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By jona bryndis, May 12 2018 07:00AM

One of the most popular energy healing modalities offered here at transCODES is Emotional Integration with our GRACE Integrity® remote energy sessions (group or private). Working with the various Grace Cycles aid those on the spiritual path by aligning to and practicing connection work through multiple layers and aspects of our journey (Soul Integrity, Manifestation, Mental-Heart Fusion, and more…)

The high vibrational resonance of this highly effective self-healing modality is the alignement to the frequency of 'GRACE'. While this word can remind some of us on religious teachings, the spiritual purity of this resonance has nothing to do with religion.

Grace is an energy that is linked directly to the heart and unconditional love.

By jona bryndis, Dec 12 2017 05:21AM

Remote Energy Sessions & transMISSIONS explained click here

Self-worth issues, mental looping, self-doubt & judgment, disappointment, judgment, endless struggle etc. are all parts of our wounded ego and signs of our inner separation from our Source. They imply that our power lies outside of us, and that others or the world is responsible for our deep inner disconnection, which is not the case.

If we are able to feel a true inner connection with our Energetic Being - and with it our Divine Nature - only once - we can begin to understand that it's not our wounds that cause our pain, but our identification with it!

Without being aware of it we’ve unconsciously given away the power to feel whole from within, and thus strive (or became dependent) for validation from the outside. As a consequence of externalizing out inner power we feel cut off and empty - lonely and separated from life.

Externalizing our inner higher power is the focal point of our self-healing journey. It can allow us to recover the remembrance of SOURCE from within us and guides on on how to overcome our pain of inner separation through emotional integration and healing our fragmented soul through claiming our wholeness (holiness).

By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2017 07:03PM

Spirituality, from a certain perspective, could be described as uncovering what is true. From another perspective, unwinding what we think is real and bringing us to a greater understanding of truth. And, yet another perspective, how one connects with higher power.

But, regardless of how you describe it, spirituality is also about allowing your life to be reframed via your heart and through what lies there...Divinity, or for lack of a better word, God. In this, we are asking for our operating system to be replaced (heart vs. ego) to allow this change to occur more and more.

And, as it does, we will have to at many points go forward on faith or trust alone of that power that resides deep within us as no other way will allow us to proceed. And, to aid in this, it is important t to let go or detach from the mental or emotional reactions that pop up as we go about this process.

By jona bryndis, Feb 21 2017 05:04PM

I have written a lot about the misconceptions of Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Twin Soul relationships and the notion of soul mates, karmic relationships, relationships in previous lives, etc. in articles and forum responses. A romanticized view of TwinSouls is not only spiritually limited but can also be dangerous, as it can easily send someone into an obsession, and therefore straight into the pits of their ego hells - and yet I offer a transMISSION modality working with these energies. While there is validity to TwinSoul energies, working with these energies requires me to be direct, honest and critical about this subject. It comes with a lot of responsibility and thus the necessity to clarify some of the misleading info floating around this popular topic.

In order to understand why there is so much confusion and greedy money-making around this topic you must understand, that the concept of TwinSoul plays directly into your deepest ego-desire for a destined and ever-lasting relationship! 99,9% of info about TwinSouls and Twin Flames is written by people who have never experienced or even worked with these energies themselves!

Unless you are absolutely sure that your interest in this subject is not sparked by your ego’s aptitude for short cuts, thinking that there is a TwinSoul out there waiting for you makes you vulnerable for false information and less open for true life’s experiences. Only if you have the courage to realize that everything in your life is a mirror of your inner alignment and perception of yourself, you are prepared to meeting your TwinSoul. If you are waiting or seeking the perfect partner and think that a TwinSoul could provide inner harmony for you, that he or she could elevate you, or that such a relationship would speed up your journey, you may want to contemplate about how your expectations and inner alignment might sabotage the very thing you are longing for.

By jona bryndis, Jan 12 2017 08:15PM

Resistance is an energy that we can feel inside whenever we feel 'rubbed the wrong way' - it can be experienced as instantaneous reaction to obvious Outer Triggers, such as somebody violating our boundaries, challenging us, judging, disrespecting or bullying us; or Inner Triggers, that play into our past experiences, pain, trauma and fears. Inner Triggers are typically much harder to identify, but we all have them. We all have buttons that can be pushed at any time - making us act out in ways we are often not so proud of...

However, whether or not these triggers can dominate our energy and make us act out in reactivity depends on how aware we are. The better we know our triggers the more graceful we can learn to handle them and perhaps even neutralize them.

In energy work we go a step further; we seek our inner resistances, as we understand them as signals in which our ego and its coping mechanisms are being triggered. Learning how these inner hard-wired reactions pull us into repeating experiences opens us up for understanding our ego's reactions and how to work with them.

Our inner resistances can tell us a lot about how our energy system works. They show us how we are wired and how we can overcome persistent and recurring problems. The best way to start this journey is paying attention to our inner and outer resistances, so that we can develop more efficient ways to deal with problems as they arise.

By jona bryndis, Oct 30 2016 03:45PM

Hello Everyone,

Grace Integrity is our most transformative and also popular self-healing modalities. In private or group Remote Energy transMISSIONS it guides us through the beginning of our inner integration process. Although not declared as 'clearing' session it combines very soft yet powerful integration and clearing energies through the intention of heart level/True Self connection.

When I first worked with this transMISSION process a few years back, I was taken aback in the subtle way that this energy worked through my system to aid in releasing what was binding me to my ego, and in the way it brought up what was needed to heal and change. (click here to read how remote energy transMISSIONS work),

Personally, this one really changed my journey at a time where I was a bit unbalanced still. It helped me to understand the importance of inner harmony and the reclamation of my own inner power, which has led to a truer life. This all occurred while also aiding my system to connect further to the heart, which is the overall intention of this work.

By jona bryndis, Aug 17 2016 07:24PM

by Jeff Casper

on our upcoming GRACE True Love Intensive

One of the most simple things that we can do to aid us in our spiritual journeys is to demonstrate a basic kindness to all life.

This kindness leads to compassion, which in turn, leads to love. A love that is not bound or tied to anything as it is an energetic state and not an emotional feeling or mental concept. As this state or energetic level of love begins to permeate our system, we begin to work upon the conditions that limit the love we can feel and express as at some point the pull to do this will become quite strong.

We will see how although we can maybe feel or experience love, we still have quite a few items that will pull us out of this state.

By jona bryndis, Feb 17 2016 10:59AM

by Jeff Casper, selfunificaation.com

to read original post click here

transCODES is hosting the Heart Clearing guided remote energy transMISSION again this Friday, 19th January 2016 @ 10pm MST. This new guided energy process, spoken by Jeff Casper, gently guides those participating to not only connect with their hearts, but also learn how to sense and clear their own energetic system.

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Activation and Balancing of our Heart Chakra

- Feeling our own heart energies

- Breathing through the Heart

- Clearing of Energetic attachments around the heart field

- Activation of Third Eye Perception

- Learning how to effectiely clear negative energies

This modality practices a fundamental energy work technique developed for anyone who wants to be more present in the heart and learn how to clear their own energies.

By jona bryndis, Jan 16 2016 11:31AM

Where there is Grace...there is no Trauma!

With Grace, there is no Trauma. Grace acts like a vacuum, sweeping our energetic system, removing and revealing that which needs to be revealed. Calling upon Grace activates our self-healing abilities and allows us to see our hidden pain, as well as view past traumatic events, with the support and vision of our hearts.

The clearing process with GRACE could be best described as an energetic inversion process of dissonant energies through our heart-vortex – we often call this process ‘overwrite’. Once the inner connection is made, dissonant aspects, such as deeply seated trauma energies can be neutralized and harmonized. The harmonization is an energetic process in which every frequency not resonating with our True Self/heart connection frequency is illuminated and either cleared or integrated. This process is the characteristic of GRACE Integrity® transMISSIONS and could be best described as an emotionally and mentally detached experiencing a deep clearing of our inner most disharmonic parts.

From an energetic viewpoint, underneath the lower energetic vibrations are hidden away "limiting beliefs" that control you and create your life - for example "Suffering is honorable" or "Pain makes me stronger". These limiting beliefs were created as coping strategy when we experienced trauma.

Remote Energy Work has proven to be a very efficient healing tool for resolving the impacting effects of Trauma and especially Key Traumas. If you are interested in reading more about how remote energy work and coaching can help to

Unravel and discover your limiting beliefs......and you'll unravel from the key traumas that control you!

In tonight's session we will focus on uncovering the limiting beliefs that shape our behaviour and create our life. As each limiting belief surfaces in our session (and/or the days to follow,), we will acknowledge this belief as a necessary way we protected ourself, and then claim a new way of being.

Click here if you are interested in more info about our upcoming GRACE Trauma Clearing Remote Energy Group Session.

Much Love,

Catherine di Pietro

Trauma & Energy Coach

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