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Understanding Energetic Perceptions & Sensations

By jona bryndis, Jul 13 2018 08:28PM

Empaths and highly sensitive people have no problem with perceiving energies per se; but we don’t know how to discern or work them. We feel 'stuff' in us and around us all the time, but we often don't know how to handle or manage them. We are usually overwhelmed or even feel dominated by ‘energies’, blame others or think that there is something wrong with us. To handle all this we end up isolating or worse, we try to numb our inner connection and avoid inner silence.

This common mechanism found in people who are empatheic is detrimental. It can lead to all kinds of coping and avoidance patterns in relationships (gaslighting, codependency, externalizing) as well as with ourselves (addictions just being one of them). We are so overloaded that we just don't want to FEEL anything. This constant inner up and down of energies is our daily bread, and very hard to understand for others.The very thing that could help us regulating our energetic perception and learning how to better deal with our sensitivity is focusing our attention inwardly. However, this seems is exactly the challenge. The way things are and how the world is going is already too much - how can our inside help us to deal with our outside? - How can our energetic sensitivity help us to better navigate through our live?

We all know that meditating and silencing our mind and emotion is the direction in which we need to look. However, feeling energetically bombarded all the time doesn't seem to motivate us to go even deeper. Instead, we chose to run from one fire to the next and wonder why we are too burnt out to meditate.

I can relate to this very well. I remember how it took me almost two decades to even be able to mediate without either falling asleep, feeling guilty or experiencing so much more 'stuff' that I'd rather be bombarded than feeling frustrated about not being able to meditate. For many years I tried to escape my energetic sensitivity, and the very thing that could help me with it. All I felt was the draining aspect of being in the presence of other people’s energies that kept wanting to run away (from others and myself)!

This experience, and having been around other energetically sensitive people early on motivated me to share my experiences, first with my friends, and then later professionally with anyone who needed assistance with connecting with this part of themselves. Since 10 years I made it my profession to coach people through their energetic perception.

Besides the many physical health benefits of inner connection and being able to direct your energies (which is not always the same), I’ve come to realize that getting to know ourselves on the energetic level can be a life-altering experience. It was for me. So, here in a nutshell - and without esoteric woowoo, what I have learned over the past two decades as Energy Coach and Healer, and especially since 2012 when the number of energetically sensitives began to soar that want to learn how to scan, read and direct inner energies:

Awakening to your inner energetic sensitivity is almost like re-discovering ourselves in a whole different light. It’s like starting from scratch again. I often compare this process with learning a new language, for which each of us carries their own key to the alphabet, grammar and lexicon inside. Every energy or meditation session - and later every kind of energetic interaction with others, will deliver additional keys for decoding your lexicon and current state of your energy. If you are patient enough to allow yourself to explore this more subtle part of you, this new information will enable you to spontaneously understand what you need to clear and balance yourself - and it will enable you to finally discern energies better. In other words, it will empower you!

The more you work with your inner energies the more detailed the information you receive becomes. But - because we all have a different way of perceiving and processing inner signals it can be perceived in very different ways. For some it’s easier to connect with their physical sensations (kinesthetic), some hear or channel messages (auditory), and others are more visually inclined; but for most of us, especially in the beginning it’s just very subtle feelings. Therefore, and depending on how much physical, emotional or mental ’noise’ you are exposed to, the process of getting in tune with your very own Energy Language will mostly be about gaining confidence and learning to trust in your energies rather than actually knowing how to label it.

Understanding Perceptivity & Signal Processing

Per design of our human neurological system our signal processing happens in different layers of our sensory system. It works in a step-by-step linear fashion - just so fast that we are unaware of it. In a fraction of a second, sensations, emotions, feelings are triggered without us noticing - literally before the signal arrives at our brain and our mind notices that something happened. In fact, our brain, the neutological system coordinator is only the third or fourth recipient of incoming signals.

The first level of sensory processing is physical (5 senses, neurotransmitters, hormones, etc). Next is our emotional processing, which is mostly linked to hard-wired instinctual, conditioned or learned reactivity. Third is our predisposed mental pattern recognition and interpretation. Only now, a signal is actually transcoded enough for our brain to make decisions, for example how to react to someone saying something to you or you seeing something. By the time the info arrives in your brain for decision making it has been filtered, interpreted and interacted with neurotransmitters, energy centers, hormones, personal experiences, and memories of the past. And this is still only the tip of the iceberg!

For most people our reactivity to outer stimuli is determined by a super complex mish-mash of physical sensations (including the vidual), autonomous nerve response, emotional and mental contextualization without ever realizing that there is an enormous amount of energetic information available at the same time. What most people don’t know, is that our sensory system actually works with two simultaneous control centers - one being our brain, which we all learned in school, and the other being our energetic sense processed in our heart-field. The latter, which has only recently been recognized by neuroscience is completely undisclosed to us. Why we react to certain people, places or items in 'different than normal' ways cannot be explained by psychological, neurological or sociological paradigms.

The crux with these two different or simultaneous information relays within us is that we are only using one - and that most of us have no clue how to use the other - or - even more frustrating if we are energetically sensitivite - how to access and discern the other. So, what we are experiencing is that there is more to what we perceive, but we can’t seem to utilize it.

Lost in Translation

The bandwidth of our heart-field’s perceptivity and with it the ‘resolution’ and organization of information coming through it is roughly 2000 times higher than our 5-sense system. It’s like trying to talk to a quantum computer with your calculator. Bummer!

The reason for our inner confusion and information-disformation about our energetic perceptivity is that the majority of information that reaches our system get's lost in translation. We have no functioning translator between those two - a language that could help us to decode quantum level or so called holographic information. Our brains are not designed to do that! Only our heart is!

The answer to this translation problem is simple. We need to learn how to connect with our hearts! Who would have thought that after at least 500 years of rigorously objectifying facts and science that we have now arrived at a point in human evolution where we are discovering our subjectivity as much more accurate discernment tool for truth?! The only problem is that we don’t know yet how to communicate with the holographic info perceived in our heart. We’ve been trained to ‘only trust in facts’ ,all the while having been receiving information that tells us differently. So, how do we uncover, translate and utilize this super high resolution info that our system is obviously capable of receiving?

Decoding our Own Energy

Everything is Energy

Energy Can Transform

Therefore - Everything Can Change

The foundation of energy work - or energetic transcoding as we call it - is the understanding that everything, every sensation, emotion or thought is caused by an underlying vibration of energy. There really is no 'good' or 'bad' energy - only low or high vibration. If we get stuck in a lower emotion, thought or physical sensation that causes negativity in us, our vibrational frequency is low. Through shifting our understanding of ourselves more towards an energetic being, rather than seeing ourselves as a computer, we can learn that everything can be transformed through the power of our intention. However, intention not just in a mental sense, but in a heart-based way. We cannot think ourselves out of low energy! Good luck trying!

In order to learn how to shift our energy is vital to understand where our energy is at. From there we can develop modalities that help us transform our inner state to a higher vibrational level and literally change our emotion, physical well-being or mental state (e.g. anxiety).

For most of us this is contrary to how we were taught causality works. We believe that our state of energy is fixed and that it’s the result of how we feel – but in reality it’s the other way around.

The new paradigm we need to get used to is that we have a choice. Our feelings, sensations, physical conditions and thoughts are the result of our energetic state - and that can be changed. Sure, there are conditions that are fixed, such as permanent damage to our body, but even in these areas miracles are possible!

Re-Learning The Language of Our Heart

The reason why energy work or the discipline of energy reading, clearing and balancing is not yet part of our daily tool-set is because haven’t been taught the language or our heart yet. All we understand as language of our heart is heart-break, heart-ache and emotionality. Energy work teaches us differently. Because the signal processing in our heart is so much more suffisticated that that in our brain, the information we can access through our heart-field is not bound to time of space. I'm sure you've heard other talk about holographic or non-local information. The depth of information coming in through your energetic perceptivity reaches far beyond what our mind can process - we just need to learn ways to acces it.

The biggest problem with this is that there are not enough teachers who understand this new paradigm of energetic perceptivity as natural ability. The way we have been conditioned to learn in the past is simply incompatible with this new way of energetic perception!

Knowledge doesn’t mean anything until we internalize its meaning for us. Therefore, contrary to the popular belief that only objectivity leads to truth, knowingness comes through our internal and subjective experience!

Subjectivity cannot be learned through objectivity.

Knowingness cannot be learned through knowledge.

The language of Energetic Perception (through our heart) cannot be learned through books, it can only be experienced! In fact, it is really difficult to write about it, as my words cannot sufficiently express what I am trying to get across. I can only show you what all this means through having you experience this new way of learning for yourself.

Learning the Alphabet & Lexicon of Your Energy

Energies and our Perception thereof does not feel same for everyone and thus needs to be experienced and felt to be learned! There is no right or wrong. All that matters is our ability to detach from our ego-mind’s noise and rely on our heart's intelligence. What is right for you may not be right for others!

Energy Work, like every new skill, needs time to develop. The more conscious attention you pay to your inner energies, the faster you will begin to understand this new language intuitively! Eventually, you will develop so much confidence that you can break through all barriers of your ego perception and all aspects that influence your perceptivity, such as memories, emotions, beliefs, expectations, programs, etc. Eventually, you will realize that you can funnel energetic information by simply asking your inner guidance to show you what you need to see!

Never let others tell you what you perceive! Even better, refrain from asking asking other what they perceive about you. This just increases your mental and emotional noise. Instead learn to trust in your inner guidance! The only thing worthwhile investing in is guides, workshops and coaches who give you feedback, but at the same time enough space to connect with your Personal Lexicon Of Sensations.

Understanding Energetic Dynamics

In order to fully understand how our energetic perceptivity works we need to become more aware of energetic dynamics: The way energy flows through us, how it’s transferred between people, how it can get stuck, how energies can attach and what can make our energy centers (where our energy is processed) imbalanced. This then paves the way to becoming able to actively self-clear and balance our energies , which allows us a bit more control and ownership of our own energy body.

In my experience as energy coach, training people to see energies and helping them to decode their own energy system and subsequently learning about the energetic dynamics taking place between people, is probably one of the most eye-opening processes for people.

As we begin to understand our patterns and realize that most of how we view others (or how they view us) is based on projections and all other kind of hidden stuff, it usually humbles us to a point that we begin to take more responsibility for our energy. But the most empowering effect of becoming aware of what’s going on between us in the energetic realm is that we can finally learn to prevent absorbing other people’s energies. This is one of the biggest problems for most energetically sensitives and empaths, which can only be changed through self-responsibility, respect and humbleness.

After educating yourselves about inner energies, energy centers, energy flow and becoming aware of these new realms of your own energy body, another purpose of understanding energies is that the symptoms we experience are just the the surface layer. You will realize that it get's really interesting when you begin to see energetic interactions between people!

Our Energetic Reality is part of a huge grid of energy. All physical, mental and emotional perceptions are ultimately linked into endless subtle fields. The knowing about energetic dynamics will change your life - the way we interact with others, the way we manifest and the way we see the world and our purpose. This can lead to highly transformative insights not only in regards to our relationships, job and the future, but also our understanding of the universe itself. Once we wake up to our true potential of perceiving and decoding energies, it can literally change everything!

Read here "The 9 Stages of Learning How To Read, Feel & Work Inner Energies"

If you have the time, watch the recording of one of our Self-Healing Community Webinars here:

I hope this helped to get an overview.

For those of you motivated to educate and experience energies within your own body/perception check out our PERSONAL ENERGY TRAINING sessions at www.transcodes.com transCODES offers many tools for energetically sensitives, awakening empaths and those who want to learn how to integrate their energetic perceptivity into their lives, professions and relationships.

For starting this learning process I recommend two transCODES strategies:

Learn everything you can about energies (for example with our 24 STEP Sacred Self-Healing or the more personalized Heart-Warrior Program) and/or experience your own energy working with a trained energy coach for example in our ENERGETIC PERCEPTION INTENSIVE, in which every participant can learn how to feel their own energies through remote energy work. These 3 day intensives are performed by our transCOACHES while you can participate from your home. A guided mp3 energy process (created and spoken by jona bryndis) is used to lead you through the various layers of your energy body and are designed for you to practice connecting, clearing, balancing and unifying inner and outer chakra energies on your own.

This intensive, but also any other energy session can be booked as individual (including personal energy coaching) or group sessions (including energy forum coaching).

The next ENERGETIC PERCEPTION INTENSIVE is coming up this weekend.Click here for more info.

Thank you for your time!



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