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By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2017 10:00AM

Once more many of us feel like at the beginning of a powerful inner and outer transformation. With the approach and continually increasing chaotic energies it feels like we are simultanously caught in repeats of the past and fears of an uncertain future - like caught between two separate worlds...

From an energetic point of view, we are at the zero-point between letting go of the old and entering a new paradigm - A New Paradigm Of Being And Living. Humanity is about to hit the reset button, and we feel like powerless bystanders. How can we become a more active participant in this Global Awakening Process, and consciously adapt to a new reality without succumbing to our natural fears or resistance to change?

Soon, all this will manifest into a new reality, economically, ecologically and politically - for some into more conducive and for others more restrictive reality. But until then, what can we do to prepare for this shift and what how can we learn how to manage our energies better and hold our inner space, so we don't get swept away by outer events and still manifest happiness?

By jona bryndis, Jul 27 2017 05:46AM

Manifestation is an ongoing action that occurs based on our focus and intention, and continues regardless if we are aware of what we are creating or not. If we continue to stay unaware, frustration can set in, or repetitive cycles of going for ‘stuff,’ with no real feeling of fulfillment.

When we do decide to be aware or work to do so, then manifestation becomes our responsibility as we begin to own it and the process of creating. This however, can also create frustration with time if we don’t really know what we need deep from within us…mostly due to the fact that many of us do not take the time to connect and listen to what it is that we need from a heart level.

And, if we throw in any issues with emotionality or negative mental programming, the road to enjoyable manifestation can be fairly long if we see creating as a means to an end or a goal that must be obtained.

However, as we learn to connect and listen deep within to what we really want to bring into our lives, manifesting does becomes enjoyable.

By jona bryndis, Apr 7 2017 06:06PM

We all manifest our reality – knowingly or unknowingly. Energetically seen, anything we focus on has a higher chance to manifest as ‘our reality’ than things we ignore. With enough mental/emotional focus, everyone can make things happen to a certain degree. Popular self-help programs and success-formulas teach us, that we can manifest anything if we just focus our mind on it and take the actions needed to move towards our higher goals.

From an energy standpoint this is only half the truth. Agreed, there is the direction of our focus and actions, but then there is also quality of our focus. Projections and affirmations (direction) as suggested with these mental manifestation techniques work, but they only work temporary, namely for exactly as long as we can keep up the force behind our focus – also called willpower. While willpower can be quite a powerful force, like all force it eventually runs out. In order to continue forcing our manifestations into reality our willpower needs to be fueled. This is where most of us get stuck or mislead. We relapse into old patterns, lose focus or begin to blame others or ourselves for the failure.

By jona bryndis, Jan 16 2017 05:00AM

At some point in our life we realize that we have spent most of our time with things that don’t really matter to us. Sure, education, relationship, family, friends, career, house, money, traveling etc. are desirable aspects of our life, but what truly defines us? Is there something else in us still waiting to be manifested? Something that we are supposed to do, express or stand for other than just surviving life and fighting our way through circumstances?

In the greater context of evolving Human Collective Consciousness the search for a deeper meaning or purpose in life could be seen as our ego searching for something that separates or elevates us. However, if Mozart, Plato, DaVinci, or Pasteur had dismissed their inner calling for expressing their talents and sought inner peace exclusively through transcendental meditation instead of dedicating their lives to their talents, their art, science, humanitarism or philanthropism, many beautiful expressions of humanity wouldn’t exist.

By jona bryndis, Jan 12 2017 08:15PM

Resistance is an energy that we can feel inside whenever we feel 'rubbed the wrong way' - it can be experienced as instantaneous reaction to obvious Outer Triggers, such as somebody violating our boundaries, challenging us, judging, disrespecting or bullying us; or Inner Triggers, that play into our past experiences, pain, trauma and fears. Inner Triggers are typically much harder to identify, but we all have them. We all have buttons that can be pushed at any time - making us act out in ways we are often not so proud of...

However, whether or not these triggers can dominate our energy and make us act out in reactivity depends on how aware we are. The better we know our triggers the more graceful we can learn to handle them and perhaps even neutralize them.

In energy work we go a step further; we seek our inner resistances, as we understand them as signals in which our ego and its coping mechanisms are being triggered. Learning how these inner hard-wired reactions pull us into repeating experiences opens us up for understanding our ego's reactions and how to work with them.

Our inner resistances can tell us a lot about how our energy system works. They show us how we are wired and how we can overcome persistent and recurring problems. The best way to start this journey is paying attention to our inner and outer resistances, so that we can develop more efficient ways to deal with problems as they arise.

By jona bryndis, Jan 1 2017 08:00AM

Energy Update 31st December –6th January 2017

This week has been extraordinarily busy here at transCODES. Since the Winter Solstice (21st December) we have been airing a daily live podcast GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS. This show will continue until 1st January 2017. Please join this wonderful opportunity to discuss current collective energies amongst energetically sensitives and empaths. Click here for the Access Link to our live webinar show.To watch the recording of our past 10 podcasts click here.

This week's Energy Report will mainly reflect on the overall energetic tendencies for 2017 and what we can do to adjust accordingly. Stay tuned for the ENERGY FORECAST 2017 coming soon.

Happy New Year! 

New Years Energies

By jona bryndis, Dec 3 2016 12:47AM

Energy Update 3rd – 9th December 2016

There was a very cool energetic download this week! However, even high vibrational waves like this one don't always feel all that comfortable for energetically sensitives and empaths. While we could feel an overall return of life force and even enthusiasm again, physically this could have been felt in many different ways – from waves of life force bursting out of us to extreme physical coldness and exhaustion – and sometimes both at the same time. Many of us feel like 'having been run over' by a truck, and yet there was an unmistakable sense of EMPOWERMENT and new hope. Yay!

As mentioned in the December Energy Forecast the first half of December, and with this coming week will be a very conducive time for inner ALIGNMENT AND RE-ENERGIZING OUR GOALS. This may feel a bit early, as many of us still feel a bit foggy, but from an energetic viewpoint it is now until the Winter Solstice that will determine how we are going to handle the Year End energies.

By jona bryndis, Sep 10 2016 07:00AM

Most of us are aware of the importance of inner attitude and beliefs in regards to successfully manifesting a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. In mainstream media we can learn much about affirmations and other mind-tools that can help us to mentally align to our goals in Life. The picture of a slimmer you on the fridge, or the affirmation to become rich may help you to visualize your goals, but often also set you up for frustration cycles at the same time, as they keep reminding you on what you don’t have at the moment.

The manifestation of higher vibrational goals in our life is way more complex than just wishing for a better outcome through mental visualization or affirmation!

Those, who work with the deeper aspects of Self and Self-Healing experience their manifestation process differently. They understand that everything is energy, that it is part of a greater Energy Field (Divine Field) and that everything can be transformed into a certain direction, if they change their inner energetic alignment according to the energy of the goal. They also know, that the energetic quality of their goal can determine the outcome tremendously.

The number one mistake most people do is to find low vibratory solutions for high vibratory problems!

By jona bryndis, Aug 20 2016 10:59AM

Click here to read High Vibrational Living Part 1-3

As we continue on our journey of living according to higher vibrational goals we begin to realize that there is more to our life than just surviving it. We live in exciting times, and yet we find ourselves in a respective cycle of eating, sleeping, working, occasionally socializing and maybe loving once in a while. We may not be able to see it, but change happens with or without us! So, if we don’t stop for moment and take the time to become aware of the energetic dynamics in our inner universe we are unable understand what is going on in our outer universe - and more importantly, as long as we are caught in the hamster wheel of our own ego-mind we cannot really take charge of our energy!

From an energetic point of view being busy with our own busy-ness in order to fulfill an imaginary purpose of keeping our bodies and egos alive is probably the most common distractor from our inner connection and thus our power to consciously manifest our higher vibratory goals in life. Not only that, it is also the leading cause for inner imbalances, unhealthy coping mechanisms and anxiety and therefore something we need to evaluate with a different paradigm in mind and heart, if we want to liberate ourselves from collective misery.

If we are not in charge of our own energy how can we make choices that reflect and ultimately manifest our inner alignment to truth, love and integrity? How can we be co-creators if we don’t know what we create?

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