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By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2016 09:24PM

ENERGY UPDATE: 5th - 11th November 2016

Weekly Energy Digest Week 46

Feeling like 'something big is going to happen' can be a huge burden for an energetically sensitive person. It's like sitting in the middle of pressure cooker without knowing what this is all about.

All my life I have been sensitive to atmospheric pressure... every time a low pressure weather system would move into my area I would have an excruciating headache. Until it finally started to rain or storm; as soon as the storm would start to break loose, my headache would immediately disappear and I'd feel fine again. So many times, I found myself wishing for the big storm to come, just so I wouldn't have to feel the pressure in me anymore.

This is how many of us are feeling this right now. It can lead to overstimulation and the need to isolate and cut ourselves off from the ongoing energetic bombardment - which will not serve you! The energetic bombardment in wake of the US Elections, looming unresolved global, political and geopolitical problems has reached a point where we just wish for all of that to be over with... but...

Fellow empaths - this is one of the moments in your life when this attitude can be dangerous!

Be careful what you wish for!

By jona bryndis, Oct 22 2016 05:56PM

Energy Update for 21st -28th October 2016 (Week 44)


I hope you all got through the 'haze' of last weeks collective energetic band. This past week we dealt with our mental and emotional looping patterns. Be aware when you are going there - it makes you more vulnerable than facing your inner darkness - in fact - this is your inner darkness! 

(Please read 'Navigating through The Underworld of Our Own Inner Darkness' below.)

Overall, we are still under the influence of very old and unresolved patterns emerging. This correction will take a few more years; so don't feel like you are 'not getting it'. The cloud layers around our heart took decades if not generations to build, so be patient with yourself!

On the other hand, don't wait with the expression of your True Self either! When are you going to start to live your life according to your higher goals? The longer you wait the harder it gets to face your inner demons! Just because you are just a small puzzle piece in this Divine Comedy doesn't mean that you are powerless! Your power is the power to feel energies and this destines you to deal with your stuff! If you weren't - you wouldn't read this energy report!

By jona bryndis, Oct 15 2016 05:38AM

ENERGY UPDATE 14th October 2016


After a challenging weekend during which some our deepest unresolved mother and father principles showed up it is possible that some of us were pulled into a bit of an identity crisis this past week. I am not surprised that the manipulative energies I predicted in last week's Energy Digest played out as classical gender/race confrontation, within and around us.

Not sure how this was visible in your country but here in the US, where the election circus is full on, a wave of public degrading and counter-degrading polarization of masculine/feminine and politicized ethnic problems were leading to the illumination of hidden disdain towards Masculinity, Femininity and minorities.

It is not fun to see a large part of our population to buy into the drama of intrigues and truth-bleaching, while we are on our journey of trying to manifest higher vibrational and heart-based goals. Granted, it's very easy to get frustrated having to witness such a spectacle of separatism and fear-based ignorance around us - but this is part of our transformation process. If we don't have the right people around us yet who understand our way of seeing human consciousness development, it can make us feel we live in dark times sometimes. 

After all, we all want to see change, but somehow things seem to get worse before they can get better... 

It's getting old though!

By jona bryndis, Oct 10 2016 07:02PM

Welcome to my new Weekly Energy Digest format, summarizing transCODES Articles, Energy Updates and Events for you into one email relased on Fridays.

There is so much going on here at transCODES that to keep you up to date would mean to send out an email every other day. Not sure about you but I don't like this bombardment through emails, so I will try to reduce Blog emails and hope you like this new format, except for educational articles.

I am often asked how I come up with energy updates and reports.

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