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Understanding the Basics of Energetic Absorption & How To Prevent It

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2017 01:42PM

Understanding the energetic dynamics of projection and absorption can play a major role for the energetic sensitive or empathetic person, as daily exposure to energy draining environments constantly attack our energy field.


One of the most common energetic phenomena many of us energetically sensitives experience is the feeling of being energetically drained, depleted or even debilitated. This can indicate a physical or emotional cause, but in many cases chronic or repeating energetic discomfort can be a sign that there are behavioral aspects involved.


No matter how good we become as energy reader and self-healer, if we pursue unconscious behaviors that are counterproductive to our energetic health, the underlying cause is often difficult to spot. The only way to address persistent energetic drainage is through looking at our energetic interaction with our environment.


It is very common these days to feel exhausted or even crushed by daily tasks and bombardment. We do not take enough time for connecting with ourselves and often allow our daily schedules to overwrite our personal needs. As we all know, this modern behavior can lead to an overall feeling of stress and cause a multitude of problems in our lives, relationships and also our self-image and self-worth.

We all know the feeling of being with in the presence of extremely pushy, loud, emotional or mental people – energetically seen this is an intrusion of our personal energy field - and the leading cause for Energetic Absorption.



From an energetic standpoint the dynamics of absorption stress to our energetic health and integrity are detrimental:

The more bombarded we feel the harder it becomes for us to connect within. The less connected we feel the more difficult it becomes to feel ourselves.

=> The less we feel ourselves the harder it becomes to connect with others.

=> The less connected we feel with our environment the weaker our natural energetic protection becomes – the more susceptible to energetic absorption we become.

Whenever a person is pouring his/her sob story over us or is venting their anger they are projecting their emotions or beliefs/opinions onto us he or she is projecting their energy onto us. Whether we are aware of this or not, it can drain our energy, pull us in or make us do/say/feel things that don’t really reflect our true feelings  - and thus compromise our energetic integrity.

Most people don’t know what they are doing to our energy, same as with those who do, deep down they don’t care about us, as the main purpose is for them to get what they want or need – which is attention, admiration, commiseration, empowerment or simply the desire to feel good/better about themselves.


As most people are not aware of the fact that their energy is actually battling over our energy in this moment, we cannot really blame them. However, more often than not, like any battle, the goal is to win; and winning means that someone will be left defeated, conquered, controlled or somehow degraded in their energy.



On the other hand, when dealing with outer energies as an energetically sensitive and empathetic adult today, we need to understand that our programmed energy management strategies from our childhood are main contributors to absorbing energies. Without going into detail of inner child, trauma, karma and shadow aspects, I just want to point out that energetic absorption is a two-way street, which means that no matter who or what situation is draining our energy, we need to ask ourselves which part of us is allowing this to happen.

If we never learned how to consciously develop energetic consolidation techniques, unresolved childhood or karmic issues can be the main cause for energetic blocks and attachments and prevent us from feeling our heart, connecting with our inner higher power and often prevent our energy from expanding altogether. In interaction with others this can mean that we may have developed strong protection mechanisms that are now preventing true intimacy - or that we unconsciously absorb other people’s energies.


Energetic Absorption can happen any time we interact with others. Most of us are not aware enough of the energetic dynamics within ourselves to be able to discern if the interaction with a specific person is energy neutral, expanding or energy draining. Our experiences therefore often confusing and the realization that we may have absorbed other people’s energy often comes much later – and after we have already gone through the negative spiral of energy draining cycles.

For most of us the instinctual reaction to facing strong emotions coming from others is to ’pull ourselves together.' We do this intuitively in order to feel stronger or become more focused. Examples for pulling in our energy are emotions or true feelings we don’t want others to know about or thoughts we are trying to hide. Another example is that we want to make the other person like us. We commiserate or even take their stance/opinion just so are more likeable.  On the long run this can lead to people pleasing, co-dependency and other self-degrading behaviors.


While it’s natural to control our expressions to some degree we are mostly doing this unconsciously and therefore we may not always be aware of the energetic implications. If we focus our energy so much on the other that we lose connection with who we are it can leads us to feeling victimized, which return produces inner resentments, frustration, anxiety, depression and even feelings of vengeance in us.


All energy has to go somewhere. So, if we ‘suck it up’ without being aware or actively clearing these energies out of our personal field, we are not only weakening our energetic immune system but also compromise our etheric stance. Moreover, we are simultaneously pushing out a projection of ourselves that we are often not aware of, which leaves us depleted and drained.


All unresolved, incongruent or insufficiently channeled inner energies can function like a magnet for absorbing outer negativity – like a vacuum or low-pressure area. Therefore, from an energetic standpoint, uncontrolled contracting or projecting of our energy makes our energy field vulnerable and susceptible to unconsciously absorbing other people’s energies.


The most common cause for energetic susceptibility and absorption of outer energies (and therefore one of the main causes for us to suffer from collective energy bands) is hidden in our coping mechanisms and unconscious Energetic Projection (click here to read 'Understanding The Bascis of Energetic Projection')



In order to learn how to prevent unconscious energetic absorption, we need to become aware of our inner dynamics when interacting with others.

Projecting to be ‘nice’ or agreeing to do something that isn’t true to us, etc. creates an energetic dissonance in us that weakens our energy field and opens the door for the projections of others - and self-deception.


Every time someone vents their emotions, tells us about their dramas, tries to pull us in or dumps their mental chatter onto us, we are in danger of absorbing the other person’s energy.


Therefore it’s imperative for us to learn strategies that can help us to constructively more deal with our natural empathy

How to Prevent Energetic Absorption?


Without taking the time to reconnect within and learning the basics of Personal Energy Management  we don’t know what we need. We have a hard time communicating our true needs and often also lose the ability to sense and stick with our personal boundaries.


In 'BASCIS OF HIGH VIBRATIONAL LIVING: Making Healthy Choices‘ I refer to energies as either life-sustaining/promoting or life-draining. In a state of inner disconnection we lose the ability to sense life-draining environments/people/places/activities and thus become prone to ENERGETIC ABSORPTION.

As soon as we begin to connect within, through meditation or deeper reflection for example, we become able to reinstate our natural energetic protection and sense when other people or places compromise our energetic integrity - as it occurs. It allows us to make better choices – and teaches us when and how to avoid these situations in the first place.


The more aware we become of our own energies - the better our energetic discernment – the easier it is for us to feel or see how other people’s/places/subjects influence our energy!

Hope this helps. Thank you for your time!



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