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Understanding Etheric Attacks

By jona bryndis, Nov 24 2016 12:00AM

When bands of dark energy going through our collective, as they are right now (read weekly energy updates here), it can feel like we are under constant psychic attack. With the growing number of people awakening to their energetic sensitivity and precognitive abilities without knowing how to handle it, we are looking at a whole new set of problems that will require a whole new paradigm in understanding and treating the emerging energetic consciousness in humans. Some of you may think that I am dramatizing, but there will be many of you who know exactly what I am talking about....

Chances are, that if you are energetically sensitive that you will believe it's all just you - but read on - it's not just you; you are unconsciously picking up on what is going on around you, these unknown energies are being translated into what you fear the most!

The fact that we are experiencing dark energies don’t mean that we are dark - it just means that we are dealing with negatively charged energies. Period.

The biggest problem is that we are often not aware that our night terrors, physical ailments, sudden anger, tiredness or anxiety is the result of being under Etheric Attack. And even if we can sense that this interference is not coming from ourselves but from the outside, we often don't know what to do or who to talk to. We hunker down and wait until it's over with, while the whole world feels like it's going insane.

Before I will try to lay out some of the basics of Etheric Attacks and what we can do about them, remember that it's not you! Do not get pulled into your fear or anger! Stay calm and try to connect with your heart. In order to get through such a phase of elevated collective darkness coming forward we need to be connected with ALL our senses!



A. The Unconscious Reflection or Projection of our Inner State of Energy/Consciousness and Alignment

The most commonly perceived attacks are through exposure (A &B). In other words, through the energies that we feed ourselves with or align ourselves to visually, emotionally, mentally, physically or energetically. Entertainment, movies, social media, and pornography play a big role in today’s energetic exposure; but also the places I choose to go to, whether it’d be for relaxation, work, exercise, socializing or hangout places.

Energy works like osmosis, so anything we expose ourselves to has an affect on us, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. Every form of energy we ingest has an effect on our etheric immune system. Over time, and in conjunction with factors like sleep-deprivation, hydration levels, toxic load and overall state of physical, mental and emotional balance absorbed energies can wear down our defenses. Some aspects that determine our propensity for Etheric Attacks are predisposed or picked up over time, such as Karmic Aspects, Energetic Implants and Attachments. However, those too are often intertwined with our personal choices and level of consciousness. Energetic Self-Healing is one of the best ways to build a stronger etheric immune system and to learn how to protect us on all levels of existence.

B. Collective Energetic Bands and larger Dark Forces

Collective energetic bands affecting our personal and overall planetary energy field are very common; they come and go. Some are short term and some are long term; typically they amplify our personal energetic states. So, if we are in a low state, dark collective energy band is coming through can make it worse or harder to get out. If we are at inner peace with ourselves and enjoying our inner connection we can feel still those bands as energetic distortions, like an overcast day, but they don’t really drag us down.

Collective waves of energy cannot really be controlled by us, but they can be ‘surfed’ to utilize their clearing and connecting effects. I frequently report about such energetic waves in my ENERGY REPORTS to support those of us learning how to deal with energies.

Sudden or seemingly random spikes in darkness or light are often part of overall energetic dynamics, not much unlike the flu-season for example. All it means is that we need to be particularly cautious in those times and spend extra time in inner connection.

C. Direct/Personal Attacks Coming From Other People or Outer Entities

While it is possible to be targeted by someone directly, say someone who knows Etheric Attack techniques through practicing Voodoo and Black Magic for example, it is highly unlikely. Full on Etheric Attack cases by single persons or entities are pretty rare. Most people who think they are victim of a curse, spell or direct attack by evil forces tend to be engulfed in their own importance. Sorry, if this feels a bit harsh, but to think that we are ‘important’ enough to be a directly targeted is often just our ego-mind playing tricks on us.

However, it is very common for energetically sensitive persons to feel attacks from people we know, who are gossiping behind our backs or foster negative sentiments towards us. For example: The envious neighbor or self-indulging ex-girlfriend. Their projected negative energies can feel like stabs in the back and can be quite annoying, but are usually not really powerful. More disturbing are the attacks from people who put us on a pedestal or flush us with specialness as long as we play along their means. Family members and relatives often fall into this category and because we have energetic ties with them they are often a bit more difficult to ignore.


Before going into the energetic dynamics of etheric attacks, let's back up a bit. What does this even mean 'to be energetically sensitive'?

First and foremost remember that you are not alone! Many of us have those experiences more often than you are aware of; and many more are just about to discover that there is something like an inner microcosm of energy within and around us that may sometimes express in form of dark or unpleasant inner sensations.

When dealing with subtle energies and etheric phenomena, we are tapping into our 'energetic sensations and sensitivity'. Just like out other senses it is a part of our signal processing and should therefore be regarded as something we need to learn how to deal with. It's understandable to feel a bit confused or even embarrassed about what we sense. However, when it comes to dealing with it internally, we cannot make ourselves depend on 'experts' affiliated to certain schools, teachings, spiritual beliefs or practices. Helplessness due to lack of understanding and thus externalizing our inner higher powers can play a major role in our ability to ward off etheric forces.

For me as an energy worker this is a serious subject. Not only because I primarily work with highly sensitive people, but I also train energy workers, healing practitioners and empaths how clear the negative aspect of this senitivity and to positively use their perception. The biggest problem is that most of us cannot fully understand our sensitivity yet, and so the higher purpose of this evolutionary upgrade stays hidden for us. (Read more about this subject in ENERGY WORK BASCIS and EMPATH LIVING)

As of today, our society, science and healing professionals are still far away from acknowledging that there are forces around us that can mess with our collective and individual psyche. They cannot offer help in these matters, as they are too afraid to admit that there are realms of the human consciousness that they have no clue about. And so, as so often, the only people that can offer feasible advice for dealing with the dynamics of inner and outer dark energies are the fringe dwelling psychonauts and free-spirited consciousness explorers.

Just because you can feel this more now doesn't mean it hasn't always been there!

Being empathic means that your system is able to pick up on energies (inner or outer) before most others do. This can be a wonderful talent, as it allows you to feel what other people feel which can be a wonderful healing gift. However, as long as we don't have enough information on how to deal with our energetic sensitivity, know our own blind spots and how to ward off the intrusiveness of sensing outer energies, we can easily get lost or believe that there is something wrong with us.

Understand and accept that when you begin to work with your inner energies that it shifts your perception. So, most likely begin or continue to experience 'unusual' things. This can range from physical sensations, to lucid-dreaming, strong visions, weird things in interaction with others or any other type of extra sensory experiences.

Do not freak out when you experience sudden new sensations! It is 'normal' for an energetically sensitive person to experience emotional, physical or mental impairment, paralysis or the feeling of being completely stuck in a state of not being in control over our senses, feelings or thoughts. When this happens it can feel like we are remote controlled. Stay calm and breathe!

There are many examples of feeling etherically under attack; for example, they can be linked to various origins: people or places, our own projections, our own shadow, trauma or evil forces or demonic energies (ghouls). However, encounters with 'the dark side of the force' are not much different from dealing with your own inner demons!

The main thing to understand is that outer forces can only latch on if you are scared of them - or if you are denying a part of yourself. So, regardless of the origin, the purpose of your new skill to be able to detect dark energies is in learning how to trust your own heart's higher power, and to not be afraid. Stay strong! Be bold and show the finger to these forces if they are trying to sneak in!

You are the sovereign master of your soul and your energy field! It is your innate right and power to command dark energies out of your space!


Without going too deep into the details of etheric defense techniques, rule number one when dealing with etheric attacks is to have healthy respect but not being afraid!

Responsible for our energy field to contract and ultimately become permeable for invasive energies to latch on is our fear of the 'unexplainable'. In our dreams or mediations we see scenes that remind us of the scariest horror movies we have ever seen. Unbelievable violence, torture and disgusting pictures are playing in front of as soon as you close your eyes. Even if you normally don't suffer from paranoia it can feel that your thoughts and inner sentiments are being high jacked. How can we not feel like we need an exorcism? (Just kidding). What feeds our fear and powerlessness, and with it our suffering, is often our own unprocessed inner darkness.

Whether we believe in darkness or not, when we are under etheric attack it can pull us into the depth of our inner hell worlds. However, darkness is not what most people think it is. From a metaphysical point of view, darkness is the absence of light. And so it happens, that when we begin to sense and work with our light it will illuminate ALL parts of us! Therfore, the ability to withstand etheric attacks often comes down to how welll we can navigate these inner spaces that no one wants to admit, but that exist in all of us.

We Fear What We Don't Understand

Fear is one of our strongest energetic charges. Because it triggers our ego it can bypass everything we know or trained for. No matter how well developed your etheric defenses are, whatever it is that is intruding your field, does not belong there! It is your advantage that you can sense them but can also a potential trap for your ego. If you take those energies on as yours – they become yours! Anything that doesn’t feel right probably isn’t, so claim your sovereignty and kick out what isn’t yours!

Acknowledging the things we cannot explain with our ego-mind is a very important step towards overcoming our fears, and therefore already half the battle when it comes to dealing with energetic sensations. The other half, and slightly harder to accomplish, is to know what is yours and what isn’t. This can only be done in teamwork with your inner higher power – and your higher power can only be accessed through connecting with your heart. The reason why fear is such an effective attractor for dark energies is because it disconnects us at our core.


For those of you who are familiar with encounters of inner and outer darkness it is sometimes difficult to recognize the connection between our ego's coping strategies, such as addictions, victimhood, power hunger, specialness or simply curiosity that can determine our general susceptibility to dark energies. Also, excessively exposing ourselves to material about dark energies, conspiracy theories, apocalyptic visions, alien abductions, etc. can trigger our ego's shadow aspects and intensify our inner torment! It is therefore not just a warning but also a very practical advice to examine our ego's investment in darkness, if we feel that we are surrounded by darkness.

Core self-healing work and consciousness training are therefore not just an interesting hobby or theoretical study but can deliver hands-on etheric defense skills; that can be learned by anyone.

Exploring the deeper aspects of Self from the home base of inner light and heart connection is probably the safest route to learn about the mechanics of inner and outer energies. Any type of motivation geared towards elevating ourselves, gaining power over others or being special collapses our connection with our inner higher power and is therefore directly linked to the ‘dark side of the force’. Any type of ego-gratification through dealing dark forces or fighting for the sake of fighting is a sign that you have an unconscious attachment to the dark.

Unless you like darkness and know that you are indeed a dark person deep down - which we often don’t know until we fully faced our hidden inner aspects, it is much safer to focus strengthening your inner light than to fight demons!

So, while truthful and honest inner reflection is often very uncomfortable for our ego, it is the only way that can lead us to the wisdom that there is a constant interplay between inner and outer energies - and that the way we perceive this inner and outer 'battle of resonances' mainly depends on our inner alignment and ability to manage our own energy. (Read more about this subject in SELF-HEALING)

Discerning whether or not we are under Etheric Attack is never as simple as believing it’s all coming from the outside!

The quality of we perceive who we are, what we do or feel attracted to is determined by the quality of our inner alignment, integrity and overall level of consciousness. Whether something is negative or positive; strengthening or weakening; expanding or contracting is subject to our ability to contextualize what we experience. The more ego, the more limited or filtered our perception - the more fear we have!


Being willing to understand subtle energies teaches us how to master them! Therefore, facing our ego and educating ourselves on the dynamics of inner energies is probably the best recommendation I can make to anyone who feels etherically attacked.

As long as we are unaware or not sensitive/connected enough yet to discern places, people, music, movies, internet pages, etc. by their energetic alignment it’s the safest to stay away from places and people that promote obvious low vibratory energies, such as degradation, anger, addiction, sex, sadness or specialness.

We cannot control outer energies, but we can control the way they affect us!

With increasing inner connection through self-healing, developing energetic awareness and refining our inner signaling system we will discover what our personal triggers and energetic weaknesses are and how they are the main contributors to whether or not outer energies are able to latch on – no matter where they come from. In the end they are all ‘just’ energy

The better we know ourselves the better we get at discerning, counter-acting and preventing Etheric Attacks – and - the stronger our inner heart-connection, the less we are affected!

Much love and gratitude,

Thank you for your interest!

jona bryndis

energy healer & founder of transCODES


If you are interested in reading more about this subject check out the ETHERIC PROTECTION ARTICLE SERIES in the transCODES Blog and/or subscribe my blog.

My special thanks to all who have been bravely sharing their inner experiences in our semi-private Forum Community over the years - inspiring me to write this article! Go here to check out our forum.

For more info on the Sacred Self-Healing Course visit http://www.transcodes.com or click here.

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