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By jona bryndis, May 20 2018 10:01AM

One of the main themes in intense times like right now is learning to discern dark from light forces - chaos from unity. Once we find ourselves beginning to see truth an inner transformation begins to happen. We begin to feel attracted to higher vibrational places, people and teachings and we feel a longing for SOUL INTEGRATION. What drives us now is not our ego but the resolution of inner SEPARATION & FEAR through allowing ourselves to feel whole again. It is then when we begin to feel a renewed trust in our inner higher power to guide us through the darkness in this world, that we finally understand the purpose of the pain of chaos.

To overcome the pain of inner separation we recognize that all we need is to reconnect to our WHOLE & UNITED SELF, and realize that our journey is a healing path to find our lost SOUL PURPOSE again. Let's illuminate together, what these deeper aspects of self healing mean for our personal journey:

By jona bryndis, Dec 15 2017 07:55AM

The experiences of our youth and childhood help us to form our values, our morals, and even how we view the world.  These views of life and patterns development can be very healthy and loving, but also very restrictive and even painful based on what it was we experienced and how we handled it.

All of us have had a combination of these moments as each of us has had moments of love and pain in our lives.  Moments where we felt wonderful and times were we felt quite awful.  Times where we felt rejected, left alone and hurt, and other times where felt included, accepted, and that we belonged.

The combined experiences that we have is partially what makes up where we are at, but maybe better to say where we are going.  As via our focus and intention, we paint our lives…or what we tend to hold in mind, comes to us.

And, when our life feels like it needs a bit of change or healing, sometimes we will notice that some of these old pains and patterns come up from within us as we go about trying to change our lives or change our direction.

By jona bryndis, Nov 1 2017 05:15AM

All of us, at one point or another, had a few issues that arose that we didn’t feel capable of handling, and in this, we found a creative way to not face or deal with that issue. This is usually referred to a coping or defensive mechanism that originally is created to protect us from the initial issues or trauma.

There are all kinds of fancy names for these mechanisms, but they typically revolve around distraction, dodging, hiding, or even simply avoiding. And, if we feel into these mechanisms just a bit, we can quickly see that they are focused solely on temporary relief or pleasure in the hopes of not facing the initial issue or trauma.

With time, these patterns become quite strong and develop into parts of us that we may even identify as ourselves, leading to the development of a facade or false self that acts a persona and hides the truer side of us underneath.

By jona bryndis, Mar 16 2017 09:10PM

Energy Work can teach us that every sensation, emotion, feeling, thought and behavior is based on our vibrational state at a certain moment. Some of these states are temporary and others are default states - states which we tend to bounce back to when under threat or dealing with a challenge. The way we handle a situation – to just get through the day or past an immediate problem - without deeper reflection is typically showing our coping mechanism. Unless we are willing to explore our deeper energetic hard-wiring Coping Patterns can make it almost impossible to get past our usual ways, even if we already know that they are ‘unhealthy’ for us.

In a very practical way our coping patterns do not only determine, but also predict the way we approach and react to outer and inner stimuli, regardless of our better knowing. Subjectively we think we depend on them, which is why we rarely investigate them. Unless our addictions becomes openly destructive for us, most of us are not aware how our ego coping is often turning against our higher goals, and how they can block our energy, and thus prevent us making important changes in our lives.

By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2016 09:12PM

Are you tired of rmisery? Repeating relationship issues (be it with family, friends or partners), ongoing emotional exhaustion, feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, inadequate, rejected, disappointed or heartbroken? Good! Growing tired of feeling miserable is the first step to liberating ourselves from our emotional binds!

Emotional Maturity is the ability to reconcile with who we truly are and how we express ourselves (or not) authenticly. It requires the courage to evolve past our conditioned reactivity and the resilience to move past contraction.

Spiritual-Emotional Maturity is realizing that our misery is merely a reflection of our ability to love ourselves regardless of the shortcomings we are afraid of hurting us. It allows us to see, feel and live the whole range of human states without judging ourselves or others.

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2016 11:40PM

Energy Report April 2016


March and beginning April energies were rough! Constant ups and downs, uncontrollable back-and-forths between anger and fear, hammering control and increasing collective polarization have made it impossible to find a firm ground to stand on…manifestation is going so slow that we are feeling we are wasting our time with constant struggle...rock-bottom as become our only solid foundation! Again, our independence feels compromised from all directions! What are we doing wrong? Manifestation is going so slow that many of us are feeling we are wasting our time with constant struggle. We have been set back by 3D circumstances and stagnating again ...what are we not seeing?

Since last week a supportive energetic momentum is trying to come in, but many of us are too caught up in our robotic mental resistance and inner fighting mode to recognize the chance to find solutions outside of our box. Outside of what? Our Ego! If we can’t let go some of our pain of the past we may miss out on the deeper healing in this current collective correction!

First of all we need to realize that our struggle, especially financial, is part of the cluster of unresolved issues from last year that is now kicking our b*tt. Ouch, realty hurts! No matter how 'spiritual' you are, you are still part of this 3D physical plane, so some thing just need to be dealt with!

Soon enough, around Full Moon on the 22. April and towards the end of this month global developments will push things forward very quickly and we will have to be clear about what our needs, boundaries and priorities are or else we will be caught off-guard! Get your basics in order! There'll be plenty of opportunity to deal with the deeper spiritual meaning of all of that later!

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