protocol of each attendant’s energy field during a transMISSION, so that they can answer or respond to personal aspects as they arose in context with the session.

This particular session was offered as our monthly FREE Remote Prayer Energy Healing Session called

DETACHMENT, in January 2016. Every participant received a free 60min Energy Prayer MP3 to align to the session energies. These energy alignments are published as non-profit Energy Prayers as individual resonances or subscriptionto support our volunteer Energy Workers in our Remote Prayer Group.

By jona bryndis, Dec 1 2015 01:26PM

This Remote Energy Prayer was created for one of our free Remote Prayer group healings (with special thanks to Jennifer Stone). Our next free remote energy healing service is on Thursday, 3rd December 2015 @9PM (MST- US Denver Time).

This shortened 10 min Energy Prayer can be used as inner Energetic Alignment for dealing with December Energies.

Download your FREE Energy Prayer here!

By Jona Bryndis

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2015 11:58AM

Impatience is often regarded as a minor bad habit or quirky personality trait. The energetic reality of being impatient however is far more extensive than we may be aware of. It can impact our ability to connect with ourselves and other people, severely limit our self-expression and worst of all, block our abilities to manifest or heal.

The most impatient people I know are the least aware of their impatience. What are deeper aspects of patience and why is it so hard to be patient sometimes? In a recent Remote Prayers Group Healing we discovered how impatience is often a sign of buried ego-aspects and how those secretly sabotage our efforts to change. Let’s look into deeper aspects of Patience and Impatience and how they relate to our Ego:

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