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By jona bryndis, Mar 20 2016 12:36PM

March 2016 Energy Update (Equinox and Full Moon)


While collective energies of this weekend were attuned to balancing Equinox energies we may finally feel like relaxing into finding our inner truth and self-loving center again. However, the pressure of high frequency collective and planetary clearing and correcting energies challenging our personal energy field is not over yet! What matters now more than ever is our personal energy management.The way we handle current collective energies is up to us. If we go into resistance with our environment we will meet even more resistance. One the other hand, if we can stay centered we may discover that there is a built-in light at the end of the tunnel.

For many of us the past two weeks have been a rollercoaster ride; our emotions went through the roof - exalted, motivated, anxious, sad or lashing out in anger – and all within the same hour at times! Yes, it was very exhausting! So, if you are tired, drained and a bit confused right now, know that you are in good company! The good news is, that after going through these energetically polarizing two weeks things will calm down a bit, at least emotionally - but - only to find that there was a lot more to all those dramas in the past couple of weeks...

By jona bryndis, Aug 14 2015 10:54AM

Energy Update August 2015

This particular New Moon will allow us to investigate and re-assess the quality of our inner and outer resistance. On a deeper level, we will get the opportunity to tune into those aspects that are not in harmony with our True Self yet, so that we can shift the energy for the upcoming four weeks and make corrections as we go.

As mentioned before, right now is the time of revelation and correction - time to clean up old debts and remove all skeletons from our closet. Whether it'd be your health, financial, relationship related or changes we've wanting to manifest for a long time, anything you allow to linger as unresolved creates an energetic tie that will sooner or later catch up to you! ...and judging by the acceleration rate of collective resonance probably sooner than later!

Change is not about results, it's a liberation process. The faster you can let go of false self projections the easier you can adjust to change.

Letting go of unresolved inner and outer ties means letting go of our False Self projections: The pretense of being normal. False Self is our coping mechanism to deal with collective programming; it is our ego's distraction to hide or protect our true being.

By jona bryndis, May 1 2015 12:09AM

True Heart-Connection is what we all want, but when it comes to actually connecting with our heart it can be quite challenging to admit that we may have never really felt what this means. At first we all think heart means emotions. This antiquated psychological view got long overhauled in the field of consciousness work, where we know that heart-connection has nothing to do with emotionality. True heart-connection is about feeling and inner knowing. As Science is slowly picking up on our inherent heart-intelligence, I’m sure we will hear more and more about this ‘mystical’ subject in mainstream media in future.

The reason why I am bringing this up is not to convince you of your innate heart-powers – I assume you are already aware of that. The reason is the growing number of people working with me who realize that they can’t really feel their heart. So, what makes it so hard to feel the heart? Do we really need all this spiritual and metaphysical knowledge to find what’s already there?

By jona bryndis, Jan 24 2015 07:23PM

Energy Forecast 2015

For many on this journey, last year was the year of self-healing, transformations, ego pains and letting go of old energies, especially towards the 2nd half of the year. This year’s energies will continue the inner and outer transformation process even faster. Break-ups or letting loved ones go, moving, changing jobs, starting new endeavors, founding a family, sobering up, etc. – this new year is your year!!! However, everything we weren’t able to transcend last year, be it some of our deeper shadow aspects, self-love and physical integration, the pain of the past or karmic ties to other people, will be revisited in a more intense version. Not everyone chooses to go through this transformation and so 2015 will be the year of making conscious choices.

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