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By jona bryndis, Oct 29 2016 07:43AM

Energy Update 29th October - 4th November 2016


Time is flying! Have you noticed how our perception of time is somewhat weird at the moment? Suddenly, you wake up and it feels like you’ve lost three days or even an entire month? On the other hand there are things in our life that just don’t want to unravel how we would like them to and nothing seems to move forward…. Weird...but no worries, things are moving forward in an extremely fast pace, it’s just that our perception can’t keep up with it!

We are still in a big correction phase and this is not going to end very soon! Sure, revisiting old stuff is never fun, but until the last illusion is healed and clarity regained, we will have to understand every cycle of correction as gaining new experiences and life skills. Just like the virtual reality in a video game!

It feels like walking in circles, regurgitating the same old, but only if we never apply what we learned in the last round. If you look a little more closely, you will see that there are some really big things changing right now… and new clues can be found left and right. Be in the present and pay attention!

You may feel like all the political or global stuff is not for you; that it just pulls people into negativity, fear or polarity – and you are right – but why do you think all this is so hyped up right now? Ask yourself, what is it that you are not seeing? Is there anything you can't see or don’t want you to see?

By jona bryndis, Oct 12 2016 02:46PM

by Jeff Casper

Recently someone asked me what is the one thing that we could do to have to have the greatest impact on our journey.

Aligning to energetic state of love would have to be the answer.

Love is an energetic state of being where we can sense that each and every moment, action, person, and place is there for a reason, and we can treat all that comes into our lives with respect and gratitude.

In this state, we begin to accept ourselves as we are, and learn that change is possible through continued alignment and letting go of what is not loveable about ourselves. We can move past the limitations of perceived shortcomings, ego payoffs, and emotional reactivity/mental looping that may make us feel very stuck or not sure where to go to change or heal.

Through making our intention to be more loving or to align to energetic power of love, we are also agreeing that our hearts, the link to the Divine Field that permeates all things, is now the way...signaling the beginning of the end to the ego.

By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2016 09:12PM

Are you tired of rmisery? Repeating relationship issues (be it with family, friends or partners), ongoing emotional exhaustion, feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, inadequate, rejected, disappointed or heartbroken? Good! Growing tired of feeling miserable is the first step to liberating ourselves from our emotional binds!

Emotional Maturity is the ability to reconcile with who we truly are and how we express ourselves (or not) authenticly. It requires the courage to evolve past our conditioned reactivity and the resilience to move past contraction.

Spiritual-Emotional Maturity is realizing that our misery is merely a reflection of our ability to love ourselves regardless of the shortcomings we are afraid of hurting us. It allows us to see, feel and live the whole range of human states without judging ourselves or others.

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2016 10:00PM

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We all know meditation cannot only have great health benefits but can also allow us to connect deeper with who we truly are - it can provide us with inner calmness, clarity, inner guidance and vision. Energetically seen, the energy field of a person who meditates regularly appears more defined, balanced and consolidated than that of non-meditators. It is stronger in its radiance and often more protected from outer energies.

Falling Asleep or not being able to Turn Off Thoughts

But so many of us have issues why meditating! The most frequently asked questions in emails and our forums are how to overcome the two most common initial problems with meditating: Falling asleep or not being able to turn off thoughts.

First we need to differentiate. There is a difference between meditating to music, words or metronomes, but the goal is the same: Allowing our mind and ego to slow down.

For some this happens spontaneously, for others it takes a bit practice. Personally, I have utmost respect and compassion for anyone who really tries to meditate! It may be surprising to you, but it took me about 10 years on and off to finally learn how to quiet my mind (and ego) in meditation. The main mistake I made was trying to force it. For the most part I was miserable trying to meditate and even developed severe physical resistance, such as nausea, muscle tension and even headaches. Phew… I remember this well!

By jona bryndis, Feb 22 2016 06:49AM

As most of you know, we frequently facilitate educational so called healing circle webinars. (The next one coming up this Saturday, 27 February 2016 @ 9.30 PM (MST) DIVINE MASCULINE ENERGIES).

We just released the recording of one of our free webinars from last November called ENERGETIC PERCEPTION & SENSITIVITY.

Being an empath, feeling energetic shifts and noticing increased energetic sensitivity is one of the big themes here at transCODES. Several articles series' , Energy Updates and all our energy work modalities and energy coaching are dedicated to assisting our clients to learn how to, deal, read and work energies.

Click here to read more about Basics of Energy Work & Perception.

If you have the time, listen to this 70 min webinar recording to learn about the bascis of energetic dynamics, dealing with energetic sensitivity and current energetic challenges. At about 26 min in we begin to answer live questions and at 55 min I talk about current collective energies (that are still effective until the end of March) and how to 'protect' ourselves from being affected by outer energies too much.

To read more about my response to the events in context with this collective wave in November click here.

By jona bryndis, Oct 14 2015 07:34PM

How Changing our Perception can Heal the Effects of Living in an Unhealthy World

Why does the word ‘healing’ make us cringe inside? Is it that because it makes us feel that there is something wrong with us? That we are flawed? Or is it simply because we prefer the illusion that everything is fine, that popping pills, escaping or engaging in addictive behaviors is normal? Perhaps your inner voice is telling you right now, that you don’t need healing or that there is nothing wrong with you. Of course there is nothing wrong with you!

Healing is not about right or wrong, fixing or being flawed. Healing is about balance, wholeness and expression. It implies that our original state is whole, healthy and self-correcting.

Healing is nothing but the process of reinstating our default state of balance and harmony within.

However, reality is that we live in an unhealthy, imbalanced, separated and deceitful world. Our environment does not support health, on the contrary! This is why we constantly need healing. Not because there is something wrong with us, but because there is something severely wrong with the system we live in!

A big part of healing is about our willingness to embrace truth. We cannot heal what we don’t feel. So, we can either begin to see things the way they truly are or we can continue to numb our feelings and dismiss our innate ability to sense balance. So, in order to get to the next level of perception let me rephrase healing:

By jona bryndis, Jul 17 2015 08:46AM

Forum Response in transCODES transMISSION Forum -> True Self Thread 07/15/15 (edited)

Q: “Where do the upgraded codes or higher vibratory energies/downloads come from? the universe? Heaven? you? and the people that get them, get them because they are ready? or because it corresponds to their soul/ life missions? just curious thank you” MH, USA

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