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Turn Resolutions into Solutions!

By jona bryndis, Jan 1 2017 08:00AM

Energy Update 31st December –6th January 2017

This week has been extraordinarily busy here at transCODES. Since the Winter Solstice (21st December) we have been airing a daily live podcast GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS. This show will continue until 1st January 2017. Please join this wonderful opportunity to discuss current collective energies amongst energetically sensitives and empaths. Click here for the Access Link to our live webinar show.To watch the recording of our past 10 podcasts click here.

This week's Energy Report will mainly reflect on the overall energetic tendencies for 2017 and what we can do to adjust accordingly. Stay tuned for the ENERGY FORECAST 2017 coming soon.

Happy New Year! 

New Years Energies

At the beginning of each new year we all feel like in a transition phase. We simultanously look back at the past year and ahead toward the new year - and we feel like in between two separate events... From an energetic point of view, we are at the zero-point between letting go of the old and entering the new. This is an important time! Right now it's imperative to be fully here - in the present! It is here, where we cannot only set new parameters and values that can influence our coming experience, but also where can shift the way we perceive our experience. The best way to utilize this event horizon is by allowing our energy to fully align to the abundance of the present moment.


Technically, the turn of the year is just a mental construct anyway - a collective agreement for measuring time and yet factually it affects all areas in our lives. It prompts us to taking an inventory, to look at results, to assess, to set new goals and make plans. We all have the same goals - we want to feel happy, healthy, free, abundant, loved and fulfilled, but how come so few of us ever get there? Why is it so difficult to reach our goals? Is there something wrong with our approach? What can we do differently to become a more active part in our manifestation process?

1. Shift Your Approach!


When it comes to the manifestation of our goals or plans, we look ahead to the next year end and hope for a better or improved outcome. However, being caught in the complex web of our inner mental constructs, such as expectations and judgments, we often forget that the essence of our manifestation process is not about the outcome itself but about finding new ways to achieve our highest potential. Often this means that the focus of our manifestation needs to be shifted from WHAT to HOW.


Finances, health, relationship status, personal entertainment, etc. can be measured, It's relatively easy to make plans and set goals for these outer goals. On the deeper level however, our manifestation success expresses through our overall happiness, social, emotional and spiritual abundance.

How does one measure inner peace, self-love, happiness, respect, gratitude or spiritual freedom?

To find answers, it can be helpful to look at nature. How does nature measure 'success' or improvement? It doesn't! It prefers evolution and promotes expansion. In nature, the optimal state is balance and flow. Plants, animals, landscapes flourish when the outer conditions are conducive, life supporting and the inner conditions are pure and open to the flow of energy.


Energy work regards manifestation as the actualization of an optimal flow of energy, in balance with its surroundings and pure of intention.


If we apply what we can learn from nature to our personal manifestation process, we will notice that such conditions are hardly ever met. On the contrary, no matter what we wish for, the reality of our circumstances is that we are mostly surrounded by life negating and energy draining inner and outer conditions.


Energetically seen, it is therefore of much greater importance to change our inner and outer conditions rather than trying to change or energizing our goals.

2. Learn How to Bypass Your Ego!


The reason why we are barely ever in balance with our surroundings and practically never in a state of optimal flow is a built-in self-sabotaging mechanism called ego. It overwrites our intentions and tries to control outer conditions - it's programmed to maintain, preserve, gain an advantage, seek safety in the familiar and avoid the unknown, which all lead to a contraction and thus depeletion of our energy.


Our ego's purpose is to secure our survival, not our happiness!


To solve this inner conflict we can't simply remove our ego out of the equation, most of us have already realized this by now. However, what we CAN do, is learn how to bypass our ego through silencing our mind and emotion and bit-by-bit elimianting our ego's payoff out of our goal system.

3. Align to Your Inner Higher Power - Unconditionally!


If we want to improve our personal manifestation abilities, we need to align to the purity of our inner higher power and allow it to 'do the work for us.' By surrendering to our inner divine connection, we are letting go of our ego's attachments and thus allow for our inner and outer conditions to change according to our purest state and flow of energy.


As you know, this alignment can be found in the center of our center - our heart center. Our heart is the pathway to our inner divine creation energy and therefore the access to our most natural source of manifestation energy.

4. Allow the Flow and Embrace the New!


The last and most important part we can contribute is our inner willingness and courage to allow this higher work to happen - no matter what! For this we need to understand that we have to let go of the old apporach of trying to control the outcome, so that we become able to embrace the New!


Embracing the unknown future is like jumping into a black hole - trusting that we will come back out the other end...


Our heart connects us with our higher vibrational states, which allows the integration of the hidden parts without having to get pulled in by them. Each time you consciously overcome your fear of the unknown, your hidden or unloved aspects lose their power to sabotage or hold you back. The reason why this is so difficult at first is because our ego believes it ceases to exist when it's not in control. While our heart-consciousness knows about the power of The Field of all Possibilities we can only access it if we can create the right vibratory conditions - or else, our ego works against us because it's programmed to preserve 'what it has' or what it believes it had to get.

5. Focus on Createing the Right Conditions!


'Creating the right conditions' for our higher manifestation abilities to kick in is not a matter of mental focus, visualization or affirmation, but rather the absence of inner resistance in form of our ego's attachments and its associated desires, fears or judgments.


Dr. D. Hawkins illustrates this with a simple but beautiful analogy: Picture the entirety of genetic information, beauty and life force of a sunflower latently contained in a single sunflower seed. It can survive many years, even decades without germinating if the conditions for its growing process are not optimal. For the seed to unfold as sunflower it needs but a few conditions: a certain temperature, water, nutrients (soil), sunlight, and the spark to grow. If you keep the seed in the dark, cold and dry, it will not come to fruition. However, while it remains but a seed it still contains all information to flourish... As soon as the right conditions are met, it reach its full potential as a sunflower.

Once you pour just a little water on it, remove the darkness and give it but a tiny bit of nurturing, it will begin grow and develop its full potential on its own. If you can look at your inner potential for happiness, abundance and fulfillment in the same way as you regard the potential sunflower, you are very close to unlocking the secret of your inner divine manifestation abilities!


What this example is showing us that it's not in our willpower to manifest but our ability to create the optimal circumstances that make the difference. These optimal conditions that are needed for us to unfold our full potential are in our inner alignment and our willingness to nurture ourselves. Ultimately, what sparks us to grow and bloom is not just the presence of such conditions or the vast information contained in our tiny seed, but in the divine creation power that is unleashed through the alignment to our heart.


Energetically seen, we all have this Divine Creation spark in us - we carry the information to bloom and expand like a beautiful and majestic sunflower in us, just like the seed! Each and every of our cells contains the instructions for your highest potential!


All you have to do is to surrender to your inner power and align to your heart's light, warmth, nourishment and flow!


Much Love,


jona bryndis

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