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Understanding Ourselves As Energetic Beings – Part 1: Perception

By jona bryndis, Jan 6 2017 10:05PM

Changing we way we perceive ourselves is a big part of our Global Awakening process and part of the immanent Paradigm Change ahead. With the growing evidence that who we are is not just a result of predisposed genetic information, gender, race, circumstances and cultural conditioning we are beginning to embrace the idea that we more than just a human computer system, limited to hardware and software -

Our life is much more complex than that!

We are the energetic expression of how we see ourselves and the world we live in. Our life is the manifestation of beliefs we hold in mind, our past experiences, hopes and dreams, how we process and express our inner feelings, how we make choices, our inner integrity level, our virtues and well we connect within; and if you so choose to believe in their existence often also the result of experiences of our ancestors, karmic propensities, past lives and other dimensional choices, tasks or agreements.

The new way of understanding ourselves and how to live to our highest potential cannot just be based on maximizing our knowledge details of our physical, emotional or mental dynamics. If we want to understand ourselves from deep within our soul-level we must include the spiritual, etheric and energetic aspects of our being.

However, since most of us cannot see energies (yet) or can't connect well enough to get past doubting that the unseen parts of us can be just as real as the visible aspects, we are unsure of how to approach this deeper part of our journey. Even those of us with well-developed energetic sensitivity often don't know yet how to contextualize what their energy body is signaling to them. Therefore, educating ourselves on our vast inner microcosm of inner perceptions, learning how to trust in our subtle energy body and starting to contextualize our ailments, diseases and unhappiness with our inner lexicon of energetic sensations will be the number one topic for the coming decades.

On the other hand, including the subtle energies in understanding of ourselves doesn't mean neglecting our physical or emotional either! This is a very common misunderstanding in spiritual circles and often leads to an even more fragmented way of seeing ourselves. We cannot ignore the denser – or slower vibrational - parts of our energy body by just focusing on the mental or spiritual alone!

Granted, the power of our mind can get us pretty far, but in order to reach Inner Peace and Harmony within all our aspects of Being a Soul With A Body we need to aim for the full integration of our Consciousness with our Body, Mind and Spirit.

We need to understand ourselves as energetic beings - on the journey of discovering our True Being.

We can us our energy to manifest good or evil; health, wealth, beauty and love; or sorrow, struggle and darkness – in other words it is the currency for creating anything in any areas of our life. Energy itself is neither positive or negative. It's either expansive or restrictive and therefore a matter of how we perceive it.

The main difference between an energetic understanding and our predominant understanding of physical mechanics today, is that the dynamics of our energy system are not only more complex than what can be objectively observed, but also not bound physical laws. The better the flow more exponential the amount of energy our physical system can hold and utilize. In energy work we call this ‘expansive’, a vibratory state in which our energy spontaneously multiplies. We feel energized and often manage to do/perceive/feel more than we thought we could. In these expansive states energy becomes abundantly available for us – provided we know how to consciously align to it.

Energetic attachments, blocks, clogs, constrictions, diversions, pockets, enlargements, fragments, etc. on the other hand can lead to ‘contractive’ energetic states, in which we feel constantly struggling, tired or in resistance.

Simplified, Resistance occurs when two or more energy systems meet, that are not aligned to another. Whenever there are varying speeds, directions, imbalances, asymmetries or blocks in the flow of energy we speak of Dissonance; whenever there is an alignment that leads to the absence of resistance we speak of Resonance. When the energy between two systems can flow freely, and without wearing out or using up the energy of another we speak of Harmony.

Within our energy body there are many different energetic centers, regulators, filters and amplifiers that energetic flow within us. Depending on the state of our inner energetic flow - resistant or harmonic - the efficiency, quality and expression of our energy can be measured in different frequencies, which are called Vibrational States.

The vibrational state of our energy body typically fluctuates throughout the day. Any sensory information we perceive, interaction with others, thought, food, activity, emotion, belief or choice we make influences our energetic state. The way we feel and the way we perceive ourselves and others most and foremost depends on the vibrational state we find ourselves in and is thus the result of all these different inner and outer energies interacting with another. When we feel ‘good’ things and people appear and feel differently to us than when we feel ‘low’- even physical pain is relative to our vibrational state of energy.

As vibrational frequencies permeate the different layers of our energy systems they interact and replicate throughout all these levels of our energy body until they manifest as physical sensation as the densest and slowest part of our vibrational energy system.

Consequently, through this new way of seeing ourselves as energetic being we begin to understand that our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric and energetic well being is much more unknown to us than what we can objectively perceive.

The way we perceive ourselves, our body, our life and others has therefore a lot do with our subjective energetic state, and thus is a reflection of not only what we see with our five senses, but also how energies flow through us!

This means that in order to fully comprehend who we truly are we need to resort to more than just our five physical senses – our sixth and seventh sense – our feeling, precognition, and our higher energetic sensitivity.

The next level of human evolution of consciousness is the integration of all our senses – regardless of whether they comply with what Science already knows but can’t prove yet!

Dare to trust in our subjectivity!

In this new article series let’s illuminate the energetic dynamics, how they translate into our denser physical, emotional and mental systems and how we can use this more metaphysical understanding to decode what is holding us back from manifesting a life according to our highest potential.

Click Here for Part 2 of Understanding Ourselves As Energetic Beings: Resistance


jona bryndis

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