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By elecia, Jul 12 2018 05:00AM

Energy Updates

13th-19th July 2018

Week 29

By jona bryndis, July 14 2018

Watch The Video For Week 29 here

Collective Energies

By jona bryndis, Apr 9 2018 10:08PM

We’ve all heard about Yin-Yang and how this inner balance of masculine and feminine energies is important; but do we really understand why? Why is the balancing of these inner energies so important? What are some of the consequences if they are out of balance? How does our personal experiences of Masculinity and Femininity influence our life and our relationships? While actively engaging in our inner self-healing these and other questions often crystallize as core aspects in our self-healing journey.

Without going deeper into the metaphysical or mystical meaning of these pure forms of Divine energy and how they came to be separated as two different genders, try to understand your energy field as the result of a fusion of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Spirit – much like of mother and father energies, only on a deeper level of energy. To explore your inner relationship with the Divine Masculine and Feminine and their state of balance within you, you typically need to look at how we originally perceived these Divine energies through your parents/caretakers representing those energies for you in your early stages.

Many energetic blocks and hidden aspects lead back to a lack or imbalance of our source of energy. While most of us assume that our primary source lies in masculinity for males and femininity for females, energy work teaches us that primary source is not so much in the singularity of our gender but the unity and balance of both: the Divine Masculine and Feminine within.

By jona bryndis, Sep 27 2015 11:42AM

Energy Update September 2015/Forecast October 2015 – Lunar Eclipse

Actually, there is nothing to add to the media craze about this year’s last Lunar Eclipse-Super Moon – Convergence. I’m sure you all have heard about this rare celestial event coming up this Saturday/Sunday by now. The visibility of this Eclipse in the northern hemisphere makes it a media spectacle. It activates prophets and doomsday believers, unfortunately instigating an artificial wave of collective fear and fire adding to the already sensitive state of global energies. The importance of these cyclically occurring natural events is of course not in their publicity but in their energetic affect on us. Therefore, it is essential not to get swept away by these outer ups and downs, be it through media or inner sensations!

If you perceive the world around you as surreal lately, know that you are not alone! High Frequency bands of energy are not easy to ‘metabolize’ – for many this is a time of feeling emotionally charged, anxious due to ‘weird’ energetic symptoms and mental worries – so, if you perceive others or yourself as a bit unpredictable or even schismatic right now chances are they are under the influence of this current energetic wave.

As for our relationships it is very important to be patient and compassionate right now. The majority of people on this planet is going through this correctional time without awareness and is therefore challenged with intense unforeseen inner and disturbances in life. Try to stay calm and tend to mending and healing rather than escalating. Express your gratitude for all that is going on right now, even if you feel explosive at times.

Prevent a total eclipse of your heart and try to get through the next 3 weeks by focusing on inner peace and balance, no matter what others do!

The incoming energies for October have been building since December last year and will continue for another 2 years. Therefore, just getting by won’t do it - many of us find themselves in a somewhat forced ongoing phase of resolving persistent inner and outer conflicts. Energetically seen, we are steering towards an all time high of high frequency waves hitting our planet (WAVE X), in which the current wave will peak at the upcoming Eclipse tomorrow.

Albeit difficult to see right now, but purpose of this collective regrouping and correction process is to optimally equip us for the coming evolutionary shift of the human consciousness.

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