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What Your True Self Can Tell You About Your Soul

By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2019 09:26AM

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Your True Self is always present - it is the inner version of your infinite and eternal Soul Self. The True Self's function is to meditate and translate between your conscious Ego Self and your Soul Self. It's basically the direct link to your Soul, able to speak to you in a language you can understand.

Many of us understand 'True' Self as the unfiltered and uncontrollable version of ourselves at first. It reminds us of all the little lies we tell ourselves and triggers our inner judgment to ourselves. It took me a long time to figure out that most people are afraid of connecting with their True Selves because they confuse their True Self with their Ego Self. Our True Self is not the part that acts out or tries to smooth over when we are not authentic. Our True Self is free of judgment, expectation or form and not some virtual supervisor or monitor of how good we are - that's our Ego Self! 

The True Self is the part in us that guides to become the highest expression of who we truly are - the authentic representation of our Soul Self. It knows our karma, trauma, our struggles, and deepest desires, but also our illusions and erroneous perceptions. Depending on our willingness to self-grow and level of consciousness, we can begin to understand our True Self more and more as an ally. It's on our side! By helping us with the pain of loneliness and confusion, which is, in essence, the pain of feeling separated from our Soul Self,  it allows us to overcome the barrier of communication with our Soul.

Our Soul cannot relate to the struggles and intricacies of being limited to 3D. It speaks to us in a holographic language of imagery and subliminal coding that is often too mysterious and difficult to understand. The True Self is, therefore, the 3D ambassador of our Soul Self, helping us to remember and guiding us into a deeper understanding of our subjective experience of ourselves and the 3D world we are in. It helps us to see the larger perspective beyond the limitations of our Ego Self and prompts us onto the path to expressing our true needs and heart's desires to find more meaning and fulfillment in this lifetime. It speaks to us with physical and energetic sensations, feelings and thought processes that can tune us into higher vibratory resonances, sudden insights, and even synchronicities. In some of our lives, we might have even felt it as the presence of a guardian angel or spirit guide. 

The only thing preventing our conscious experience and active connection with it is the layers of ego that are blocking our perception; like the sun covering the clouds. But just because we cannot see the sun for the clouds, it doesn't mean the isn't there. So, being afraid of our True Self is like being afraid of looking at truth. You can avoid it only for so long, eventually, it's more exhausting to hide from it than to commune with it.

Anyone who has consciously experienced the feelings of rejoicing and nurturing when directly connecting with their True Self immediately gets it! Your True Self is the wonderful shining divine light that you are - so what you are afraid of facing is not your True Self but your Ego Self that tells you that you are not worthy of it. 

When consciously connecting with this Inner Divine Aspect of yourself,  you are invoking the eternal, unchanging and all-encompassing aspect of your being. With your intention to become true to yourself you are strengthening and aligning yourself to overcome all that blocks your deeper inner connection. Connecting with your True Self unlocks your higher self-healing and manifestation abilities, your true vision and your true Soul Purpose. It allows you to feel protected, nurtured and unconditionally loved.

It is understandable and normal for us humans to fear the unknown, but ultimately it makes no sense to be afraid of this deeper connectedness - unless there is something you are holding on to. Your True Self can show you your ego; the parts in you that are shadowy or dark. But it can also show you how to shine your light into these corners of your False Self. Whatever it is that you are holding onto, fear, anger, pride, pain, guilt or shame is not who you truly are,  it's your Ego, appearing as overcast and covering the bright light of your Inner Soul Self. 

Naturally, this does not always feel comfortable at first; your ego tends to resist this direct connection. It's too bright! But, this doesn't mean that your ego is bad or evil! Understand that its job is to help you to survive and protect you from the unknown. Knowing your authentic True Self can feel frightening for it at first. It makes you question your Ego Self! And so, if you are not used to standing in your own light, or if you are too busy or stressed about your ego's struggle with your 3D life this connection process can feel like a challenge or even threat for your ego.

Have compassion for your Ego Self! It cannot see beyond itself. It doesn't know what it cannot know!

Therefore, be prepared to encounter 'the clouds' at first. It is common to experience what is blocking you from staying in connection with your eternal Soul Self, such as excessive thinking, self-judging, emotional overwhelm, or intense physical release symptoms at first! Do not be afraid, and don't judge yourself for experiencing release or falling asleep! Connecting with your True Self needs to be trained. Meditation, spending time in nature and general Mindfulness techniques can help with your connecting training, but the ultimate connection comes through experiencing and continually seeking the state of  SOULFULNESS - the state in which you are in direct communication with your True Self at all times!

Give yourself time and most of all don't have any particular expectations on how you are 'supposed' to feel. Encountering your blocks can be a very connecting experience as well!

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Connecting with your True Self is the key to self-transformation work, as it marks the beginning and the goal of our journey. By participating in this FREE Energy Healing & Training session, you are not only calling forward your inner healing and manifesting energies, but you are also contributing to clearing the human collective matrix.

Thank you for participating in this important work!

Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES

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