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By jona bryndis, May 16 2020 11:14AM

Awakening helps us to see and discern truth, but to form a working roadmap for integrity and truthful beingness needs to be practiced - we need to practice AWAKENESS, because our system is set up to send us to sleep! It binds us to our 3Dness and allows for our ego's survival and coping mechanisms to dominate our perception of reality, ourselves and the world we live in.

Our ego's job is to help us cope with the reality of our inner dualisms, the right and wrongs, failures and successes, and especially with the fact that our live has an expiration date. Only the trained awakened soul becomes able to form a steady and balanced awareness of where in our lives we need to liberate ourselves from TOXICITY, what is truly good and what isn't; what promotes our growth and what allows us to have access to our INNER POWERS of Truth, Choice, and Co-Creation.

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2017 12:22PM

Last week we had a lively demonstration of what it feels like to be in resistance from within. While it was pretty obvious to energetically sensitive people that energies had been building and that there was going to be some kind of obstacle ahead, it it could still hit us really hard,. This made HOLDING OUR OWN SPACE almost impossible last week.

By jona bryndis, Jan 8 2017 09:47PM

Energy Update 7th –13th January 2017

Most of us are still a bit in transition. We are busy trying to get a feeling for where we are - and where we want to be. Don't take this too seriously right now. We can't control the future - only our present, so don't get pulled into the craze of trying to figure it all out right now. Take it easy and allow yourself to settle first - you will need a good FOUNDATION this year!

COMMUNICATION is a bit distorted this week and needs a little extra effort, if we don't want to end up keep clearing up misunderstandings. My recommendation is to stay away from mainstream media for a while (until after the US inauguration) - there will be lots of fake news, hypes and euphorias, but also sudden and shocking revelations that will do nothing but stirring up emotions.  New triggers for violence and social unrest are on the way. Just don't get pulled into every hype and wait it out. Important news will make it your way anyway!

2017 Energies First Glance

By jona bryndis, Jun 29 2015 06:42AM

Have you ever had the thought, that “things were sooo much easier” before you started having all these spiritual insights and deeper realizations? Well, I have – still do - all the time! But I also know that this is what self-healing is all about: Stepping out of my comfort-zone, not listening to my inner critic and facing the reality of my happiness!

Our Critical Inner Voice is a good example. It is one of those subjects that can totally change the way the see and handle inner processes, as it pretty much influences our entire belief system, attitude and views of self and the world around us. Once we recognize our Critical Inner Voice for what it is, either through inner contemplation, reading something about it or talking with others, it’s hammering loud voice in our head cannot be ignored anymore. Actually, if you listen closely you can sometimes hear people’s Critical Inner Voice in the way they talk. Sudden, brief remarks or side notes in a different tone of voice often indicate a vocalization of their inner voice. Pay attention to this for a bit – you’ll be surprised how much we all unconsciously carry these parts of our inner voices on the tip of our tongue!

I remember the time when I thought I was the only one plagued by this constant negative inner self-talk. Knowing what I know today, I think it’s safe to assume that we all intuitively understand what a Critical Inner Voice means, even if we have never heard or read anything about it. What I learned in my personal life and through my energy work practice is that changing our inner attitude, perception of self and communication can initiate a very powerful inner healing process and is often more transformational for our practical lives than gaining intellectual insights or perusing spiritual enlightenment.

Facing the deeper aspects of our Critical Inner Voice requires a clear intention to heal the parts in us that are linked to our inner critic; in fact, for a long-term release of the inner emotional, mental and energetic schisms that can come out of an undisciplined and rampaging Critical Inner Voice, we need even more: We need the courage and willingness to uncover and own our hidden aspects that are expressing through this part of our inner communication. Affirmations, mental reprogramming or reframing can help to get over the first hump to conquer inner negativity, but what truly makes us mentally, emotionally and spiritually grow lies much deeper than just our psychological layers.

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