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By jona bryndis, Dec 1 2018 06:15AM

What does Spiritual Awakening mean? Does is mean that we are now better than human?

Many of us energetically sensitive, spiritual and empath people feel lost when faced with the adversity of dealing with human conflicts. We try to stay away from news and crowds as they bombard us, but at the same time it has also made us become isolated or dissociated from the 'human collective'. We may be vegans or environmental activists, healers or meditators, but the truth is, we are not sure how to respond to the humanness within. Deep within we cannot reconcile our spiritual path with our human drives and instincts - our inner journey with our outer journey. It's not that we don't care, but on the deeper level of our heart we're just not sure how to relate to our own human flaws.

Does this make us 'spiritual people' ignorant, superior or disconnected?

We strive for a life expressed through mutual respect, compassion, healing, abundance, oneness, deeper values and integrity - virtues are working on developing through aligning our perception of the world to our heart's truth. But at the same time we beat ourselves up for not being perfect; for having emotions that feel 'unspiritual' to us; and desires we keep hidden. Something isn't adding up.

By jona bryndis, Jul 13 2016 09:05PM

I am often asked how we can shift our energy out of lower energetic emotions or thoughts and worrying. There is of course a whole variety of enery work modalities and techniques out there that can help you to do it. Generally, taking in walk in nature does the job! But, if it was that easy for us we all would do it...

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2016 10:00PM

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We all know meditation cannot only have great health benefits but can also allow us to connect deeper with who we truly are - it can provide us with inner calmness, clarity, inner guidance and vision. Energetically seen, the energy field of a person who meditates regularly appears more defined, balanced and consolidated than that of non-meditators. It is stronger in its radiance and often more protected from outer energies.

Falling Asleep or not being able to Turn Off Thoughts

But so many of us have issues why meditating! The most frequently asked questions in emails and our forums are how to overcome the two most common initial problems with meditating: Falling asleep or not being able to turn off thoughts.

First we need to differentiate. There is a difference between meditating to music, words or metronomes, but the goal is the same: Allowing our mind and ego to slow down.

For some this happens spontaneously, for others it takes a bit practice. Personally, I have utmost respect and compassion for anyone who really tries to meditate! It may be surprising to you, but it took me about 10 years on and off to finally learn how to quiet my mind (and ego) in meditation. The main mistake I made was trying to force it. For the most part I was miserable trying to meditate and even developed severe physical resistance, such as nausea, muscle tension and even headaches. Phew… I remember this well!

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