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By jona bryndis, Nov 17 2019 06:00PM


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Anyone, who desires to have more energy at the end of the day, and who wants to get more out of their lives than work or chores, naturally seeks to find ways that can up their energy levels. Since the nineties it has become aware to most of us that diet, exercise and lifestyle choices are the main factors for maintaining physical health that can even overcome our genetic disposition. This awareness has produced a widespread health and fitness craze, leading people to spend billions of dollars every year trying to follow whichever cutting edge diet or exercise program that was promoted through media, often with adverse consequences.

We now know, that every, person, body, metabolism, circumstances, and disposition is unique and individual. Following ‘diets’ doesn’t work if we don’t know what our body and energy systems needs. There is much more to our energy than just quantity control, weight, looks or muscles! The need for more energy comes when we realize that our overall life-style has become exhausting and energy-draining, regardless of how much money or friends we have, what size we wear, or what we think we need to be more successful in life. 

By jona bryndis, Jun 7 2018 05:00PM


GRACE Gaia Sophia Marathon

Occasionally, I publish my session reflections as Field Report, so that those who are not familiar with energy work can get a peek into how Self-Healing in Action can look like.

Once a month we faciliate a 3-day remote energy Mindfulness Marathon. This format is very popular for those who want to really dive into their inner Self-Healing experience. They are open for everyone, however, due to the intensity of inner experiences it usually attracts people who are not afraid of encountering the depth of their energetic perception.

By jona bryndis, Jul 4 2015 12:02PM

Summer of Love, right?

As if the intensity of incoming energies through the Summer Solstice were not enough, know that the plateau of energetic ups and downs of this summer is not reached yet. Although the misunderstandings, impatience and inertia to move forward in the past three months is finally over with (phew!), we are still asked stay alert. Liberating our heart from collective manipulation and control patterns is not an event – it’s a process!

Probably the single most important trait for coping with the increase in vibrational collective and planetary frequencies in July is to fully be in moment – to be present and to be open! This increases your chances for clarity about what you truly need and prepares you to deal with any limitation no matter what the challenge is!

Most of us energetically sensitives will continue to feel a bit restless for a bit, and while this will most likely going to continue until September, at last we are in for a little reward this month. Our inner work on balancing our inner masculine/feminine energies and integrating the Solar Principle with its demand for a liberated Feminine next to a shining Masculine in the past three weeks is now allowing for a window of opportunity to catapult our journey and relationships to the next level has been building over the past three weeks.

The overall energies for July are indicating a great potential for an increase in our capacity for love and with it a wonderful momentum for opening our heart. Those of us who have been consciously working on the inner liberation of masculine and feminine energies may well remember the next three weeks as the ‘Summer of Love’. If we are not in a relationship this is the time to gear up for meeting someone resonating very deeply with us in the near future.

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