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By jona bryndis, Feb 3 2019 06:00AM


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From an energetic point of view a High Vibrational Diet is based on supporting our body and energy system through continually allowing energetic residues to be released and new habits to be implemented. This applies especially to persons with heightened energetic sensitivity and empaths! As you all probably know, a simple clearing or detox doesn’t prevent the same old stuff from coming back. This is where your energy work needs to come in and support your overall energetic system! (read here about the Basics of Energy Work).

The main principles of a High Vibratory Diet are basically the same as a generally healthy and balanced diet - just a little more conscious. The main difference is that we need to get our heart into the game!

At the same time, if a high vibrational diet is the same as a healthy diet, does this mean that I can raise my vibration through changing my diet? Yes! Absolutely! However, eating and living in an energy sustaining nand heart-based way also challenges our ego – and with this challenge comes the necessity to face some of our deeper inner programs and self-sabotaging habits.

The very meaning of INTEGRATIVE is that it includes all areas of our life and NOT JUST ONE. So, long-term diet changes can create a massive improvement in your well-being, but in order to sustain those new levels of energy you need check on your overall energetic alignment and allow changes in other areas of life as well (e.g. Self-Love, Career, Relationship, Communication, Creativity, Exercise, Family, etc.)

Principles of a High Vibratory Supporting Diet:

By jona bryndis, Mar 7 2015 08:26AM

In a recent forum post a very frequent question was asked, namely how hydration levels can influence our energy or experince during energy work (Thank you Skaka!).

Just as our hydration levels influence many physical functions, it can also influence our energy and experience during energy work. On a physical/biological level our blood's viscosity (thick/thin blood), ability to regulate body temperature, oxygen levels, nutrient absorption, muscle performance, organ function, digestion, toxic waste removal, neurotransmitter and hormonal transportation, heart efficiency as well as our mental/brain function, etc. depend on a proper hydration level. Needless to say, that drinking water is one of the main pillars of physical, mental and emotional health.

Physical functions influence quite a few energetic functions and symptoms (and vice versa of course).

Here a few examples:

- Toxic waste removal: if we store too many toxins in our body, we will also experience this energetically; our energy can feel clogged and sluggish.

- Blood flow: if our blood flow is too slow (thickness), it will also affect our overall flow of energy.

- Muscle performance: dehydration can lead to soreness, tension and lack of flexibility, which can lead to energetic rigidity and blocks

- Neurotransmitter function: low levels of water in our system cannot only affect our memory and brain function but can also lead to increased energetic symptoms and over-sensitivity

- Heart performance: hydration levels influence our ability to expand our heart field and lead to lack of self-love

- Perception: Our hydration levels not only influence our experience during energy work, but also our overall ability to feel, see and direct inner energies.

And the list goes on…

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