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What We Resist Persists - How to Handle Resistances in 2017

By jona bryndis, Jan 12 2017 08:15PM

Resistance is an energy that we can feel inside whenever we feel 'rubbed the wrong way' - it can be experienced as instantaneous reaction to obvious Outer Triggers, such as somebody violating our boundaries, challenging us, judging, disrespecting or bullying us; or Inner Triggers, that play into our past experiences, pain, trauma and fears. Inner Triggers are typically much harder to identify, but we all have them. We all have buttons that can be pushed at any time - making us act out in ways we are often not so proud of...

However, whether or not these triggers can dominate our energy and make us act out in reactivity depends on how aware we are. The better we know our triggers the more graceful we can learn to handle them and perhaps even neutralize them.

In energy work we go a step further; we seek our inner resistances, as we understand them as signals in which our ego and its coping mechanisms are being triggered. Learning how these inner hard-wired reactions pull us into repeating experiences opens us up for understanding our ego's reactions and how to work with them.

Our inner resistances can tell us a lot about how our energy system works. They show us how we are wired and how we can overcome persistent and recurring problems. The best way to start this journey is paying attention to our inner and outer resistances, so that we can develop more efficient ways to deal with problems as they arise.

As so many monday mornings I finally get to write session reflections from ongoing remote energy transMISSIONS here at transCODES. Occasionally, I publish my session reflection as Field Report, as our sessions often show a tendency for what so many other energetically sensitives and empaths are going through.

The largest transMISSION last week was our GRACE Manifestation New Years Special. Naturally, this session was about our attitude towards the New Year and the aspects that we want to consciously manifest. One of the main aspects that came forward for this group as Resistance (read more about GRACE integrity here). Let's take a deeper look at how inner and outer resistance can influence our manifestation process:


While we were in this session together we not only attuned our own energy field to 2017, but also attuned our practical/physical body to the energies ahead. This was not an easy process, and many of you reported the RESISTANCES during or after this session. So, what do inner resistances during meditation and energy sessions tell us? Let's look into what it could mean...


Often experienced as heavy mind chatter; not being able to turn of thinking; trying to control the process; constantly self-criticizing and evaluating; strong presence of Critical Inner Voice (also read "Mental Looping")

We are not fully trusting in our inner power yet; there are FEARS OF THE UNKNOWN and perhaps also a reluctance in fully seeing ‘eye to eye’ with ourselves and our relationships; and we are still trying to control our manifestation process too much, focus on lack and flaws, rather than energizing and INVITING TRUTH ON ALL LEVELS.

This is understandable, but can be a hindrance on this level of energy work, because we are missing the focal point for our mental energies.

We allow our thoughts to be high jacked by our EGO’S ILLUSIONS & PROJECTIONS of safety and thus compromise our creative mental powers to be wrapped up in maintaining what we have, instead of realizing that what we have is no longer what we want....

To the Love within

I dedicate myself.

There already is prompting and knowingness in us that we cannot ignore - and yet we are not yet willing to devote our full energy to our higher purpose; instead we keep looking for the MAGICAL SOLUTION outside of us. This instills fears and anxiety, and makes us prone to staying within the bondage of our COLLECTIVE KARMA, which is inner conflict and outer chaos at the moment.

I surrender all judgment,

for I AM one with my True Self.


often felt as sudden or heavy emotion, such as sadness, fear or anger; often directed towards oneself or others; not feeling good enough; doubting oneself; can also be felt as wanting to give up or getting strangely distracted; often accompanied by strong energetic symptoms in belly, sternum and heart area (also read "Emotional Looping")

We want to be in the state of joy and happiness, and yet we are not yet fully able to feel UNITY. We still separate ourselves from others and the planet and mistake our uniqueness as specialness. This leads to an emphasis and selective perception (self-fulfilling prophecy) on PAIN INSTEAD OF LOVE. Again, we are bound to the lower frequencies of EXPERIENCING RATHER THAN OBSERVING and keep getting stuck in the collective phantom pains or fears of pain.

I trust in the Light within,

as it shines forth with beauty & strength.

We already have the tools to transmute our experiences, but we keep searching for forgiveness outside of ourselves. Our heart’s intelligence is activated, but we don’t quite know yet how to use it for DISCERNMENT – instead we get sidetracked with judging ourselves and others and thus feel the constant need to CONTROL our experience. This keeps our energy trapped in ‘carrying around the heavy burden’ of not feeling connected to our own light/source of power to change our experience, and thus prevents the unfoldment of our co-creatorship.


feels like sudden strong pain; often in neck, head or jaw area; distracts from staying centered in the heart; can induce worries and doubts and thus create loops with mental and emotional resistance

Whenever we experience physical symptoms our energy is showing us that there is a need for REALIGNMENT, as in ‘something isn’t resonating.’ This can mean that there is the need for clearing, speeding up, slowing down, connecting, adjusting, correcting or integrating – depending on the kind and cause of the physical symptom or sensation. During sessions, physical sensations can be amplified, based on what needs our attention. However, the most important part of finding out what the info is that is trying to get through to our awareness is allowing ourselves to FEEL.

We can only heal what we can feel.

Again, we have the tools to feel into our pain, yet if we are too disconnected and distracted through thoughts or emotions it can be too difficult to feel what the message is – we need to allow ourselves to ‘sit in it’ for a while and breathe through it, so that we can get to the deeper layer of what it may be linked to. The way to do this is through sending love into the area that shows resistance and OBSERVE what happens…

I accept the Love within me

in each and every cell of my body

Most physical resistances are based on CONTRACTION of energy – is there is something we are trying to AVOID or not confront ourselves with? As soon as we actually connect with our heart we begin to feel warmth, tingling or twitching and feel how our physical body wants to expand, that is if we can allow the expansion to happen. The more we can allow it the more information we receive. The problem is not the sensation itself but our interpretation – mentally and emotionally.

Instead of really listening into our body where realignment is needed, we immediately interpret our sensation as pain, threat or something that needs to be gone – we resist.

Now, I can rest in my heart,

as all there is left to do,

is to live and create

my life in Love.

The way we handle our our inner resistances shows us how we handle our life and its manifestations.

Most of us had symptoms around our SOLAR PLEXUS area during the session – please understand that 3rd Chakra imbalances (too much/little power) is not always just ego related! Our 3rd Chakra plays a very important part in the connection process to SOURCE. It’s just when we are incongruent and True Self and Ego/False Self are conflicted, when we mis-use this power for CONTROL. This year will be about the REALIGNMENT to our TRUE POWER, without control, push or force. Therefore, I am expecting all of us to deal with aspects resulting from imbalances here. (Read the Energy Report from 7th January 2017 below for further info.)

The PHYSICAL INTEGRATION of our higher vibratory goals requires us to expand our awareness into our entire energy body – including our physical body! Loving ourselves is not just a mental concept, but stretches into all areas of our life.

MANIFESTATION is based on EXPANSION and ABUNDANCE – and utilizes the concepts of CONVERGENCE, BALANCE, AND FLOW of energy. Any type of mental, emotional or physical resistance disrupts our manifestation process. The main goal is not to accomplish anything in particular, but to identify where, what, or who we resist.

The key to accessing our manifestation power within us is RESPONSIBILITY. We cannot strive for becoming co-creators of our life and secretly blame others or karma for our manifestations. This is counterproductive and a waste of energy. If we want to manifest our highest possible potential in this life-time we need to be willing to LET GO of our past pain and mistakes, accept our shadow and give up on trying to control how other see us.

TRUE SELF doesn’t mean the Self that we are trying to hide – that’s our Ego – True Self is the part in us that is above our False, Ego and Shadow Self! It is the part in us that is 100% aligned to our Higher Self which is why it can be the messenger between our Ego, Consciousness and Soul – it is the translator between this life’s and our eternal existence.

Therefore, True Self is nothing to be feared! The Ego is the part that hides and avoids – our True Self doesn’t need that – we just need to be able to CONNECT with it more.

And so the theme for our session went deep into our understanding of our TRUE & FALSE SELF- the confusion and resistance, but especially the translation into our practical lives, relationships and how we are approaching our manifestation process in general. The transMISSION presented a very unique perspective on this subject – quite mystical actually - and showed the need for becoming more clear about the difference of being connected with True Selves as SOURCE or the projection of ourselves, which cannot really be aligned to our higher goals – hence our system responds with RESISTANCE.

For me, doing roughly 250- 300 transMISSIONS every year, this session was extremely interesting and rich in information, which made a bit difficult to compile this report. While this session allowed us to experience our our microscopic difficulties in aligning our energy to our INNER SOURCE, it also mirrored the macroscopic – collective - layers involved.

This transMISSION unlocked the key for solving the fundamental conflict of not really being able to see where our true inner power resides, all the while being accessible for us all along.

I am wishing you all a wonderful 2017 !

Much Love,

jona bryndis


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