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By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2016 05:00PM

Global Awakening is not a concept. It's not about wishfull thinking either! For energetically sensitive persons this is been going on for a long time, and often with extremely challenging practical side-effects - sometimes even physical. The nature of this global 'Awakening' process is a revolutionary shift in our consciousness - spreading like virus and overcoming generational as well geographical limitations. What I am referring to is the subtle shift in our energetic receptivity and the awareness, that we are somehow all connected.

However, with this evolution of consciousness also comes with a dramatic shift in perception, albeit often only sensed by the forerunners of our collective movement (empaths and other neurodivergent persons).

It forces us to see truth. At first, it comes the feeling of being crushed in a wave of doubt, anxiety and anger not knowing who we truly are and what we stand for. If we can get through this shift without succumbing to the emotionality of our inner fear, we will begin to feel the strength of our True Self emerging. This is the purpose of Global Awakening – to wake up to a new reality. A reality void of the illusions of our ego perception.

By jona bryndis, Sep 15 2016 07:35PM


Energy Update September 2016 (Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse)

The end of August and beginning of September weren’t easy. While there has been a lot going on in the collective personally we couldn’t help but feel like ‘Stuck in Our Lives’. Everything and everybody is mirroring to us that CHANGE is needed, but there is no clear answer as to how? Sure, we can go into fear and get a stash of food and cash to get us through potential chaos, but frankly, why do we keep waiting for something to happen on the outside?

It’s time to realize that our FORTUNE lies in our own hands!

Get up and adjust your course! It’s not just you feeling this way, but as long as we externalize how we feel and what we can do NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!

Many of us energetically sensitive people felt like they were getting sick with a cold or some kind of weird digestive IBS-like upset – we have been feeling immobilized and sluggish! Collectively there is a deeper STRUCTURAL ADAPTATION process that is happening right now and it is reaching all the way into our genetic, neurotransmitter and biochemical make-up. It’s like RESET.

Whatever the energetic state we are holding right now will set the stage for our energetic metabolic rate for the coming years.

By jona bryndis, Aug 13 2016 09:21PM

August & September Energies

With the approaching full moon energies (18th August) we are beginning to reach the apex of conflict building (see August Energy Report). This leaves us only little time to shift our inner energy into resolution finding, which will be needed very soon. The theme for the coming 4 weeks until the 2nd quarter of September when serious structural changes require us to consciously tune into our practical reorganization phase, is about our RESPONSE-ABILITY and the maturity of Personal Energy Management.


This may sound a bit dramatic but for the energetically sensitive and empathic readership here this is something you have been feeling coming on for the past two, if not four years already. Knowing our inner dissonances, working on transcending unresolved inner conflicts and learning about our inner energies and how they react under pressure is something that you have (hopefully) all been working on for a while. Therefore, this energy update is really just confirming what you have been feeling all along.


By jona bryndis, Feb 22 2016 06:49AM

As most of you know, we frequently facilitate educational so called healing circle webinars. (The next one coming up this Saturday, 27 February 2016 @ 9.30 PM (MST) DIVINE MASCULINE ENERGIES).

We just released the recording of one of our free webinars from last November called ENERGETIC PERCEPTION & SENSITIVITY.

Being an empath, feeling energetic shifts and noticing increased energetic sensitivity is one of the big themes here at transCODES. Several articles series' , Energy Updates and all our energy work modalities and energy coaching are dedicated to assisting our clients to learn how to, deal, read and work energies.

Click here to read more about Basics of Energy Work & Perception.

If you have the time, listen to this 70 min webinar recording to learn about the bascis of energetic dynamics, dealing with energetic sensitivity and current energetic challenges. At about 26 min in we begin to answer live questions and at 55 min I talk about current collective energies (that are still effective until the end of March) and how to 'protect' ourselves from being affected by outer energies too much.

To read more about my response to the events in context with this collective wave in November click here.

By jona bryndis, Feb 17 2016 12:59PM

In this 80 min radio show Ryan McCormick, outerlimitsradio.com discusses the deeper psychological and energetic view of working with our Shadow Traits for the purpose of self-healing. If you want to learn more about Shadow-Work click here for "Understanding the Purpose of Shadow Work".

After (about 30 min into the show) a talk with Jungian Psychoanlayst Dr. James Hollis, Ph.D., which is very interesting, he interviews Jeff and I in regards to the many different energetic aspects of our Shadow, Global Shadow, Inner Child and Remote Prayers followed by a vivid (and not so serious) discussion about the practical aspects of energy healing.

(click here to listen to the radio show Facing The Dragon Within)

For the subject of his great radio show, Ryan picked up on Jeff 's and my work in the Sacred Self-Healing Program which has a big part of its practical healing work dedicated to the reintegration of our Shadow Aspects. If you want to know more about this self-study course click here.

Facing one’s Shadow involves the conscious process of acknowledging, accepting, letting go and healing one’s very own hidden aspects as they arise. In Shadow-Work we approach these often hidden aspect(s) from a heart level with the understanding and compassion that our shadows or shunned pieces are still a part of us, which can include our inner child and karmic aspects. As soon as we accomplish this, we can have compassion and eventually understanding for the behaviors, negativity, and typically pain that goes with the shadow.

Shadow-Work is the (often life-long process) of learning how to love our unloved inner aspects.

Our self-healing can begin!

Enjoy listening to this great show!

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES and Remote Prayers

By jona bryndis, Jan 3 2016 11:41PM

Many of you readers and participants of transCODES energy work are part of a growing number of people who are starting to come out of woodwork of inner and outer fringe dwelling. This year is your year! You will become able to realize, recontextualize and recapitalize the hidden treasures of a lifelong feeling of not belonging. You will discover the powerful talents you developed in inner isolation from collective programming, all the while they were buried underneath your shadow-coping strategies, which you can finally begin to reframe! You may still judge yourself for not ever having been able to comply with your family heritage, collective props and even mainstream spirituality, but you will find that this prepared you well.

Now begins the time for you feel comfortable with yourself, your energetic perception and your inner truth – because now it’s needed – and you will also meet more people who resonate with you, and realize that you are NOT alone!

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