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By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2018 03:59AM

Waking up to our inner worlds often means discovering and dealing with forgotten, repressed unloved or hidden inner aspects of our personality – in self-healing we call this Shadow Work. For most of us it can come with another uncomfortable revelation – the discovery of our sexual shadow aspects.

Becoming aware of sexual shadow traits in oneself is a natural part of our self-transformation and ascension process and is should not to be judged or condemned - nor excluded. The fact that we are becoming more aware of our shadow traits doesn’t mean that we are ‘bad’ or that we have been bad in the past; it simply means that we have a higher consciousness level now and, that we can live a more aware and responsible life from here on.

What we weren’t aware of in the past is past – it's part of our learning curve and all this means id\s witnessing our naiveté in the past - but what we have become aware of in the present is now a part of our consciousness and therefore needs to be dealt with.

By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2018 03:41AM

Since the publication of the short announcement of our upcoming Healing Circle Workshop ' Energetic Aspects of of Sexuality" and a previous article “Dealing with Sexual Shadow” many emails and forum posts have reached me, asking questions about Sexual Shadow and Sexuality in context with Spirituality. Here a few examples (abbreviated):

“What does my sexuality have to do with my spiritual journey?”

“I am in a happy relationship with one partner for more than 25 years. How does sexual shadow apply to me?”

“I haven’t had sex for many years, why do you suggest to work with my sexual shadow?”

“I love my sexuality and don’t feel there is anything wrong with expressing myself through sex. Why do you call this ‘part of inner darkness’?”

“ I am a devout Christian and believe in sex for married couples only. I am not married. Do I need to work on my sexual shadow?”

“Do I need to feel bad about masturbation?”

“Is homosexuality part of Sexual Shadow?”

“I have been sexually abused when I was younger. As a result I never found pleasure in having sex and have been trying to avoid it. What can I do to work on this block? How can shadow-work help me?”

“ I have sexual dreams. Is this a sign of an energetic attachment or simply my sexual shadow?”

“I keep having sexual thoughts about other people. Does this mean I am sexually projecting or projected at?”

“I have sexual feelings during mediation. It this a sign of sexual shadow?”

“How does watching pornography affect my spiritual journey?”

By jona bryndis, Jan 7 2018 04:35PM

When it comes to integrating our journey into our practical lives, we inevitably have to face some of our core aspects. Walking the talk means implementing, actualizing and living according to our higher vibrational values. If we don't want our deeper insights to sound like esoteric platitudes or spiritual superiority, we cannot just do yoga, like men-buns and become a vegetarian. Embodying higher consciousness is about our inner attitude and sentiments and how congruently we can express them.

One of the biggest gap between general understanding and actualizing our spiritual awareness can be seen in the way we regard masculinity and femininity. Unity, compassion and deeper connection, the pillars of our understanding ourselves as souls with a body are often just empty words. Even the most 'spiritual' people have residues of unhealed disdain and mistrust towards the other gender. I am challenging you to reflect on your inner attitude towards Masculinity. How many times do you buy into archaic beliefs about how a man is supposed to, can and can't or should be like?

By jona bryndis, Dec 8 2017 06:18AM

Connection (Self-Love) & Intimacy

For many, these words or states are something that feels confusing, not obtainable, or that we are not worthy of...

For others, they are something we seek, yet avoid at the same time, as deep down we fear the vulnerability that is there if we open up.

Others still, seek for these in someone or something else as we feel these energies are outside of us or come only through outside connection.

And yet, fewer still realize that maybe the only way to be loving and connected is to begin to love ourselves.

By jona bryndis, Jul 27 2017 05:46AM

Manifestation is an ongoing action that occurs based on our focus and intention, and continues regardless if we are aware of what we are creating or not. If we continue to stay unaware, frustration can set in, or repetitive cycles of going for ‘stuff,’ with no real feeling of fulfillment.

When we do decide to be aware or work to do so, then manifestation becomes our responsibility as we begin to own it and the process of creating. This however, can also create frustration with time if we don’t really know what we need deep from within us…mostly due to the fact that many of us do not take the time to connect and listen to what it is that we need from a heart level.

And, if we throw in any issues with emotionality or negative mental programming, the road to enjoyable manifestation can be fairly long if we see creating as a means to an end or a goal that must be obtained.

However, as we learn to connect and listen deep within to what we really want to bring into our lives, manifesting does becomes enjoyable.

By jona bryndis, May 2 2017 05:00AM

In practical spiritualism we see Divine Wisdom as something that can only be obtained, or better say, reclaimed, if we are willing to let go of our collective programming and healing the 'original wound' of our humanity. You may not agree, but from an energetic point of view the biggest evolutionary collective task is the liberation of The Feminine. This has nothing to do with making women more special or better than men; on the contrary! This is about reconnecting humanity back to its Divine Creation Powers through consciousness development.

The growing number of highly sensitive people, empaths and energetically sensitives is showing us that we are evolving...

Why is it so difficult for us as collective to accept that it’s not our conditioned rationality – our presumed strong side - but our ability to feel, to be soft, creative and allowing – our considered ‘weaker’ part - that is needed to experience the undiscovered potential of human spirituality?

By jona bryndis, Feb 23 2017 10:58PM

As we work to connect within and heal, at some point along the way, we will face various aspects of our ego that are linked to our understanding and expression of sexual energies and sexuality.

Sexual energies are normal and part of everyone’s life. The drive within these energies is normal and primal in nature, linked on a very basal level to our sensations of pleasure and a need to prolong our species.

The actual act of sex itself is an energetic expression of human life force, nothing more. But, that expression can be expansive or contractive, healthy or unhealthy, and typically, we have had a bit of all of these in our lives.

By jona bryndis, Dec 16 2016 10:49PM

What does heart connection really mean? How does it feel, and why does it matter?

Being connected to one’s heart is synonymous with being linked to empathy, understanding, and even God or the Divine spark that most believe exists in us or near us (depending upon beliefs).

But, what does that really mean in our daily lives?

By jona bryndis, Nov 21 2016 11:00AM

We all want to feel connected, be it with our partners, ourselves, nature or the collective as a whole. However, opposing to this inner need is often our fear or stored pain that can make it very difficult to overcome the protective layers around our heart. Unfortunately, it has become almost 'normal' to NOT feel connected, so that we often don't even notice it. However, if we take look around we realize that most people are struggling with the same inner ambiguity.

In metaphysics we describe these opposing inner poles as the primal energies of the Mother and Father Principle, the representations of Divine Masculine and Feminine within us. Those of us who are following their inner prompting to explore their inner worlds can experience the link between how we process our inner energies and how we react to outer energies first hand. And sure enough, when consciously connecting with Masculine and Feminine energies it becomes obvious to us that it is our inner polarity is that links us to our inner suffering and disconnection.

How can we learn to reinstate inner and outer peace? Could it be, that the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies in us humans is the cause for all our inner and outer conflicts? How can we as individuals and/or collective heal this inner wound? Which of the two energies is needed for our collective healing process?

In this article I would like to share a reflection on why the reintegration of the healed MOTHER PRINCIPLE in all of us is one of the most pressing collective tasks at this time. Let's dive into how this journey could look like... for us as individuals and our collective...

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