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By jona bryndis, Aug 7 2017 02:30PM

We all are connected. Whether we are empaths or not, on some level we will have to deal with collective energies, whether we are consciously aware of what we are dealing with or not. Some of us are more connected within and can feel subtle shifts before others, but this doesn’t mean that we are better at discerning. When intense waves of energy go through the collective, we feel this as heaviness or tension in our subtle energy, and for energetically sensitives and empaths there is a lot more going on - internally as well as how we perceive the energy in the collective. Without training and proper energy management it can feel like a double-whammy. We feel both, our own and other people's fears or frustrations before they have materialized thinking there is something wrong with us. Often times, we find ourselves being part of collective emotional AC system, filtering and clearing energies before they come in leaving our own energy drained and powerless . How can we better deal with overwhelming energies influencing our personal energy system?

By jona bryndis, May 23 2017 03:06AM

There is an interesting phenomenon that arises through our dedication to our consciousness development and spiritual journey. Somehow, our spiritual intelligence not only alters the way we perceive our world and us in it, but it can also change the way we are able to handle or even change our reality.

Somewhere here is a riddle – something that can empirically be experienced but objectively not be explained. How can we bridge the gap between our personal consciousness development, human collective evolution, seeking Divine Wisdom and still staying true to ourselves?

By jona bryndis, May 5 2017 08:00PM

Holistic Health means being happy in all areas of life. When we are happy life is easy to deal with. In the state of love, gratitude or joy we feel deeply connected; we regard our life as positive and our outlook on our future is optimistic. When was the last time you truly felt this way? For many of us these states are the exception. Around the clock we busy coping with either physical health, financial insecurity, relationship problems, emotional instability, mental worrying, addictions or spiritual isolation.

Only very few people have decoded the art of a healthy and happy life as expression of an holistic energetic balance and wholeness.

By jona bryndis, Jan 26 2017 06:58PM

When asked how to become an Energy Healer my standard response is:

"Through Learning How to Heal Yourself."

Often this is not exactly the answer that was expected, but the most honest answer based on everything I've learned over the last decade of practicing energy coaching and healing.

Being energetically sensitive means to be able to feel what others feel; therefore it is quite common amongst empaths to receive the prompting to become of service for others in some way down the road. Many of us who are energetically sensitive are aware of our talents and the increased demand for more energetic healers, but we underestimate the true challenge with energetic healing.

It’s not our ability to see/feel another person’s issues, but our ability to link into high vibratory, healing frequencies that through exposure to can aid somebody else’s own consciousness and unlock in them their own self-healing abilities. Because energy healing works on the level of resonance it requires us to know and accept our own stuff more than anything else – in other words, it means we need to know how to heal ourselves first, as if we don’t, we will only be able to transmit that which have healed so far.

By jona bryndis, Jan 6 2017 10:45PM

Within our Physical Energy System are several energetic levels of manifestation. There is of course our overall health, but then there is also our outer appearance and symmetry, our body’s expressions and their congruence, our life force and our physical radiance.

The least dense part of our physical is our DNA, and energetic metabolism; followed by our cells, organs, soft tissue, nervous system and lastly represented through the densest part of our physical system - our bones and its skeletal structure. Let’s begin exploring energetic expressions of resistance by looking at the fundamentals of our physicality and how inner conflicts can play out in the physical manifestation of ailments.

The best example for energetic resistance in the physical, and therefore often reflecting the core of our emotional, mental and spiritual struggles are our joints.

By jona bryndis, Jan 6 2017 10:05PM

Changing we way we perceive ourselves is a big part of our Global Awakening process and part of the immanent Paradigm Change ahead. With the growing evidence that who we are is not just a result of predisposed genetic information, gender, race, circumstances and cultural conditioning we are beginning to embrace the idea that we more than just a human computer system, limited to hardware and software -

Our life is much more complex than that!

We are the energetic expression of how we see ourselves and the world we live in. Our life is the manifestation of beliefs we hold in mind, our past experiences, hopes and dreams, how we process and express our inner feelings, how we make choices, our inner integrity level, our virtues and well we connect within; and if you so choose to believe in their existence often also the result of experiences of our ancestors, karmic propensities, past lives and other dimensional choices, tasks or agreements.

The new way of understanding ourselves and how to live to our highest potential cannot just be based on maximizing our knowledge details of our physical, emotional or mental dynamics. If we want to understand ourselves from deep within our soul-level we must include the spiritual, etheric and energetic aspects of our being.

By jona bryndis, Dec 9 2016 08:33AM

New How to Manage Your Personal Energy Intensive

We all understand that spiritual, emotional and social intelligence depends on our ability to manage our energy properly. Reactivity, lashing out, selective perception and feeing helpless are often the consequence of not really knowing how to respond. Should we suck it up? Ward off? Attack? Let it go?

How can we learn to differentiate between emotions, sensations, feelings and hard-wired inner patterns?

How can we have better access to our inner higher guidance in any given moment?

For energetically sensitives and empaths who are often perceiving more than they can fully process in the heat of a moment, finding answers to these questions can make a profound difference. It allows us to better deal with social, emotional, mental, physical or energetic challenges and promotes the internalization of our energetic perception. More often than not we feel so overwhelmed that we end up resorting to our preprogrammed or conditioned coping mechanisms, even though already know that there must be better ways.

By jona bryndis, Oct 2 2016 03:00PM

by Jeff Casper

Hello Everyone,

The power of individual clearings lies mostly in sensing how our energy feels when it is in a more clear and aligned state as this gives us a new reference point in how we can feel. The power in this is in knowing that if we can feel like this once, with time and a bit of work, we can feel like this more and more. (Read here about the difference between energetic clearing and healing.)

Those of you familiar with the power of remote energy clearings have integrated regular or occasional clearing work into their personal energetic hygiene and management routine. This isn't usually something we share with others, but more and more people are waking up to the need of becoming more aware of their inner energetic make-up, possible blockages and advice on how to proceed with their individual journey. The demand for energy workers who are able to perform but most importantly coach a person in their personal energy management is drastically increasing.

The challenge with energetic clearings on their own is that without continued work or knowing where to start, this feeling fades with time in those receiving these sessions.

Because of this limitation, communication is key with clearing reports and personal coaching sessions being added to give the most opportunity for effective and long lasting change.

By jona bryndis, Aug 2 2016 04:00PM

There are many different forms of inner and outer suffering - some of which we can or can't control. Self-Healing means recognizing that there is a power in us that drives us to WANTING TO CHANGE that. It is an inner prompting that somehow guides us to seek for solutions inwardly.

Self-Healing means reclaiming your right to take all matters concerning our inner and outer life into our own hands - that you are not powerless and that you have the power to heal yourself within you.

In energy work we call this Awakening - The process of becoming aware that we have the power to change our situation, condition or circumstances within us.

Awakening to our inner self-healing power means "opening myself to the miraclous power of allowing myself to heal."

This, and our willingness to honestly reflect on our personal involvement and the sincere resolve to improve our lives is the first and most important step of activating our Divine Self-Healing powers.

How can we start our Self-Healing Journey?

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