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By jona bryndis, Dec 6 2017 07:32AM

In this Christmas Special at OuterLimitsRadio Ryan McCormick is jokingly discussing with us what our take is on Christmas, Santa and Giftgiving. He is talking about his own recent experiences having been part of the Heart-Warrior Boot Camp, Sacred Self-Healing and remote energy transMISSIONS raising the question if transCODES programs are suitable to give to someone as a Holiday gift...

If you have the time, listen to this little fun show with Jeff and I and how we joining our Self-Healing Programs can assist you in making 2018 an exciting new year of self-transformation.

Listen to the radio interviews:



The Outer Limits of Inner Truth is offering their incredible Listeners an early Christmas present.

On December 6th, 2017 at 8 pm EST (New York Time), OLIT Listeners will have the opportunity to speak with all three of our Virtues: Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor, Astrologer Constance Stellas Psychic Empath Liza Caza, Energy Healers Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper. Listeners can ask the Virtues about anything !

Please limit one question per call:

The call in number is: (347) 850-1168 – Please call in early on December 6th to reserve your spot!

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2017 12:22PM

Last week we had a lively demonstration of what it feels like to be in resistance from within. While it was pretty obvious to energetically sensitive people that energies had been building and that there was going to be some kind of obstacle ahead, it it could still hit us really hard,. This made HOLDING OUR OWN SPACE almost impossible last week.

By jona bryndis, Jan 29 2017 10:08PM

As most of you know I normally don't promote myself as a person - projecting our energy makes our energy vulnerable - but sometimes the healing energy of sharing outweighs the dangers.

If you have the time, here another cool interview with Ryan McCormick, Outerlimitsradio.com - pay attention to his questions - very cool spectrum of views and practical aspects of aligning ourselves to our heart consciousness.

At the end of the inteview listen to Kerrie O'Connor and Constance Stellas analysing my birthdate and reading my energy. In this very personal interview many of you will find themselves in my story....

By jona bryndis, Jul 22 2016 12:02PM

In this 80 min radio show Ryan McCormick, outerlimitsradio.com discusses the physical and energetic aspects of a healthy heart and heart connection.

After a fantastic overview on physical heart-health, preventing heart disease, life-style choices and aspects that can compromise our overall health and wellbeing with Cardiologist and Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Ryan interviews Jeff and I in regards to the many different energetic aspects of our Heart-Connection and the importance of our heart-field for our physical, emotional, mental and energetic health.

Besides the many aspects of High Vibrational Living and why it is important for us to learn how to be present in our hearts, we discuss how a 'too open heart', which is something we observe very frequently especially in newly awakend Energetically Sensitives and Empaths can lead to uncontrollable absorption of emotional energies.

By jona bryndis, May 24 2016 06:38AM

By Jeff Casper

Special Thanks to www.outerlimitsradio.com

Recently, I spoke with Ryan McCormick from OuterLimitsRadio.com regarding our New Heart Warrior Program. He was curious about the program and how it differed from our Healing Package or the other work we do.

As always, good to talk with Ryan and the brief interview is below. It highlights the major points behind the program and the power that it can give people. Enjoy this short section on our Heart Warrior Program and see more information on the program below!

By jona bryndis, Feb 17 2016 12:59PM

In this 80 min radio show Ryan McCormick, outerlimitsradio.com discusses the deeper psychological and energetic view of working with our Shadow Traits for the purpose of self-healing. If you want to learn more about Shadow-Work click here for "Understanding the Purpose of Shadow Work".

After (about 30 min into the show) a talk with Jungian Psychoanlayst Dr. James Hollis, Ph.D., which is very interesting, he interviews Jeff and I in regards to the many different energetic aspects of our Shadow, Global Shadow, Inner Child and Remote Prayers followed by a vivid (and not so serious) discussion about the practical aspects of energy healing.

(click here to listen to the radio show Facing The Dragon Within)

For the subject of his great radio show, Ryan picked up on Jeff 's and my work in the Sacred Self-Healing Program which has a big part of its practical healing work dedicated to the reintegration of our Shadow Aspects. If you want to know more about this self-study course click here.

Facing one’s Shadow involves the conscious process of acknowledging, accepting, letting go and healing one’s very own hidden aspects as they arise. In Shadow-Work we approach these often hidden aspect(s) from a heart level with the understanding and compassion that our shadows or shunned pieces are still a part of us, which can include our inner child and karmic aspects. As soon as we accomplish this, we can have compassion and eventually understanding for the behaviors, negativity, and typically pain that goes with the shadow.

Shadow-Work is the (often life-long process) of learning how to love our unloved inner aspects.

Our self-healing can begin!

Enjoy listening to this great show!

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES and Remote Prayers

By jona bryndis, Oct 9 2015 11:35PM

In this intimate conversation with the published book author and talk2momz.com founder, Ida Lawrence, we discuss personal circumstances leading to energetic sensitivy and consciousness awakening. It has been a pleasure and honor talking with Ida about our childhoods and how they shape who we become!

In previous articles I have shared how aspects of our childhood can contribute to finding our true purpose in life and how they allow us to develop skills, talents and also shadow traits, that can either enhance or limit our life's journey. If you are interested in more on this topic click here.

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