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By jona bryndis, Oct 4 2019 05:56PM

Do you, too have a history of toxic relationships, narcissistic patterns or addictive structures?

Has it come to your awareness that you always go the extra mile, but others don't seem to reciprocate or value your care or expressions of empathy? What can you do to change this?

Incoming October Energies bring in the need to liberate ourselves from TOXICITY on all levels. Many of the collective developments are not in our control; they do however follow the same impulse to NO LONGER STAND IN OUR OWN TOXIC PASSIVITY. In foreseeing many of us needed to deal with the questions of IDENTITY, CONTROL & TOXICITY PATTERNS in our lives, I have dedicated transCODES monthly Energy Healing & Training work to assisting you in resolving and taking the necessary steps to change toxic patterns in our 3D lives.

Every Saturday in October, we are facilitating an in-depth Energy Healing Sessions (along with assisting Energy Sessions that help to clear and integrate underlying blocks and fears). Check here if this series of four Codependency Healing sessions resonates with you.

Energy Healing sessions are done from home, so depending on what time zone you are in you will have to translate 3 PM (Eastern US Time) into your time. The sessions take 1 hour, and afterward, we meet for reporting, sharing and reflecting on our transMISSION forum.

How do You Know that You Have Co-Dependent Behavior?

By jona bryndis, Oct 1 2019 03:04PM

On Being True to Oneself and Identifying When We Are Not

In our daily lives, we often feel empty, lonely or not able to connect with our Self. Many of us have lost the ability to tell if we are truly connected within - our inner connection feels clouded or lost. Feeling this way sometimes is normal, but if we find ourselves becoming more and more robotic or numb, unable to feel ourselves we are running into danger of losing our sense of self. Our sense of self determines our ability to inhabit our own energy body; it enables us to know and enact our boundaries; to have a positive self-image; to feel we belong and of course, to know who we truly are. It can keep us grounded in times of uncertainty, allows us to uncover when we lie to ourselves, motivates us to have the courage to grow and express ourselves, and it provides us with our values, integrity, and goals.

Our True Self is an integral part of us - the middleman between your soul and your physical being. When we feel disconnected within it shows us that we are off-center, that we distracted by too many different versions of perceived ‘other-selves’ - the way we should be, or how others see us. If we see ourselves primarily from an external viewpoint we have allowed our False Self to dominate our life and perception of self.

If you see yourself through the eyes of others, your ability to feel and love yourself becomes clouded!

By jona bryndis, Sep 18 2019 06:30PM

Collective Energies can be a bit difficult to understand. There is so much going on! However, during Equinoxes (this Sunday 22nd September 2019) and Solstices, Collective Energies become more permeable. Especially as Energetically Sensitives, we are picking up on more Astral Energies in those times. what does this mean for us individually?

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