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Why is it so important to be Sensitive to Energies?

By jona bryndis, May 18 2017 11:37AM

In this experience of our life, so much happens so quickly that it is easy to become amazed, overwhelmed, confused, or even simply shocked by the beauty or pain of it all.

Now, if we can pull back and detach a bit from the day to day experiences we can easily see that the beauty of our lives, is that it is a gift that allows us to experience so much it no wonder that we chose to be here at this time.

From a physical standpoint, the body and the mind that we have are a stunning combination allowing us to feel and interact with the life around us creating opportunities for so many levels of experience in a single day that it can be unfathomable to comprehend.

However, the body is only made of sensations and reactions, and the mind consists of our logic, reason and pattern development/recognition…nothing more. Both go on about their duties regardless of what we do. The consciousness that we have, which is our spirit and beyond both the mind and the body, is what allows us to experience and even observe all that occurs in and around our bodies, our energies and this thing we call life.

Our consciousness is what registers all that is occurring, and based on what energetic state we agree to align to, we develop meaning out of what we are experiencing from the input of the mind, body and if we are willingly agreeing to align to, our spiritual connection.

Before moving on, if you doubt that our consciousness is what runs things , simply ask yourself, if you were only your mind, wouldn’t you be able to control your thinking totally? Wouldn’t you be able to say stop to your mind, and it would obey?

The mind runs on and on regardless of what we do as do our emotions as that is there purpose to bring in the sensations and the patterns that occur as we interact with our environment.

By understanding this and then adding to it by learning to feel the subtle energies that are within and beyond our body, we add to overall experience of our energy, to the point of feeling and knowing that are there are things past this life…other dimensions, other states, and even what would be described as higher power.

It is through developing sensitivity to energy through deep introspection and connection work that we can begin to sense that there is so much more to this life than our body, our mind, and our surroundings.

As from our hearts or spirit, it is not about what we think anymore as that is just the outcome of our energetic state and the complex make up of our karma reflected upon our current situation. The heart-level is more so about how a situation feels to us, and what we choose to do as in this focus we move out of the need to figure out what to do…and, we move into a space of feeling out what it is, if anything, needed to do from a space of inner knowing.

This shift moves us out of thinking or worrying too much about the past or the future, and puts us right into the moment, allowing for a level of experience that can be quite different than that of the mind alone or even our emotions.

The ability to be sensitive to our own energies and those that are around us, gives our lives a whole new meaning and brings us to a different journey…one that likely has been working to come into our lives for quite sometime.

Developing, working with, and learning how to manage our energies is important to anyone who is seeking to let go, to change, to heal and even to energetic thrive or transcend as there is no greater agent of change than this other than the intention to do so.

As with this work, you can learn and feel where your energy is at, what is coming in from the outside and what you need deep within as well as how to go for what is needed or to change your situation for the better.

It is by understanding and learning what is ours to work with, what is no longer needed, and by being able to break free from the ties of the collective energy/karma, we can move into the a more rarified space that is geared towards lovingness, honor, and responsibility.

It is road less traveled, but one that calls to those who are tired of the common, the repetitive and the limited worlds of the ego and mind. So, if you are feeling like you are not quite normal, don’t fit in, or simply just feel that there is more possible than your current life, take time to begin to feel or to enhance your ability to work with your own energies to expand your options, become healthier and have a more effective understanding and chance to change your life.

Thank you,


A wonderful way to start or enhance your or add to your ability to be energetically sensitive, is our Personal Energy Training offered in Weekend Intensives or individual Energy Training Sessions (gorup or private) :

ENERGETIC GROUNDWORK - How to Manage Your Energy Intensive

ENERGETIC PERCEPTION - How to Read Your Energy Intensive

ENERGETIC PROTECTION - How to Protect Your Energy

ENERGETIC VISIONING - How to Navigate your Energy Intensive

These weekend intensives consists of 3, 1-hour remote energy events (transmissions) that are guided processes held in a group field to enhance the overall energy of all joining in effectively enhancing the ability to change, heal and let go.

The effect of these powerful events along with the ability to share and ask questions in the forum has an accumulative effect that can really spark our journey deeper into truth and higher vibratory energies of the heart.

All of the processes are guided and you will receive an mp3 with the guided energy processes to practice on your own. Energy Training is a wonderful way to aid anyone looking to develop deeper levels of sensitivity, connectivity, and understanding/compassion.

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