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By jona bryndis, Nov 25 2018 11:52AM

From Helplessness To Empowerment

The Energetic Perspective On Depression

Many of us regard Depression as an inner darkness that can throw us into the depths of debilitating emotional and mental pain making it impossible for us to function in this world for weeks or months even. Life feels pointless, the world appears hopeless, and all we can feel is numbness.

Nothing that ever mattered to us has a meaning when we are depressed. We feel lonely and alone. And worst of all - we don’t care. Once a person becomes caught in this state of iconic inner suffering there seems no escape from the hell worlds of apathy, sadness and powerlessness. So, while depression is considered to be a treatable condition it still remains a condition that can often only be managed through extended administration of drugs and mental health therapy.

By jona bryndis, Aug 16 2018 10:00PM

There is an intuitive knowing that can lead us to health, wealth and happiness – a guidance system that allows us to heal ourselves no matter what the perceived problem is - but most of us don't trust in it. It feels vulnerable and we cannot find words to express what we don’t know we know. We believe that our mind knows better. Without being aware of this, we were programmed to believe that every aliment, pain or dis-ease can be cured with medication, therapy or treatment (even the ones we didn’t even know existed); that the ‘fix’ for every condition can be found somewhere outside of us. It objectifies our own condition and disconnects us from ourselves.

So, whenever there is something wrong with us we not only seek the cause but also the healing outside of ourselves, disregarding our Heart’s Guidance. There is a growing body of scientific evidence shows that our healing process goes much faster, smoother and more permanent if a person’s own spiritual self healing is involved.

By jona bryndis, May 5 2017 08:00PM

Holistic Health means being happy in all areas of life. When we are happy life is easy to deal with. In the state of love, gratitude or joy we feel deeply connected; we regard our life as positive and our outlook on our future is optimistic. When was the last time you truly felt this way? For many of us these states are the exception. Around the clock we busy coping with either physical health, financial insecurity, relationship problems, emotional instability, mental worrying, addictions or spiritual isolation.

Only very few people have decoded the art of a healthy and happy life as expression of an holistic energetic balance and wholeness.

By jona bryndis, May 18 2016 05:27PM


It is no coincidence that most of us are struggling with making healthy choices, especially in regards to weight issues and the implementation of a healthy/energy promoting diet and lifestyle! In fact, the reason it has become so confusing, frustrating and often unrealistically expensive to live healthy is simple: We are surrounded by negativity and unhealthy energies – in the form of foods, stress, beliefs, emotions, toxins, building materials, EMFs, noises, relationships, radiation, and sometimes even unhealthy nature. It is obvious the flipside of our technological advances and daily conveniences is that they are the factors distancing us from the health and well-being we seek.

In addition, our environment and the foods we buy have become more contaminating than nourishing. Without dramatizing the situation - our food, household, environmental, pharmaceutical toxins and people's energies in the western world have basically become hostile and NOT LIFE SUSTAINING. This means that everyone with this awareness needs to 'take things in their own hands' and support his/her body and energy system by paying attention to what drains us.

In order to maintain our personal levels of energy we need to approach our life with a more integrative attitude and allow our spiritual journey to become the path of LOVE FOR LIFE, rather than seeing it as a suicide mission. With this decisive step of consciously aligning our energy to love and self-love in all areas and dimensions of our being we are allowing our energy to discern inner and outer energies for us and become able to make LIFE SUPPORTING choices without our ego-mind involved.

Supporting our personal energy system in today's world means two things:

- Helping our body to get rid of contaminants and LIFE-DRAINING energies.

- Making sure we are getting enough LIFE SUPPORTING energies/foods.

By jona bryndis, Oct 14 2015 07:34PM

How Changing our Perception can Heal the Effects of Living in an Unhealthy World

Why does the word ‘healing’ make us cringe inside? Is it that because it makes us feel that there is something wrong with us? That we are flawed? Or is it simply because we prefer the illusion that everything is fine, that popping pills, escaping or engaging in addictive behaviors is normal? Perhaps your inner voice is telling you right now, that you don’t need healing or that there is nothing wrong with you. Of course there is nothing wrong with you!

Healing is not about right or wrong, fixing or being flawed. Healing is about balance, wholeness and expression. It implies that our original state is whole, healthy and self-correcting.

Healing is nothing but the process of reinstating our default state of balance and harmony within.

However, reality is that we live in an unhealthy, imbalanced, separated and deceitful world. Our environment does not support health, on the contrary! This is why we constantly need healing. Not because there is something wrong with us, but because there is something severely wrong with the system we live in!

A big part of healing is about our willingness to embrace truth. We cannot heal what we don’t feel. So, we can either begin to see things the way they truly are or we can continue to numb our feelings and dismiss our innate ability to sense balance. So, in order to get to the next level of perception let me rephrase healing:

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