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Understanding Ourselves As Energetic Beings - Part 2: Physical Resistance

By jona bryndis, Jan 6 2017 10:45PM

Within our Physical Energy System are several energetic levels of manifestation. There is of course our overall health, but then there is also our outer appearance and symmetry, our body’s expressions and their congruence, our life force and our physical radiance.

The least dense part of our physical is our DNA, and energetic metabolism; followed by our cells, organs, soft tissue, nervous system and lastly represented through the densest part of our physical system - our bones and its skeletal structure. Let’s begin exploring energetic expressions of resistance by looking at the fundamentals of our physicality and how inner conflicts can play out in the physical manifestation of ailments.

The best example for energetic resistance in the physical, and therefore often reflecting the core of our emotional, mental and spiritual struggles are our joints.

Joints are the places in our bodies where bones meet, held together and where they are aligned. They can roll, glide, rotate, bend, run, jump or dance. They are surrounded by cartilage, gel pads, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, that keep them in place and thus protect our bones. Joints come in different sizes, shapes and varieties, but all of them are susceptible to wear and tear, inflammation or damage. Therefore, it is particularly important to PAY ATTENTION to the manifestation of sudden accidents/injuries, chronic illnesses flaring up or sources of inflammation, which is the last and most impacting affect of INNER RESISTANCE.

The main theme in conjunction with bone and joint issues is RESISTANCE vs. FLEXIBILITY. For the coming years this will be a continual challenge for all of us. More than ever before we will be asked to respond to new circumstances, to be able to make spontaneous adjustments and to stay in optimal FLOW with inner and outer energies.

When we think of our personal energy management we typically don't think about our joints or bones - that is until we have an injury or feel restricted by pain. We become inflexible, unable to respond in our normal ways and are often inhibited, Typically, the presence of joint and bones issues is showing us that we need to find NEW WAYS to navigate through our life.

Through showing us the resistance in a particular joint area, our energy system is signaling to us the we need to make changes with our Attitude, Self-Image, Pace or Stance in our lives. It indicates that there are issues with our BALANCE & FLOW and that we need to consider STRUCTURAL CHANGES, rather than just finding momentary fixes.

In general, higher vibrational solutions can typically be found in LETTING GO OF OUR OLD WAYS and EMBRACING NEW ENERGIES.

Here a list of most common energetic causes for physical symptoms related to joint and bone issues:


Associated with Control; often also showing as pain in temples or grinding teeth; can indicate helplessness, but often showing conflicts around maintaining power; often also indicating surpressed anger


Associated with Inner and Outer Judgment; Inner Conflict; Masculine & Feminine Balance; Expressing and Communicating our Truth; Allowing Energetic Perceptivity; and our general Attunement to our True Self


Associated to Responsibility; often felt as Burdens; often holds us back; can be felt as Karmic Guilt; often linked to Expectations and how we think others see us


Associated Balance of Giving & Receiving and Energy Exchange; in Relationship with others; interaction general attitude towards others; also shows control aspects and difficulties letting go of Old Pain


Associated with Life Support and Openness; often showing self-imposed restrictions; can be felt as Karmic Debt or Not-Deserving


Associated with Independence and Support from others; indicates issues with our Self-Esteem, but also attitude towards others (entitlement)


Associated with Pace and Flow of our Life's Journey; Often holding us back from moving forward; can be felt as persistent boundaries issues with loved ones; Sexual Projection and Sexual Guilt/Abuse can be located here


Associated with Expressing our True Feelings but also Potential; often linked to Inner Child; Conflict between False and True Self often plays out here


Associated with Direction and Congruence; often flaring up when our Values and Priorities are not clear to us; can be felt as constant back and forth development

As for what we can do to work on resistances, anything that supports your physical flexibility will help our energy to stay in the flow - and vice versa. This is why we are recommending to add very basic stretching to your daily routine, if you haven't done so already.

In addition, we would like to point out that INNER FLOW has a lot to do with the mobility of our entire physical apparatus all the way to our cellular level, which is greatly influenced by our water intake and status of enzymatic micro-nutrients.

Energetically seen, any situation promoting inner conflict, struggle, resistance and rigidity ultimately leads to our overall physical/energetic immune system to be challenged. In order to keep your personal energy management in check we strongly recommend to add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet this year!

Here a summary of behaviors you can add/change in order to improve your INNER BALANCE, FLOW and ENERGETIC FLEXIBILITY:

* Drink More Water

* Keep Moving

* Regularly Stretch

* Keep an Open Mind

* Give Yourself Space to Explore

* Play More

* Laugh More

* Spend Regular Time With Nature, Animals and Children

* Let Go of Rigid Opinions and Judgments

* Support Your Body with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

* Stay Away From Acidity and Toxicity (on all levels)

* Have Overdue Dental & Orthopedic Work Done this Year

* Allow Yourself Resting Time-Outs and Integration Time

* Do Things That Have No Purpose other than Expressing Yourself

* Align to Beauty rather than just Function

* Send Your Appreciation and Love to all Your Systems that Work Well

- and even more Love to those not working well at the moment

Have Fun on Integrating these high vibrational ground rules for 2017. For more info on Healthy Choices and Integrating a High Vibrational Diet click here.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Understanding Ourselves As Energetic Beings: Emotional Resistance in late January 2017.

Much Love,

jona bryndis

transCODES founder & energy coach


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Much Love,


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