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By jona bryndis, Jan 5 2016 11:26PM

Q: Where do you get the info for Energy Updates and Forecasts?

A: Good question! Thank you for asking! The answer is simple: Through deeper consciousness work in remote energy transMISSIONS with my clients. In these sessions, I work and exchange with hundreds of energetically sensitive and visionary people every month.

Each and every transMISSION reflects a piece of the big picture – the energy that is going through the collective - and how it affects people. As we all carry parts of the collective energetic codes, the ‘big picture’ becomes visible for me by working with a huge number of individual energy fields and collect the empiric data that allows me see trends and tendencies. This is very hands-on stuff and also why I call it 'Energetic Ground-Work.' (Also read: "Energetic Ground Work: Remote Energy transMISSIONS Explained")

The info in Energy Forecasts and Energetic Adjustment Sessions is a bit different – I receive this through combining the info coming from individuals and actively logging on to the ‘holo field’ (some call it the Aluna) of our collective consciousness. As mentioned before, our universe is holographic, so all information of all time is stored (many call this Akashic Records). For feedback and to narrow timelines, I look at astrological constellations, which very often influence the manifestation of certain collective events or developments.

Precognition is possible because all info is already there, we just need to learn how to remove our mental, emotional, and other filters of perception to be able to access this info! Some people are born with this ability others can learn it. It’s a lot less mystical than you think, however there is a mystical component to it, which allows for even more info to be transcoded. In these mentioned remote energy sessions, I teach energy processes that allow us to do this.

Hope this answers your question.



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