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Understanding Karma - Can We Change Our Karma?

By jona bryndis, Sep 14 2018 02:16PM

Karma is the Sanskrit word for 'Action' or 'Deed.' In its original meaning it is also referred to “the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).” Karma , Encyclopedia Britannica (2012).

While the word Karma is mostly used in the context of ‘bad karma’ or negative consequences this article is suggesting to look at karma merely as a set probablity or attraction to experiencing certain events in our lifetime. The main purpose of this is to point out how changing the way we see our Karma and thus better understanding the nature of our karma can open us up to the opportunity to do actually do something about it. If we can see Karma as our True Self's prompting to undo a stored imbalance within us we can learn to reframe and recontexualize our journey into a more harmonious interplay of energies - like playing a game: We accept the cards that we have been dealt as our starting point and work on improving our chances to beat the odds.

Karma is a game - a Divine Comedy really - and you are the high-roller trying to beat the bank!

Let's explore the contributing factors in our tendency to repeat the same patterns over and over again, and if and how we could change our Karma.

In a past article ”Understanding the Meaning of Karma & Karmic Relationships” I pointed out that from an energetic viewpoint Karma can be seen as ‘an energetic imbalance that seeks to balance itself out.' and that in this context the purpose of Karma then is 'to facilitate and support the healing of any unhealed part in our energy field, regardless of its origin.'

Letting Go of Inner Resistances

When it comes to practically applying the principles of Karma and especially Karmic Relationships it seems as if many of us are either skeptical, scared or misunderstand it as something bad. We resist the idea of Karma because we see it as something we will be punished for or have to make up for. Others completely dismiss Karma as something tied to reincarnation, which not everybody believes in. Therefore, before we can look into becoming aware of our innate power to beat the system and with it increasing the probability to influence or change our karma we need to untangle this subject a bit.

"Karma is Inescapable"

First, there is the notion that Karma is inescapable. To a degree this is true, but energy work shows us that a Karmic Aspect is nothing but a predisposition or propensity stored in our personal energy field - very similar to our disposition based on our zodiac, cultural background or genetic inheritance. "The bank always wins" applys only to those who play by the existing paradigm.

While there are certain 'set' factors that we cannot change, e.g. our eye color and our past experiences, there are many factors in our disposition that can be seen as probablities. Energetic blocks are energized through our mental beliefs. If we want to increase our chances to undo karma we need to overcome our mental opinion regarding the inevitability aspect of our karma - we need to let go of having an opinion about our 'cards' and focus on how to play them instead.

Like all energies karmic energies are fuzzy - they are non-local, highly entangled, retrocausal and they undergo constant changes. If we believe that Karma is carved in stone and that our 'fate' that cannot be changed, it will be difficult to succeed in liberating ourselves from the same old patterns. oWhy? Because we if we believe that something is not possible our energy subconsciously agrees to this statement and begins to energize our mental belief by sabotaging our efforts in doing otherwise.

"Fear of Judgment"

Another one is that many of us believe Karma is linked to being judged somehow - like as if there was this invisible karma-authority that puts our deeds into a scale weighing the goods and bads against another. While this is indeed part of some religious myths, the dualistic paradigm of good and bad, dark and light or right or wrong does not really apply to those who are on their journey to higher levels of enlightenment.

At a certain point we realize that much of our fear of outer judgments is really just a mirror of our inner judgment. "We get what we deserve" does not always apply to karma, especially when putting into account that there can be a roll-over from a previous lifetime. The relativity of such judgmental statements becomes very clear if we look back at events in our life that seemed horrific at the time (going through a divorce, life threatening disease or accident, etc.) but turned out to be extremely important catalysts for something new or better to open up for us.

Therefore, it is important to understand that karma is non-dualistic and thus neutral. It has nothing to do with our ego's opinion or our neighbor's belief system. Karma relates to the congruence of inner alignment - our integrity - and not to our mental or emotional attachments. Karmic aspects respond to our level of integrity and willingness to see truth.

Whether something we are engaging in creates or expresses a karmic attachment does not depend on how our ego mind judges what we do, it depends on out ability to see it for what it is and to deal with it accordingly.

For example: It is possible that we have been a male perpetrator in one of our previous lives that lead to a karmic debt, say towards women. We are now a woman and due to this karmic attractor field within our energy signature we are be drawn to male perpetrators to rebalance and undo our built up gambling debt. This does not excuse or justify other people's actions towards us but it explains why we keep running into the same situations that victimize us. It also doesn't mean that it's our own fault - how could it be - it just means that there is something that we need to pay attention to. A prompting to change something!

"I don't believe in Reincarnation"

What if we don't believe in reincarnation and past lives? From a traditional Buddhist or Hindu viewpoint this is a valid point - in there is the notion of rebirth into a new life as the result of our efforts in this life is part of the understanding of Karma. Again, from an energetic point of view a karmic cycle can repeat in any area of our lives - at any time - from attracting the same kind of relationship partner to having 'bad luck' with money. It is not needed to believe that we will be reborn or that we had past lives to understand the meaning of a karmic wheel. All we need to understand is that there is something like an overall energy balance in our universe - a golden thread that weaves through all layers of existence...

Changing the Paradigm

As soon as we can get past some of our main mental objections we can begin to see that Karma is much more than just a religious belief, a form of punishment or superstition. Once we can wrap our minds around the new paradigm that there really is no 'good' or 'bad' Karma, we can begin with our Karma Work. This attitude allows us to recognize patterns in our life and we begin to realize that it's nothing but the energetic consequence of our thoughts, feelings, intentions, attitudes and actions.

We are creating, altering and shaping our karma at any moment of our lives - through the balance of all energies that we are putting out and that we are letting in (conscious or unconscious).

No matter whether your propensity to repeat certain negative experiences came from within your inner sentiments, inherited by your parents, through the experiences of your past, your collective tribe, or invisible etheric ties – you can change your karma! But changing your karma is not about removing it! It's about taking charge and thus undoing it. If we understand our karma as 'being doomed' we've given away our inner power to change it. This is very important to understand, because any of these factors theoretically has the power to dominate your energy and with it to determine your life if you allow it to take charge of you!

Read more about "How Karmic Aspects Can Influence Our Journey" here.

Fear of damnation, pay-back or other punitive notions we are reenergizing our karmic propensities and thus keep this wheel rolling. Therefore, if we really want to put an end to this and become the active co-creators of our lives we need to be willing to take responsibility for our energy. And so we are finally we are getting to the core questions in this article:

Can we change our Karma?

How does our Karma relate to our personal spiritual journey?

Do we have a Free Will or is everything predestined?

Taking Charge of our Karma

The act of changing your Karma is not about ‘doing’ - it’s about undoing. This is of course just the very short version. The long version is: Changing our Karma is about becoming aware and inviting it into your heart, so that you can begin to see/feel/sense/heal the connections between your mental attitude, emotional aptitude, physical dispositions, spiritual restrictions and your manifestations first hand!

The moment you become aware of the nature of your Karma you have already begun to change it!

This is very important to understand, because your mental/emotional attitude plays a big role in dealing with karmic aspects, especially when it comes to be able to observe repetitive patterns in your life. So, changing your attitude towards yourself and your fate is the single most needed prerequisite if you want to shift things in your life around!

Rigid beliefs, fear, anger or helplessness are not really productive for our journey. Not that there is anything wrong about having opinions or emotions, but they tend to distort our deeper perception and with it can block our inner connection.

Without inner connection to our Higher/True Self we lack the ability to contextualize our karma.

Inner Higher Power is called inner because it dwells within us – within every of our cells, our thoughts, our feelings, our energy body and all we are – expressed through our consciousness. Unconscious actions, thoughts and emotions are energetically linked to our ego, which quite frankly is not interested in higher vibratory outcomes, such as Love, Peace and Oneness. Its job is to secure our survival, so it will settle for less and favor what brings the fastest pleasure.

Simply stated, our ego is the reason why most of us are stuck in our karma. It creates the illusion of safety even if our circumstances, relationships or behavior patterns are unhealthy or dysfunctional. To speak of Karma in context with repeating toxic relationships, physical dispositions or poverty is only appropriate if we truly understand the deeper meaning of our Karma.

The key to changing our Karma is in your ability to connect within and to actively reclaim our right to free will through calling on our inner higher power. If we don't believe in any kind of higher power, then there is no point in believing in fate either. Without becoming aware of our higher power our journey remains a conceptual ego trap and real changes are hardly possible.

If you want to change your karma you have to learn how to deal with your ego.

While some of our karmic aspects can be cleared through energy healing the main responsibility for changing our karma stays with ourselves. Read more about "How to Change Your Karma" here.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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Addendum :

For more info also watch 'Understanding the Meaning Of Karmic Aspects & Relationships Webinar Recording'

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