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By jona bryndis, May 21 2020 01:12AM

Are you tired of misery? Repeating relationship issues (be it with family, friends or partners), ongoing emotional exhaustion, feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, inadequate, rejected, disappointed or heartbroken? Good! Growing tired of feeling miserable is the first step to liberating ourselves from our ego blindness.

By jona bryndis, Jan 28 2018 07:02PM

These past weeks we have been confronted with the deeper aspects of mental and emotional control patterns, such as opinions, judgments and fear that specifically challenge our ability to forgive or reconcile. Subjectively we perceive this in form of increasing inner conflicts - the battle between our conscience and our inner feelings. Negative sentiments and self-doubt, but also blaming and feelings of revenge are not uncommon in these times. So, while we are prompted to go into deeper inner healing outer circumstances seem to conspire to show us the battle between our Heart and Mind.

By jona bryndis, Aug 23 2016 12:00AM

FREE Global Healing Session coming up on Saturday, 27th August 2016 @ 2PM (MDT) - check here for your timezone

Coming together to raise our personal vibration and that of our immediate environment through group or mass meditation can affect the vibrational resonance of the entire planet. The power of our intention to work together as a group is slowly being recognized by science and in the beginning stages of scientific validation. At transCODES, we empirically experience this effect on a regular basis through facilitating a variety of remote energy transMISSIONS. During such transMISSIONS and Remote Prayer Group Healing Sessions we can initiate healing energies in individuals and groups while utilizing the synergetic effect of all participants forming a planetary energy grid during these remote energy sessions.

Energy is more than the sum of its parts – with the right alignment it works exponentially – positively as well as negatively! A few people with extremely high consciousness and vibratory level can compensate for millions with low vibratory levels of energy. And so, with each and every one of us working on raising the vibration of our personal energetic frequency through neutrality we serve not only our personal stability and well-being but also help to raise the global vibration in a time of manufactured drop of consciousness through fear and separation of recent events. Let's look at some of the deeper aspects of coming together to raise the vibration of our planet:

By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2016 04:00PM

Raising our vibration is not just some metaphysical or spiritual concept. It is the practice of rising above inner and outer negativity, the breeding grounds for fear, anger and sadness. If you want to practically apply raising your vibration and actively shifting your inner energy, you can begin with trying to recontextualize the global events as part of a larger collective transformation and awaking process.

While this can sound dippy or heart-less to you, I would like to invite you to contemplate with me how such events can have a deeper meaning than just spreading global terror and sadness. Like all terror, the purpose of such inhumane actions is always the same: fear, anger, intimidation and polarization. If you can look beyond the suffering they caused you may recognize that this can only succeed if we, as co-creators succumb to our inner darkness and forget to remember the light!

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