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By jona bryndis, Aug 13 2019 01:16PM

Heightened Inner Perception or being an empath can be very overwhelming at times. Regardless of whether we were born empathetic or it just so came to us, once we become aware that the world is nothing but an illusionary virtual reality it changes everything! The way we see success, money, career and relationships. Suddenly, what was important to us yesterday is no longer relevant; what we believed to make us happy or give our life meaning becomes pathetic or boring.

Traditional life coaching teaches us how to improve our goalsetting and develop strategies to reach a new levels of success, however happiness appears to come from somewhere else. Without proper understanding and guidance on how to deal with our new levels of perception and consciousness we can easily get lost in seeking, confusion or even depression. What could the meaning of this internal but life changing development be? How can we navigate through this new kind of vulnerability that comes with spiritual emergence without getting lost in woo-woo-land?

We already know that mindfulness and inner connection through meditation, contemplation or consciousness work can help with handling this new intensity of inner sensations. However, what do all these new sensations expreienced in lucid dreaming, weird visions, synchronicities, and an overall intensification of discomforting physical and energetic vibes in daily situations really mean? Do they even have a meaning? These questions are typical signs that you energy system is beginning to to align to a new level of perception and consciousness, that the veil between your ‘real’ and dream world is becoming less and less dense. So, You are Awakening. And? What's next? Let's look into the deeper inner processes that are taking place within us:

By jona bryndis, May 20 2018 10:01AM

One of the main themes in intense times like right now is learning to discern dark from light forces - chaos from unity. Once we find ourselves beginning to see truth an inner transformation begins to happen. We begin to feel attracted to higher vibrational places, people and teachings and we feel a longing for SOUL INTEGRATION. What drives us now is not our ego but the resolution of inner SEPARATION & FEAR through allowing ourselves to feel whole again. It is then when we begin to feel a renewed trust in our inner higher power to guide us through the darkness in this world, that we finally understand the purpose of the pain of chaos.

To overcome the pain of inner separation we recognize that all we need is to reconnect to our WHOLE & UNITED SELF, and realize that our journey is a healing path to find our lost SOUL PURPOSE again. Let's illuminate together, what these deeper aspects of self healing mean for our personal journey:

By jona bryndis, Sep 15 2017 07:00PM

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People


Hold Your Energy - Bifurcation In Progress!



By jona bryndis, May 6 2017 05:00AM

Energy Update 4th - 11th May 2017

As pointed out since the beginning of the year PHYSICAL INTEGRATION is and will continue to be the main theme for this year. In two-three week cycles we will be hit with physical issues, no matter whether we understand the connection with our surrounding energies or not. Those of us familiar with the occurrence of this energetic sensitivity or empathetic way of seeing world are no exception! The only difference in our perception of what is going on 'out there' is that we are slightly better able to contextualize politics, environmental, emotional, energetic and physical phenomena - that is if we have chosen to CONSCIOUSLY USE and TRAIN OUR ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY.

By jona bryndis, Mar 5 2016 08:11PM

Energy Report March 2016


For almost the entire month of February we’ve been lingering in an in-between state: Emotional ups and downs, not knowing whom or what to trust, dealing with physical symptoms, old inner unresolved conflicts returning and warding off outer attacks. Phew, for most of us this was an exhausting month, however, it was also the time to regroup, realign and reclaim our freedom from collective and often karmic energies!

This testing time of seemingly standing still or even regressing was needed to slowly being able to see the bigger picture… Therefore, next time before you question yourself, try to see that these kind of times are meant for you to integrate the deeper truth of who you are, so that you can develop a stronger stance for what’s ahead!

Anyway, after this prolonged time of inner adjustment, the current energetic situation is moving very fast now and we will begin feel the energy of 'The Whispering Winds of Change' full force. Starting very soon, you will notice a new and very fast paced inner and outer momentum!

But know that apart from finally moving into an action mode it is of utmost importance to be wakeful of the world around you! Many things will change at the same time, so you need to keep all your senses intact and constantly remind yourself to see the context instead of getting wrapped up in details!

By jona bryndis, Jan 17 2016 10:47PM

... For the Journey of Becoming Who You Truly Are


Currently one of the strongest energetic tendencies is the feeling of regressing or stagnating. Whether you are energetically sensitive or not, for most of us looking back at our advancement the past two, three years may feel somewhat frustrating. It seemed like we were incredibly busy, and yet we haven’t really manifested any actual change – just thought about it a lot..

If you are feeling like don’t have accomplished anything – welcome to the ground crew!

Many of us are feeling that our personal situation right now requires us to act in some way. There is the sense of urgency again, the pull into making a choice of some sorts. However, it’s not what you think – it’s not about doing but becoming more authentic! Is there anything inside of you waiting? Have you been secretly dreaming of starting your own business, moving somewhere else, or simply changing your life style? How do we manifest the unknown? All we know is that we don’t want to stay where we are. Sound familiar?

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