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By jona bryndis, Apr 15 2017 07:00AM

Weekly Energy Digest Week 16 & 17 - Energy Update 15th-25th April 2017

What can I say? The past two weeks went by as expected...so, I sat out the last report not wanting to waste your time with sounding like a broken record. Shadow stuff and Inner Child got us well last week - inner conflicts were reigning our life making many of us feel like GETTING STUCK IN INNER DARKNESS. It felt like nothing resolved but just repeated; in addition, most of us dealt with HEAVY PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS, such as continual tiredness, dizziness, nausea, shoulder and stomach issues - with some of us even getting temporarily locked up with disc issues and lower back/hip pain.

So far, the month of April has definitely been up there on the list of rough times... The tiredness and/or insomnia is seriously wearing us down and so, it's no surprise that e all feel a bit run down through STAGNATION. However, while these times in which collective energy bands force us to do an internal reality check suck, they also provide a great opportunity for healing - that is from an energy work perspective. As we are finally getting sick of ourselves, our tiredness allows us to pierce the veil of EGO ILLUSIONS and brings us into the position of recognizing that "if we don't change anything, nothing is going to change."

By jona bryndis, Mar 25 2017 04:41PM

In a recent discussion in our forum comunity her at transCODES the question was raised of how Addiction and Recovery tie in with Ego, Inner Child, Karma & Trauma? In this following personal reflection of this subject, I am going to share some of my personal background with you and explain how this connection became clear to me.

In context with Recovery, Inner Child and Karma aspects are very important topics. As you all know, we don’t just regard substance abuse or obvious addictive behaviors as subject to Recovery – from an energetic standpoint, shadow, ego, co-dependency and co-addiction resemble addictive behaviors just as much as a full blown drug addiction and therefore always need to be a part of self-healing. The reason why Ego, Inner Separation, Inner Child and Shadow cannot be left out of our journey of recovery, is because they are karmically tied to our energetic expression, as they can for example increase or decrease our propensity to addictive coping bechaviors in all areas of our life!

By jona bryndis, Mar 19 2017 09:47AM

As humans, we have the need for communication and interaction with others. There’s something in the mirroring that soothes us, that reflects to us that we are here, we exist, and that it is ok. But what if our interaction with others is blocked through a deep feeling, that we are not good enough or worthy; that we have nothing offer; or worse, that there is no point in even trying? We feel in shame of even existing and guilty for not being abale to do better than that.

For many of us, the inability to be intimate with others can become quite painful and something we come to regret. We may realize that much of what gives meaning to life is passing us by as we observe from the sidelines. Whenever our basic needs are not met, or the pain of dealing with our reality becomes too overwhemeling, it requires us to resort to our conditioned coping behaviors, be it to distract, numb the pain, or get our needs met. Options are many but common are victimhood, substance use, gambling, materialism, extreme risk, pornography, control and sex - and so we get stuck in an ever repeating cycle of shame, guilt, separation, pain, coping, and shame and guilt again...

What energy in us can be so strong that it can keep us from opening up and expressing ourselves - dismissing our most basic need to to connect with others and isolate ourselves ?

Besides classic recovery treatment and therapies which can help us with overcoming the outer layer of our addictions, I would like to invite you to take a look at how Energy Work can provide the missing link that can show us new ways out of our guilt and shame cycle and how to address often misunderstood human wound to regain a more healhty and fulfilling outlook on life.

By jona bryndis, Mar 10 2017 03:42AM

Although the focus of “Recovery” in this modality may lead our thoughts instantly to abuse or addiction involving drugs, alcohol, sex or gambling perhaps, and the desperation those issues often include, the scope and intent of GRACE Recovery go much broader. It is probably safe to state that more of us than not, live our lives under the influence and restriction of some form of addiction or dependency, often outside our awareness and much subtler than we might imagine.

If we are on a spiritual path or interested in unfolding our true potential, we need to look honestly at the impact of a range of issues, beyond those which society often perceives as less than desirable and may condemn. There is usually only minimal observation needed to see excesses and sometimes the negative effects of a variety of activities and behaviors that are considered acceptable and even “normal”.

Some examples might include materialism, co-dependency, idolization, extreme focus on career, health, appearance or physical condition of the body, and a number of ego reactions and behaviors. Perhaps you are familiar with comments like “well, it’s much better than” or “not as bad as him or her doing this or that”. The perception is often even very positive; excessive focus on work might be seen as dedication or co-dependency as true love for example.

All of these issues have some things in common: they are an attempt to restore a feeling of inner peace or wholeness or distract or numb us from the discomfort of the lack thereof. What if we have been misguided though? What if the solution was not at all in things external to us, but instead, within us, within our own hearts?

By jona bryndis, Dec 24 2016 05:00PM

Once again we are nearing year's end, which for many of us, is the most joyous and love filled period of the year, with a more defined focus toward family and loved ones, reflection and gratitude for the experience of this life, and excitement for where our path may lead us in the upcoming year.

So, for a lot of us, this time also brings a heightened sense of anticipation and the demands of preparation for one or more of a number of holidays that will celebrated by many throughout the world. Even though we may look forward to and truly enjoy these holidays, the stressors that we may encounter, whether they be related to our family dynamics, ours or other's expectations, additional financial burden, or extra emotional expression (perceived as positive or negative) for example, can have a significant impact on us personally and weaken our energetic immune system. Even if we are well practiced at maintaining congruency and balance, the constant force of the collective during this time is something we would do well to stay aware of.

It is a common phenomenon that Energetically Sensitive People and people in Recovery perceive this time as bombarding and rather challenging - after all, half the world is in a state of energetic uproar. However, there are other ways to deal with this time than locking ourselves up or feeling anxious...

By jona bryndis, Dec 13 2016 07:07PM

'Being Spiritual' - what does this even mean? Many of us are looking for guidance, communities or people that can enrich our deeper journey. The amount of Ascension Groups, Online Courses and Spiritual Blog Sites in Social Media and the internet have been exploding in the past couple of years. It shows us the need for guidance in this area of self-improvement and spiritual emergence, but how can we discern the often redundant and often single-sided information? What if we want to grow beyond channelings from ‘spiritual beings’ or the mainstream how-to’s of ‘becoming more spiritual’? To me, that's not what 'Being Spiritual' means!

In my book, 'being spiritual' doesn't mean to look, talk or dress spritual - it's not about being a vegetarian, meditating or hugging trees - and it's definitely not something I project out to others, either! It's about my inner relationship with myself and seeing beauty in all there is, even in the darkness around me. For me 'being spiritual' means to be able to be present in the moment - with all my heart; to love my life regardless of all challenges I am facing; to love myself inspite of all the mistakes I am making; to feel the power in me to transcend pain into love; and to believe in a higher power than my ego...

By jona bryndis, Jul 15 2016 06:49PM

For much of our society, the word "addiction" brings to mind the hardcore drug user or the homeless alcoholic we often pass by on the street. However, many of us may have been guided to this type of work for there is often need to look further. The addictive structure that underlies many of the more obvious self-destructive behaviors commonly manifests in very subtle, but at best, still energetically destructive forms of dependency. Many of these dependencies are not only accepted by society in general, but also even regarded as "normal". One specific type that is often hidden in plain sight all around us is a dependency on others in one form or another.

By jona bryndis, Oct 30 2015 07:33PM

For many of us, the shift to a different phase in life often brings not only a renewed sense of hope, but also a time of reflection. With new resolve comes the need for more clarity about our experiences along the path that lead us to our desire and willingness to change. Any time we decide to change we are openening up to heal our past so that we can overcome our fears of the future.

Regardless of the reason for change; whether it’d be away from co-dependency, addicitve behaviors, substance abuse, or simply an ego driven life for example, if we are honest with ourselves, we often discover that there is some repair work needed before we are able to move any great distance forward.

It's quite common to discover that our previous way of life was one during which we lived through conditioned beliefs, patterns and programs that were so significantly misaligned from who we truly are, that our past actions barely feel like it was us doing them. For the deeper inner healing these aspects of ourselves need to be reunited and integrated.

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