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By jona bryndis, Oct 17 2019 01:32AM

There is an intuitive knowing inside of us that can lead us to health, wealth and happiness. It can function as a guidance system or roadmap that can allow us to heal ourselves, and make more conducive choices for ourselves, but most of us don't trust in it. We all know where this is located - it's in our hearts. It's coming from a place of deep love from within that can make us feel a burning desire to change or stand up for something. It can give us the courage to try something new, to let go fo something that no longer supports us, that makes us seek a new approach and that gives us the tenacity to follow through, even when it's not easy.

Why can't we follow our hearts? Why does it feel so vulnerable or scary when we want to trust in our heart's guidance? Why do we rather risk unhappiness or accept toxicity even though we can feel this inner yearning that makes us long for a deeper fulfillment?

How did we forget to trust in our own ability to feel what is needed to truly be happy?

By jona bryndis, Jul 7 2017 02:28PM

Practically Working With Your Heart-Energies

Developing a New Way Of Neutralizing Negativity

I have a simple question for those seeking change and aren't sure they can handle it: 

What if for 10 minutes each day you were just okay with who you are?

Not who you were or who you hope to be, but just how you were for that very moment...  

Good, bad, sad, happy, whatever...just accepted it all as is...

And, what if each month, you increased that feeling of just being  okay with you by 10 minutes more each day?  

By jona bryndis, Mar 19 2017 01:15AM

Every person who is a master of their craft, their trade, their sport or instrument knows the power of sticking to the basics…honing their creativity by repetitively doing the initial exercises that allowed them to learn their way and their expression.

The Olympic sprinter knows the importance of stance work, form training and strength endurance work. They know the hard work in the basics pays off tremendously when it counts, in competition. Just as the vocalist knows the importance of proper warm up, breath training and voice coaching is vital to keep them ready and healthy for when they sing.

Spirituality is no different. It is an art form, an expression of our own unique connection to the Divine aspect within us, which is only as strong or effective as the amount of effort and dedication we apply to connection clearing, integration and alignment work.

By jona bryndis, Jan 5 2017 09:39AM

The willingness to face and interact with our limitations, fears and blocks is a very important part of the journey, especially early on as it is through facing our coping/defense mechanisms that we being to learn what is in the way for us to connect as well as understanding more and more who we truly are. This ability to be courageous and say please come forward to anything that limits or restricts our inner connection or lives in general is a valued stance to a spiritual seeker as it is through being courageous that we being to move towards neutrality, acceptance and eventually truly letting go through the power of our heart.

As in the heart, we are not resisting or fighting our restrictions but more so embracing them and through surrender allowing the energy here help us to understand what limits us as well as reframe it in a different light. With time, our resistances become a great strength and are the doorway to a reality not twisted by judgment as in embracing all that we are or all that is within us, we agree to align more and more to truth, which slowly allows us to release what is not true to us anymore.

By jona bryndis, Oct 12 2016 02:46PM

by Jeff Casper

Recently someone asked me what is the one thing that we could do to have to have the greatest impact on our journey.

Aligning to energetic state of love would have to be the answer.

Love is an energetic state of being where we can sense that each and every moment, action, person, and place is there for a reason, and we can treat all that comes into our lives with respect and gratitude.

In this state, we begin to accept ourselves as we are, and learn that change is possible through continued alignment and letting go of what is not loveable about ourselves. We can move past the limitations of perceived shortcomings, ego payoffs, and emotional reactivity/mental looping that may make us feel very stuck or not sure where to go to change or heal.

Through making our intention to be more loving or to align to energetic power of love, we are also agreeing that our hearts, the link to the Divine Field that permeates all things, is now the way...signaling the beginning of the end to the ego.

By jona bryndis, Jun 19 2016 02:54AM

With the growing number of energetically sensitive and aware people on this planet, the need for guidance and education in regards to the mechanics and dynamics of our energy field is drastically increasing. However, most of us are new to spiritual or energy healing techniques and find it difficult to choose or discern which kind of modality is right for us. There are many different ways to approach the healing of energetic imbalances, dissonances, fragmentations, blocks, attachments, ties, implants, possessions, just to name a few; but how do we know what we need? When should we seek an Energy Healer? Do we need an Energy Clearing?

By jona bryndis, Mar 23 2016 09:42PM

by Jeff Casper

Heart-Connection is one of the central goals for a happy and healthy life. “How do we know we are aligned to our hearts?” is a question we all eventually ask ourselves at some point on our path no matter what our spiritual beliefs are. It may come in different forms such as ‘Is my love truly from my heart level?’, ‘How can I feel my Inner Divinity or Higher Power?’, or ‘How do I know I am aligned to my True Self?’. If you ask me, it’s the only question on our spiritual journey that really matters.

Connecting with the heart or being in one's heart space is innate to all of us and something that we always have access to, but through various issues, defenses and pain...we are not always able, we forgot how to, or through too much ego we have no desire to anymore, as our reactive life is set and we are used to it.

However, if we agree to attempt to find this deep inner spiritual emotional connection, the most important aspect is our intention, followed by our dedication to work ourselves towards it by trial and error as to what works for us. The intention to align to God, our Inner Divinity, True Love, and Truth in itself will bring about the ability to know and feel one's heart.

The key to connecting with our heart is our intention - it guarantees the outcome unless we quit or change it.

Trust in that! It is no different than signing up for a course on how to play piano. As long as you keep going and practicing, it is obvious that you will become a player to some degree. You may or may not reach the likes of Mozart or Beethoven, but you will be able to experience and enjoy playing.

It is inevitable that we will eventually know our hearts and what it means to be in that space as long as we keep trying, keep feeling, and trust in our intention. Why else would you be here if not for Truth and True Love?

By jona bryndis, Feb 17 2016 10:59AM

by Jeff Casper, selfunificaation.com

to read original post click here

transCODES is hosting the Heart Clearing guided remote energy transMISSION again this Friday, 19th January 2016 @ 10pm MST. This new guided energy process, spoken by Jeff Casper, gently guides those participating to not only connect with their hearts, but also learn how to sense and clear their own energetic system.

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Activation and Balancing of our Heart Chakra

- Feeling our own heart energies

- Breathing through the Heart

- Clearing of Energetic attachments around the heart field

- Activation of Third Eye Perception

- Learning how to effectiely clear negative energies

This modality practices a fundamental energy work technique developed for anyone who wants to be more present in the heart and learn how to clear their own energies.

By jona bryndis, Jan 18 2016 11:40AM

by Jeff Casper

click here to read the article at selfunification.com

This Friday the 22nd at 10pm MST we will be offering our new Heart-Clearing guided transMISSION spoken by Jeff Casper.

This new guided energy process is geared towards practical clearing techniques for our heart field itself as well as our entire field and is designed for learning how to do your own enegetic clearing.

During this guided remote energy session several layers of stored and/or absorbed energies around our heart field are being cleared and reconnected with our innate self-clearing and healing abilities. At the same time you will be able to observe how it centers your energies, so that you can experience the presence of our heart-field first hand.

The practicality is in the simplicity of the work and then of course continued practice to allow these techniques to take hold. After the transmission, the mp3 is yours to use as needed.

The process walks all participants through deep connection work, energetic field scanning, and heart clearing techniques. The beauty of this work is that it is for the spiritually dedicated as well as anyone simply looking for basic energy clearing techniques.

The field of this session will be very high and will likely result in some very stunning experiences. We hope to have you join in as we are very excited to offer this new event.

To learn more about this brand new process, please click here. We’ll keep the sign up open again until a few hours before event due to it being new.

Thank you and if you questions on this session, please email me at [email protected]

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of SelfUnification.com

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