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Understanding Energetic Attachments & Karmic Ties

By jona bryndis, Jun 8 2017 06:00AM

Bringing light into the unconscious ties to and from others is a significant process on our self-journey and is recommended for everyone who wants to move past their current limitations. Becoming aware and self-responsibly working on healing our inner attachments means to wake up and accept the purpose of our past (and sometimes even past lives) as integral part in the experience of our present and future.

The energetic perspective sees any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain as caused by an energy blockage based on holding on to something – a view, belief, motive or person. In Energy Work we call those aspects we hold on to or that are holding us back Energetic Attachments. In order to pinpoint the true nature of our inner attachments we need to be willing to look at all patterns in our life. Energetic attachments can make us sick and are often the underlying cause for chronic conditions or constant repeat of unfortunate experiences.

Energetic Attachments

Typical characteristics of energetic attachments are that they can tie up our energy in an endless loop, turn on ourselves, attract more dissonant energies and even make us act out in destructive or self-destructive behaviors (e.g. Shadow) – mostly without us being aware of their existence, nature and effect.

The purpose of looking at our energetic attachments is to become aware of them before they can latch on.

Attachments can turn from attraction to obsession; from vulnerable to possessive; from benevolent tumors into a life-consuming cancer taking of our entire energy system. When an attachment has the power to contract or block our energy system it needs to be considered as not beneficial or damaging and therefore needs to be addressed.

Healing means letting go. In energy and consciousness work, we deliberately seek and experience those energetic blocks that do not serve us anymore, so that we can remove, reframe and ultimately heal them.

Self-Healing means to not only to acknowledge the deeper purpose but also to feel gratitude and acceptance for the higher aspect of attachments and their patterns. It is the process of reclaiming our right to resolve our karmic propensities, in which we allow ourselves to connect and clear these disharmonic energies. Self-Healing means letting go of the binding energy associated with these patterns.

Different Types of Energetic Attachments

We all have a certain set of emotional, mental, behavioral, spiritual and physical attachments, but the moment they can consume or dominant our energy is when we need look at them. Some are very obvious, like the attachment to our loved ones and things we own; and some are more subtle or even hidden. While there can be many different types and levels of attachments, not all are unhealthy. Some are needed for survival. On the other hand, attachments can also be contracted through energtic absorption, contact with dark entities, psychic attacks or mutlidimensional in nature. However, the most typical type of negative energetic attachment is the kind that we hold onto to or keep pulling to us.

Attachments can also change, transform and thus heal over time. But unless we begin to become aware of them and learn how to clear them from our energy system, they can linger and lower our energy without us being aware of why we are feeling agitated, resentful, anxious, guilty or depressed. Energy work increasingly proves to be a great tool for addressing those deeper and often negative attachments that therapies and other healing modalities cannot detect or won’t address.

The most common kind of attachment is the every day kind, in which we unconsciously or willingly attach to our relationship, family, belonging, work, belief or opinion, but also country, culture and our of course our environment in general. In psychology Attachment is the result of the quality of our bonding experiences in early childhood. Attachment Issues can lead to general problems with relationships, self-worth, addictions and other cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues.

Energy work illuminates the deeper aspects of such issues and can deliver a very detailed map of energetic drainage related to emotional or mental attachments. Health is defined through the optimal flow of energy within us, so in order to have the energy to maintain, change or reinstate health, we need to remove what blocks or drains it. The energetic view of attachment includes the overall state of our entire energy system, its dynamics and also the interplay with the energy of other people and our environment.

How Energetic Attachments Develop

Anytime we make something outside of us a part of us. Attachments to items, places, or physical conditions are normal, yet not always heathy. Tricky is the realization that we also attach through our thoughts, emotions and words; for example through stating intentions, making commitments, vows, pledges or promises. They can also be induced through societal rituals and traditions. Any type of dedication of our energy to a thing, idea, entity, place or person can create an energetic attachment.

The most natural form of attachment, apart from our attachment to life, is to our gender. Here, energetic attachments can play out as general imbalance in our energy system. They are often tied to unresolved Inner Child aspects and can lead to a multitude of emotional, mental and physical problems. A common result of unresolved masculine/feminine attachments is disdain for masculinity and femininity as a whole.

For most of us, trying to let go or being forced to give up something is often the first conscious encounter with our attachments. This applies particularly for sudden life changes, such as moving out from home, divorce, loss of job or a loved one. If you want to find out what your strongest attachments are, ask yourself what you would find most challenging to let go of… However, we can also have attachments to things we hate.

The more resistance or resentment we have the stronger the energetic attachment.

Our energy reacts to thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions. The stronger the reactivity the stronger the energetic attachment. Therefore, the purpose of identifying our unconscious attachments is not to find out what we love the most, but to become aware of what we react to the strongest This way we can discover what and how our energy levels are affected. After learning how to discern what makes us sick and what helps us to grow and expand we can begin to make conscious choices and correct existing patterns as needed.

To understand the dynamics of our own energy system – what makes us feel bad or great – and to begin our self-healing process, we need to look at what in life is supporting the expansion of our energy and what contracts it. Often we will find that our present condition is not just a momentary state, but part of our past choices, actions, thoughts and inner sentiments.

Any type of negativity stays in our energy system until we consciously clear it, even if we think we ‘got over it.’

Energetic Ties

Whenever there are invisible or unconscious energy transfers between two or more people, we speak of energetic ties. From my experience as energy coach and healer energetic ties between people are probably the most prevalent cause for emotional and mental havoc in a person’s life. They are often linked to important life-events, such as traumatic or other kinds of transformative experiences.

Our most common interpersonal energetic ties are to ex-spouses, relationship partners, parents, children and people whom we put above ourselves (e.g. gurus), but also with perceived enemies, perpetrators, people we have harmed or whom we owe to. In short: All relations with unfinished business or unresolved conflicts.

Contrary to popular belief, our relationships are the reflections of our inner state of energy and not the other way around. Therefore, an important part of evolving our consciousness and energetic understanding is to ask for the purpose our experiences, nature of relationships and especially recurring patterns in our life.

Karmic Ties

Within the cluster of our energetic ties with people or entities we can also experience Karmic Ties. These are specific forms of energetic ties, often with a stronger impact and deeper meaning than our day-to-day ties. The reason why this is the case is because karmic ties bear in them the need for resolution, as well as our energetic aptitude to be able to resolve them. They are there for a reason and do not resolve until we consciously do something about it.

Investigating our unconscious ties to other people can be a life-changing process!

Karmic ties can sometimes even be related to our past lives or other-dimensional existences, if we choose to believe in such a concept. Even if it’s hard to imagine, but for a trained energy worker the detection of karmic ties is pretty easy. A good energy coach or self-healing modality can teach you how to identify those for yourself. But don’t get wrong, the point of discovering karmic ties is not fall into hopelessness or to indulge in justifications as to why we can’t change. On the contrary, becoming aware of our karmic ties brings us a whole lot closer to resolving unhealthy patterns and is often the key to understanding the true meaning of one’s Karma.

Understanding our Karma means understanding the purpose of our personal experiences and relationships. Enlightenment can only happen if we learn how to transcend our Karma.

Click here to read more about Karma and Karmic Relationships.

While it is undoubtedly comforting to our ego to believe that we are somehow victims of others, our gender, race or ‘the system’ we live in, it is also the main reason why we do not evolve. To be stuck in our attachment to such a belief is not only distorting our perception of ourselves and the world we live in and most certainly a guarantee for stagnation or repetitive self-sabotage cycles.

Liberating ourselves from our energetic attachments and karmic ties is the foundation for developing spiritual and emotional accountability and the freedom to heal!

Thank you for your time.


jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


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