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By jona bryndis, Aug 18 2018 10:53AM

In the midst of collective awakening many of us energetically sensitives or empaths experience the reignition of our deepest inner conflicts and orignal wounds. The purpose behind this phenomenon is so that our fragmented aspects can heal and contribute to shift our collective awareness.

One of the big collective subjects is the reconnection with healed and integrated Masculine energies. However, in order to address our deeper energetic dissonances the Divine Masculine Spirit within cannot be seen without the context of the Divine Feminine Spirit. Therefore when connecting and working with masculine energies it often leads to the illumination of our inner relationship between both our primal sources of energy.

From an energetic point of view, healing the inner and outer relationship with Masculine energies is equally important for both genders, but it is often surrounded by much confusion - especially for the spiritually awakened man.

While it seems politically correct to focus on connecting with the Divine Feminine, which is undoubtedly needed for inner and outer balance in this world, a distorted or unhealed inner connection with Divine Masculine energies cannot integrate Divine Feminine energies in the way needed for our global awakening process. Therefore, in order to fully unify and reinstate the inner balance of both archetypal energies, it is important for men and women likewise, to investigate their deeper connection with the Divine Masculine and inherited relationship with the Father Principle. It's time for all of us to learn a bit more about the Violated Masculine Spirit!

By jona bryndis, Aug 6 2017 12:01PM



Due to a current energetic trend I decided to repost this brief message to all energetically sensitive women and female empaths and healers out there:

Hang in there! Remember that the purge you are experiencing during these intense Full Moon nights will come to serve you later! Your strength is resilience!


Since Wendesday, I have been getting distress calls and emails from women from around the world reporting severe emotional, mental or physical issues dealing with current collective energies. I expected issues around this Full Moon since collective energies are indicating an amplified energetic effects this month - but I underestimated the unusual intensity level energetically sensitive women had/have to deal with due to the lunar eclipse.

The next couple of days will be about realigning to DIVINE FEMININE ENERGIES and if there are hidden inner conflicts or unresolved issues with Femininity as a whole, this coming weekend might be a bit challenging for us all! The best antidote is going with the flow and allowing our softer and more creative energies to take over.

Of course this is not just a message to women, but also to everyone living or loving an energetically sensitive or empath person. This Full Moon is very intense and if you are feeling a bit lost, have migrane-headaches or feel like getting a cold, take it easy the next couple of days! There are is a very strong energetic band going through our planet right now escalating anything that is already in conflict. So, the best you can do to not get swept away by it is to know that it's not just you, that there will be relief in a few days, and that everything that comes up for you in these Full-Moon days needs to be revisited at a later time.

If you try to resolve issues of higher vibratrional nature while being in a low vibratory state you will not be able to come up with feasable solutions - at least not on the level that you would want them to!

Accept that some times are not good for resolving bigger issues! Give yourself some extra lovin and set them aside for a few days!

If you happen to be an energetically sensitive woman who is about to menstruate or just started, read those following paragraphs with extra care!

All the best for you! Stay tuned for the next Energy Update in a few days!


Energetic Dynamics of the Lunar Cycle

Let’s back up a little and talk about the energetic dynamics of Lunar and Female Cycles:

By jona bryndis, May 2 2017 05:00AM

In practical spiritualism we see Divine Wisdom as something that can only be obtained, or better say, reclaimed, if we are willing to let go of our collective programming and healing the 'original wound' of our humanity. You may not agree, but from an energetic point of view the biggest evolutionary collective task is the liberation of The Feminine. This has nothing to do with making women more special or better than men; on the contrary! This is about reconnecting humanity back to its Divine Creation Powers through consciousness development.

The growing number of highly sensitive people, empaths and energetically sensitives is showing us that we are evolving...

Why is it so difficult for us as collective to accept that it’s not our conditioned rationality – our presumed strong side - but our ability to feel, to be soft, creative and allowing – our considered ‘weaker’ part - that is needed to experience the undiscovered potential of human spirituality?

By jona bryndis, Nov 21 2016 11:00AM

We all want to feel connected, be it with our partners, ourselves, nature or the collective as a whole. However, opposing to this inner need is often our fear or stored pain that can make it very difficult to overcome the protective layers around our heart. Unfortunately, it has become almost 'normal' to NOT feel connected, so that we often don't even notice it. However, if we take look around we realize that most people are struggling with the same inner ambiguity.

In metaphysics we describe these opposing inner poles as the primal energies of the Mother and Father Principle, the representations of Divine Masculine and Feminine within us. Those of us who are following their inner prompting to explore their inner worlds can experience the link between how we process our inner energies and how we react to outer energies first hand. And sure enough, when consciously connecting with Masculine and Feminine energies it becomes obvious to us that it is our inner polarity is that links us to our inner suffering and disconnection.

How can we learn to reinstate inner and outer peace? Could it be, that the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies in us humans is the cause for all our inner and outer conflicts? How can we as individuals and/or collective heal this inner wound? Which of the two energies is needed for our collective healing process?

In this article I would like to share a reflection on why the reintegration of the healed MOTHER PRINCIPLE in all of us is one of the most pressing collective tasks at this time. Let's dive into how this journey could look like... for us as individuals and our collective...

By jona bryndis, Dec 15 2015 06:48AM

A lot of how we perceive the connection with our Divine Feminine Energy within depends on our level of emotional and mental processing. Inner Child, Critical Inner Voice, but also Sexuality, Trauma and Shadow-Work can be linked to this subject and are often triggered when connecting with Femininity, be it as energetic resonance, our feminine talents, our female friends and partners or Femininity altogether.

However, the Mother Principle is not only the archetypal manifestation of Feminine Energies within us, but also indicates how much we are in tune with ourselves regardless of whether we are male or female. Naturally, this includes our relationship, memories, emotions and possibly unresolved issues with our Mothers, but more so wants to address the core Mother and Divine Feminine aspects in us.

By jona bryndis, Jan 27 2015 05:50AM

Balancing of inner Masculine and Feminine energies is one of the top subjects in energy work, as they affect our entire energy processing and expression. Interestingly, the majority of questions are regarding how one can reconnect with the Divine Feminine – and although there is a profound need to reconnect Femininity into our culture, the Divine Masculine cannot be left out. Connecting with one always also means to reconnect with the other!

Sadly, I observe extreme forms of disconnect from Femininity and Masculinity relatively often in my daily work. In many women and men, this inner imbalance has created such a deep pain, that the re-connecting and healing process often means to overcome distrust and hostility towards women/femininity first.

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