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By jona bryndis, Aug 20 2016 10:59AM

Click here to read High Vibrational Living Part 1-3

As we continue on our journey of living according to higher vibrational goals we begin to realize that there is more to our life than just surviving it. We live in exciting times, and yet we find ourselves in a respective cycle of eating, sleeping, working, occasionally socializing and maybe loving once in a while. We may not be able to see it, but change happens with or without us! So, if we don’t stop for moment and take the time to become aware of the energetic dynamics in our inner universe we are unable understand what is going on in our outer universe - and more importantly, as long as we are caught in the hamster wheel of our own ego-mind we cannot really take charge of our energy!

From an energetic point of view being busy with our own busy-ness in order to fulfill an imaginary purpose of keeping our bodies and egos alive is probably the most common distractor from our inner connection and thus our power to consciously manifest our higher vibratory goals in life. Not only that, it is also the leading cause for inner imbalances, unhealthy coping mechanisms and anxiety and therefore something we need to evaluate with a different paradigm in mind and heart, if we want to liberate ourselves from collective misery.

If we are not in charge of our own energy how can we make choices that reflect and ultimately manifest our inner alignment to truth, love and integrity? How can we be co-creators if we don’t know what we create?

By jona bryndis, Jul 22 2016 10:02AM

by Jeff Casper, read article at selfunification.com

Why am I Not Getting What I Want?

How many of us have asked this question?

How many have asked it too many times to remember and gave up?

If you have, it is okay as sometimes the only way to find new ways is giving up on our push or our drive to get 'things.' We have to give up the rat race to see manifestation in a different light.

By jona bryndis, Mar 5 2016 08:11PM

Energy Report March 2016


For almost the entire month of February we’ve been lingering in an in-between state: Emotional ups and downs, not knowing whom or what to trust, dealing with physical symptoms, old inner unresolved conflicts returning and warding off outer attacks. Phew, for most of us this was an exhausting month, however, it was also the time to regroup, realign and reclaim our freedom from collective and often karmic energies!

This testing time of seemingly standing still or even regressing was needed to slowly being able to see the bigger picture… Therefore, next time before you question yourself, try to see that these kind of times are meant for you to integrate the deeper truth of who you are, so that you can develop a stronger stance for what’s ahead!

Anyway, after this prolonged time of inner adjustment, the current energetic situation is moving very fast now and we will begin feel the energy of 'The Whispering Winds of Change' full force. Starting very soon, you will notice a new and very fast paced inner and outer momentum!

But know that apart from finally moving into an action mode it is of utmost importance to be wakeful of the world around you! Many things will change at the same time, so you need to keep all your senses intact and constantly remind yourself to see the context instead of getting wrapped up in details!

By jona bryndis, Feb 12 2016 06:35AM

Part of our current theme is the physical integration of our higher purpose, so the fact that we keep revisiting aspects we thought we had already transcended is nothing that should alarm or frustrate you. On the contrary: All the things that you have been going through since 2012 served the purpose of rebirthing and transforming, with to goal to guide you back to our original and personal remembrance of who you truly are.

Each and every inner contemplation, meditation or any other modality to reach an inward perspective illuminates a different angle of our connection with our core essence. With each session and introspection we are triangulating and dissolving the very things that are in the way of fully recalling and identifying with our initial commitment to embark on this journey into the physical plane.

'Progress' is subjective and while our Critical Inner Voice may tell us that we are doomed to fail or that we are not good enough to attract Love, Wealth and Health into our lives, most of you have been very busy with their inner transformation.

If you look back, maybe 3 or 5 or 10 years past, all these dissonant aspects (shadow, inner child, karma and even how you perceive your physical) have drastically evolved! Just because you get to see them in a new light does not mean that you haven’t progressed! It simply means that you are now becoming capable of seeing the deeper connections.

By jona bryndis, Jan 17 2016 10:47PM

... For the Journey of Becoming Who You Truly Are


Currently one of the strongest energetic tendencies is the feeling of regressing or stagnating. Whether you are energetically sensitive or not, for most of us looking back at our advancement the past two, three years may feel somewhat frustrating. It seemed like we were incredibly busy, and yet we haven’t really manifested any actual change – just thought about it a lot..

If you are feeling like don’t have accomplished anything – welcome to the ground crew!

Many of us are feeling that our personal situation right now requires us to act in some way. There is the sense of urgency again, the pull into making a choice of some sorts. However, it’s not what you think – it’s not about doing but becoming more authentic! Is there anything inside of you waiting? Have you been secretly dreaming of starting your own business, moving somewhere else, or simply changing your life style? How do we manifest the unknown? All we know is that we don’t want to stay where we are. Sound familiar?

By jona bryndis, Oct 29 2015 04:28AM

Session Reflection True Self transMISSION October 2015

Spiritual Awaking is not just an event or process in which we suddenly wake up and see things differently - it’s a new way of looking at and dealing with reality. Awakening comes with built-in instructions, but to access the abilities that can help us to implement our awakened consciousness in our daily lives we need to learn how to shift our focus to connecting within for guidance. Applying our awakened consciousness means adapting to new challenges with increased creativity and energy to realize higher vibratory solutions.

In the beginning its often not clear yet what we can or are supposed to do with it. Saving the world? Convincing others? Starting a revolution? Instructions coming from the standpoint of ‘others are wrong’ and ‘only I can see the truth’ do not originate in our higher consciousness but our ego. What we can find through introspection is not more power or more sight - it is the deeper understanding of what we are experiencing, and with it the chance to choose our reality.

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2015 11:58AM

Impatience is often regarded as a minor bad habit or quirky personality trait. The energetic reality of being impatient however is far more extensive than we may be aware of. It can impact our ability to connect with ourselves and other people, severely limit our self-expression and worst of all, block our abilities to manifest or heal.

The most impatient people I know are the least aware of their impatience. What are deeper aspects of patience and why is it so hard to be patient sometimes? In a recent Remote Prayers Group Healing we discovered how impatience is often a sign of buried ego-aspects and how those secretly sabotage our efforts to change. Let’s look into deeper aspects of Patience and Impatience and how they relate to our Ego:

By jona bryndis, Jun 2 2015 02:02PM

June 2015 Energy Forecast

Am I the only one or did time just so happened to slip away in the last two months?!

This month’s energies will give us an opportunity to weed out illusions, fears and other impedances; and most of all help us to get rid of ‘monkeys on our back’. What we have been putting off can’t be ignored anymore! It’s time to move on!

However, for lasting change and manifestation of our true heart’s desire there still is a little warning in place. We first need re-assess our goals and perhaps also do some soul-searching as to what is really important to us. Although the full moon today will give us a nice surge of energy and a chance to heal some of our deeper issues with the Divine Feminine, without a proper heart-connection and alignment to inner truth we may still experience stagnation, problems in communication or indecisiveness for the next couple of weeks.

Plan on gearing up for the Summer Solstice! The days around the Solstice we bring in the long-awaited support to finally put things into action. On this longest day of the year allow yourself to align to the sun and its beautiful light. This is how your inner light looks like when it's not covered up with the layers of unprocessed darkness!

By jona bryndis, Jan 5 2015 07:00AM

Thank you so much for joining this great transMISSION!

Due to powerful transformational energies of the first Full Moon this year, we managed to gather a very large group of participants, which was really cool considering the short notice. Thank you all for joining in so spontaneously!


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