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Understanding Twin Soul/Flame Relationships

By jona bryndis, Feb 16 2018 02:57PM

In recent years the amount of discussions about Twin Souls and Twin Flames on the internet has skyrocketed. Since 2009, when I started working with energetic merging modalities and TwinSoul energies in this subject seems to have advanced to one of the most popular new-age/spiritual/ascension subjects. Frankly, to honor the sacredness and sensitivity of this subject it would be best to keep information about energetic merging silent, but because of the growing number of people experiencing confusing interpersonal energetic sensations and the flood of misinformation about the Twin Soul phenomenon, I would like to offer my observations and insights working with Twin Soul couples and energies. At the same time I would like to remind you to absorb this information with full functioning inner discernment - keep what resonates with you and toss the rest.

The objective of this article is not to add more romance and sentimentality to the already questionable info regarding the Twin Flame subject, but to inform those of you who are questioning or doubting their inner perceptions or those who would like to learn more about relationships. (For balance and authenticity purposes I also shared a critical view on working with Twin Soul energies.)

Everything that is being said here about a Twin Soul relationship could also apply to any happy and longlasting partnership or relationships between energetically sensitive people who are striving for higher vibratory unions. In the end it doesn't matter how you call it. The best way to go about our relationships is to so love with an open heart, to know what your true needs and desires are and to conitnue learning how to best communcate your true feelings and needs.

To avoid projection or preoccupation I will omit descriptions of feelings and energetic perceptions when a Twin Soul reunification happens. transCODES offers remote energy transMISSION modalities to experience this for yourself. The less front-loaded you are the more true your experience!


When aligned to the resonance of True Love our energy begins to unlock the core of our energetic signature. This activates our energetic Divine Template and transmits our personal Twin Soul Code into the collective matrix. If both carriers of the original TwinSoul code are ready to reunite their energetic signature resonates on the same frequency and causes an etheric recognition that can be felt throughout time, space and dimensions. Many of us can feel this undefined pull to another soul, but the identification of our Twin Flame can only happen when both are ready to let go of their ego-patterns.

Twin Souls are not the same as Soul-Mates. This is very important to understand! Soul-Mates are mutual karmic partners trying to resolve unhealed karmic propensities together! While there is a very profound difference between a Karmic Relationship and a Twin Soul relationship, projection and specialness can lead to confusion here, as karmic aspects are the most frequently overlooked or dismissed aspect.

As a rule of thumb to differentiate between these two completely different kinds of relationship, I would consider that as long as your ego and/or karma is still involved in your personal journey, it is unlikly that you are resonating on a Twin Soul level.


Twin Souls are the total reflection of two True Selves. They represent the counterpart of that which was originally one. During incarnation into the physical the one had to split into two. Twin Souls are not always incarnated at the same time-space-continuum, but if the energetic resonance indicates that a reunification is probable in a certain lifetime, the other will decide to incarnate as well.

One of the main characteristic of Twin Souls is that they often have to overcome huge obstacles to even meet; for example, age difference, prior commitments and geographical distance. However, due to the power of the magnetism between the two souls, they typically find a way to get through impossible circumstances.

A Twin Soul resonates with us on a truth level, that is far more challenging than that of a True Love or Soul-Mate partner. Right here, it’s important to understand that our souls can reunite etherically but may not always end up being in a romantic relationship. Overcoming the mentioned impedances often involves other partners or complicated family constellations. However, the reunion of TwinSouls in the physical plane provides its higher purpose for the evolution of our consciousness regardless of the type of physical relationship.


A Twin Soul relationship leaves nothing hidden, neglected or denied. It is based on Truth, True Self and the True Love both Twin Souls have for themselves.

Both recognize the IAM presence in the other. Therefore, there is absolutely no space for ego, projection or control habits. A Twin Soul relationship transcends all collective and individual programming including gender specific aspects, and most importantly manifests the unified inner Divine Masculine and Feminine within. Its purpose is to integrate the reunion of our original state of consciousness into the physical and with it the anchoring of the healed Trinity Principle (Divine Mother, Father, Child) into the planetary grid.

As much as we all want to romanticize a Twin Soul relationship it is hard work and probably the most challenging kind of relationship one can encounter. Without absolute truth, self-love and a proper internalization of who we truly are, meeting a Twin Soul in this lifetime is unlikely.

Twin Soul resonance is a consquence of our consciousness work – not the means! Opening up for our Twin Soul arises spontaneously out of our voluntary self-healing and transformation process and cannot be controlled or induced.

The notion that our Twin Soul could help us to 'ascend' is pure newage-fantasy - it's the other way around! Because we have done the necessary inner work and needed contextualization of our awakening spirituality, our energetic vibratory rate is beginning to activate our Twin Soul code.

Hence, Twin Soul energies are the result and not the cause for ths next level of ego-transcendence. However, this has nothing to do with becoming perfect, either! Our journey isn’t about becoming perfect – it’s about improving, enhancing, unfolding, expanding, loving and creating.

The journey of an awakened and reunified soul doesn’t end with meeting our Twin Soul - it begins here!


Twin Soul and True Love 'work' is not just a romantic concept but has to do with the deeper levels of consciousness, self-healing, self-understanding and self-responsibility, which is tightly linked to our ability for self-love. However, it isn’t so much that we have to be at a ‘certain level’ to do this work - it's more our energetic alignment and our dedication that allows us to enter this experience. An actual reunion with our Twin Soul cannot be 'mastered' and controlled, however the more actively we engage in our inner consciousness work the higher the probablity.

Personally, I think we are prompted to do this inner work because we need to prepare for the reunion with our Twin Soul - but either way, our chances to live in happy and longlasting relationship drastically increase with each and every of these recommendations for Self-Mastery. As long as we keep the focus on ourselves and improving our inner relationship, we will inevitably improve our outer relationships.

In order to be prepared for Twin Soul Reunion we need to have a solid understanding of the meaning of true and unconditional Love within ourselves (read ‘Understanding True Love’ and ‘Understanding True Love Relationships').

- We need to be able to discern relationship patterns and inner programming (including our collective, inner child and karmic patterns).

- There can't be any doubt about the role of the other in our life, which is NOT to make us feel whole or complete, but an abslolute certainty that it's our responsibility to own our energy at all times.

- We need to have a very clear feeling for our own soul's integrity and souvereignity and be able to acknowledge and honor our inner Divinity without compromises. What this means, is that we need to know that it's our job to reunite all our fragmented soul-parts first – the lost, the given-and taken-away parts. Without this understanding we cannot truly internalize our Inner Divinity - and thus it becomes impossible to recognize Divinity in another.

- We also need to be able to stand our ground! While exposed to lower or higher vibratory energy fields our activated Twin Soul resonance, which in itself is a very high frequency field, instantly and constantly transcends energetic dissonances by showing them to us. Being with our Twin Soul means to able to allow being in this field without constantly getting triggered by our emotionality, mental judgments, as well as expectations, romanticism, behavior patterns, unhealed inner child programs or other collective or karmic binds.

- For that we need to train and learn to trust in our higher perception:

We need to have the inner discernment to know which energies are ours and which aren't; we need to have trust in our inner guidance and have clear inner references and signals for truth and being true to ourselves; we need to be able to feel when we are congruent and connected with our heart without bashing or judging ourselves or others; we need to know our True Self and have an understanding about the purpose of our physcial existence as a "Soul with a Body"; we need to detach from collective pain cycles and relinquish the need for ego gratification.

- And lastly, we need to be willing to accept the gift of growth.


Once we are familiar with the process of allowing all our lost soul-parts back into our heart, we will begin to see/feel resonances with others. At this point I want to remind you of caution! Just because you feel a deeper resonance with a person doesn’t mean you have met you Twin Soul. It just means that some aspects of you are resonating with this person. More often than not, these aspects are karmic in nature and therefore just mirrors of unprocessed aspects in work.

Meeting your Twin Soul feels different than meeting karmic/soul-mates. Identifying a TwinSoul is characterized by the unmistakably feeling of looking into your own mirror-reflection, literally!

You know you met your TwinSoul when…

- when you look into the mirror and you see both of you morphing into one

- when your Etheric Self begins to split into two androgynous beings

- when the attraction you feel is unwanted and often not at all comforting

- when the other feels the same way and dares to talk about it (often male Twin Souls recognize it first)

- when your inner guidance asks you for permission and total commitment

- when your inner guidance is warning you not to take this lightly

- when you have a sudden influx of courage, ready to overcome all circumstances and contradictions

- when you feel totally okay with not knowing what the future will bring

- when you feel totally congruent with not wanting or needing anything

- when you are willing to let go of expectations and outcomes

- when you are willing to let go of any kind of control

- when you are willing to let go everything you thought you knew – especially about love.

Letting go of love as you know it is the final test for your inner alignment of unconditional self-love. Twin Soul relationships require absolute self-love with no compromises! How else could we love our mirror image if we cannot love ourselves?!


Dealing with sudden energetic increase of vibrational frequencies and energetic sensitivity can be learned. (Read more about dealing with energetic perception in my ENERGY WORK BASICS series.) No matter if you are preparing for our Twin Soul Reunion or simply want to work on unlocking our true purpose and potential in life, the increasing planetary transformation energies (read more in my ENERGY UPDATES) will continue to speed up and challenge us on all levels of existence - no matter how you feel or think about the presented Twin Soul concept.

Over the past years coaching and working with energetically sensitives and empaths I have often and continually pointed at the dangers of unreflected energetic experiences with others (please read more about this in my ETHERIC PROTECTION SERIES). At the same token I have been strongly warning about romanticizing Twin Soul relationships. In my view this is not only spiritually limiting but can also compromise a person's soul integrity. The idea that Twin Souls are 'made for each other' or 'made in heaven' traps our ego into the temptation of emotional/mental obsessions and bind our energy in our own inner ego-pain hell worlds!

However, from an energetic point of view interacting with others can create the momentum to carry us into the next level of our journey. Trust in your heart's guidance and the beauty of your Soul's souvereignity. The more you become aware of your inner integrity the sooner you will find yourself surrounded by humans, circumstances and a relationship with the same resonance as yourself!

Thank you for your time.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


GRACE TwinSoul Work at transCODES

The GRACE TwinSoul Reunification transMISSION is part of our remote energy INTEGRATION modalities. The GRACE Twin Soul work prepares the meet up with our Twin Soul through a reunification process of all your inner aspects - the loved and unloved parts of your Self.

transCODES offers a community and service platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of consciousness, energy work and self-healing. Through personal energy coaching and remote energy based sessions we provide hands-on guidance and healing services to energetically sensitive persons or anyone who feels prompted seek a deeper inner heart-connection or consciousness work. All energy services offered through transCODES are self-empowering in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

With our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a 12 month journey exploring the deeper levels of our consciousness and higher abilities. In highly transformative biweekly Steps we learn about the different layers of inner perception, energetic sensations and our dualistic ego-addiction. You will receive coded daily mediations supported by an interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and navigation through your Self-Healing Journey. Email me if you have questions: [email protected]

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