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By jona bryndis, Mar 4 2017 06:05AM

Weekly Energy Digest W 8/9/10Energy Update 18th February - 10th March 2017


These past 2 weeks brought up a lot of inner and outer TURMOIL - you don't need me to tell you this: Nothing seems to be working anymore; old emotions and fears are kicking and screaming; old patterns are back and all our good intentions went out the window -  just for us to see the futility of our rigid old ways.

Many of us experienced some kind of loss or a big LETTING GO these past weeks. It's like as if an old cycle wants to come to an end. And so, here we are - our triggers were pushed and once more we feel like running in cycles.

While this letting go pain activated our raw LIFE FORCE to spike up again, it also brought some of our SHADOW ASPECTS back to life. This required and continues to require us to be the OBSERVER  and CONTEXTUALIZE our inner energetic reactions, rather than judging them. This was and still is tough for many … and even if we were able to see exactly what was going on, it could still trigger LONLINESS and SELF-DOUBT.


By jona bryndis, Aug 17 2016 07:14PM

Relationships can be based on True Love or Ego; on higher or lower consciousness; on freedom or karma; on intimacy or desire or on purpose or pragmatism...there is no judgment in either of these premises – it’s simply what we choose and realistically they often have a little bit of everything. However, if we are thinking, dreaming or hoping to find our True Love, ‘Soul Mate’ or Twin Soul, or if we believe that we found our ‘perfect’ relationship, we may be in for an ego surprise ….

Perfect relationships don’t really exist. Sorry to say this directly, but to think in this way shows our ego’s need for specialness and security. What we want to see as ‘perfect’ often has very little to do with True Love! Our desire for finality or ‘foreverness’ is nothing but a collective unconscious feed towards our ego’s illusionary sense of security. Therefore, in order to open ourselves up for a happy and lasting relationship, the first programming we need to transcend is ‘Forever’.

We begin with the understanding that our preprogrammed idea of a perfect relationship as ‘made in heaven’, ‘eternal’ ‘forever lasting’ and ‘the one and only’ is nothing but a incessantly promoted idealization prepping us for a multi-Billion-Dollar Wedding industry. The truth behind romanticized songs and movies is to play on our unresolved Inner Child cravings and attachments issues. To see this, you need to realize how the hammering collective programming triggers an illusion of emptiness and disconnect in you if you are not in a perfect relationship, only to exacerbate your inner conflict between wanting True Love and fears of intimacy.

How many people do you know that settled for a relationship, just to have one? Have you ever projected your relationship as special or perfect, while knowing that deep down that it already has an expatriation date?

By jona bryndis, Jul 30 2016 04:00AM

One of the most common and strongest energetic ties leading to inner fragmentation and energetic blockage we have to face on our journey is the energy bind to our upbringing and how it influenced our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development as well as our manifestation ability. They determine large parts of our predisposition and often play a key role in Shadow-Work. Without resolving or at least acknowledging our Inner Child and Karmic Family aspects it can be very difficult to overcome our core programs and patterns in life.

By reconnecting to our inner child aspect(s) we can begin to have a dialogue with the hidden parts of ourselves to learn what it is we need to grow, heal and change in our lives. The Inner Child is not something to fear or be ignored. It is an integral part of us coming forward to teach us what we need to become more congruent, be more whole, and to have a deeper connection to our lives, our own divine nature, and ourselves.

By jona bryndis, Nov 12 2015 07:34AM

November Energy Forecast

Standing your ground and maintaining your inner congruence and integrity will be the main theme this month. Your freedom is challenged and your boundaries are tested. This can go really deep! Be prepared for inner wobbling and know that this is about you learning to trust in yourself!

Collectively, November will be characterized by intensified depth of our clearing processes. Our deepest wounds and unresolved inner aspects have an increased chance of coming forward and to be resolved.

This is not new, but this month will challenge us with specifically addressing our most intimate relationships. Meant are issues with our karmic relationships, which include our karmic family, best friends, children and people very close to us, as well as ex-partners with whom we may still have karmic ties or people we feel attracted to but didn’t dare to move forward yet. Will you be able to come out of this challenge with the inner strength of knowing who you truly are?

By jona bryndis, May 4 2015 05:00PM

Like on so many Monday mornings I realize the intensity of the past remote energy transMISSION weekend and how much all participants worked to make this an active experience of their inner healing journey. Female Karmic Debt is not a new subject, but it was very interesting how this energetic aspect came forward in our Karmic Relationship Clearing transMISSION past Friday.Everything in this following field report can also be said about Male Karmic Debt, but the practical way these play out is different.

In general, while most energy sessions are perceived as connecting and healing by participants, the energy coach reports about the deeper aspects of the session and critically points out energetic tendencies in need of our attention. After all, bringing our hidden aspects out of our inner darkness is not always a pleasurable process. It requires us to step out of our comfort zone, which is why our ego tries to keep us from this inner healing work in the first place. Many of us still go through energetic integration with heightened senses and emotional roller-coasters, as this work often continues for several day/weeks after a session. This is common for energy work and often necessary to break through existing patterns.

By sharing some of the details of this healing work here at transCODES, I am hoping to encourage you to follow the lead anc courage of these brave participants. Understanding the practical nature and use of this inner work can help us to eliminate our fears and apprehension. I will call these type of blog articles ‘Field Reports’ from now on, as they will report from the depth of work that was/can be done through self-healing with energy work.

Karmic Relationship Clearing Field Report May 2015

Dear All,

Thank you for participating in this deep session!

This transMISSION was quite interesting as it allowed for much more than ‘just’ a clearing. All participants were female this time around and so the group energies illuminated a deeper than usual karmic relationship aspect: Female Karmic Debt.

Allow me to speak as a woman here. The aspects that came forward in this session are not easy to integrate; but because they are pretty much at the core of all that is holding us back from manifesting happy and long-lasting relationships, I will address them in a rather direct manner this time.

By jona bryndis, Apr 20 2015 05:40AM

In my view Karmic aspects are the most commonly overlooked aspects in self-healing and recovery from disease, addiction, trauma or crises. If Karma can be seen as any energetic imbalance that seeks to balance itself out, then it can become more clear that the purpose of Karma is to facilitate and support the healing of any unhealed part in our energy field, regardless of its origin. There is no 'good' or 'bad' Karma - Karma is nothing but the energetic consequence of our inner thoughts and outer actions. In other words, if we begin to understand our circumstances as an integral part of our healing and recovery process, forgiveness, compassion and grieving feel more true to us than blaming, victimizing and wanting revenge.

This doesn’t mean that we have to passively swallow wrongdoings or accept everything as ‘karma’. This would be far off from what this inner knowing wants to provide for us. It can enable us to see the big picture – to move from the experiencer into the observer position and strengthens the connection with our inner Divine Consciousness. Karma work is a major step out of the hamster-wheel of repeating negative experiences and the ticket to re-instating our soul’s integrity.

Working with Karmic Aspects

Working with karmic aspects does not mean that we are looking for 'reasons' to justify or excuse any of these imbalances manifested in form of hardship or the notion of being 'doomed'. On the contrary! Trying to understand karma involves soul searching on a feeling level. We all have experienced unexplainable attractions and tendencies at some point in our life (or over and over again). These cannot be explained or processed in the classical dualistic sense of cause-and-effect. While it can be helpful for our ego-mind to understand some of our karmic propensities, they can only be integrated through accessing the higher vibratory states of our consciousness.

By jona bryndis, Mar 31 2015 09:30AM

If we don't want the true purpose of our life's experiences and circumstances to stay hidden to us we need to take a closer look at our Karma and Karmic Propensities. Yes, karma is often linked to our family constellation, but can also be inherited from previous generations or past lives. Its energetic patterns show in all layers of our energy field and often directly influence our reactive behavior patterns. For example, we unconsciously recreate our childhood circumstances, inc. traumas and abuse, to heal our unresolved karmic aspects. Typically, our partners represent the opposite character in this karmic role play.

The fastest way to get a glimpse of our karma is by looking at repetitive patterns in our relationships. Most of us are caught in a karmic hamster wheel in which inner wounding, trauma, drama and fears manifest over and over again. From an energetic point of view, Karmic Relationships are nothing but our True Self prompting us to match up with a partner with the correlating karmic issues. Until this 'contract' between both patterns is fulfilled, our relationship has very little to do with true love. Therefore, exchanging the partner doesn't do the job of liberating ourselves from predisposed karmic role play! We keep experiencing the similar relationships, attract the same kind of person into our lives and worse, deepen our karmic issues by reliving them and reconfirming our ego's fears. The stage for the 'Drama of Karma' is set.

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