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True Heart-Connection: The Journey from our Mind to our Heart

By jona bryndis, May 1 2015 12:09AM

True Heart-Connection is what we all want, but when it comes to actually connecting with our heart it can be quite challenging to admit that we may have never really felt what this means. At first we all think heart means emotions. This antiquated psychological view got long overhauled in the field of consciousness work, where we know that heart-connection has nothing to do with emotionality. True heart-connection is about feeling and inner knowing. As Science is slowly picking up on our inherent heart-intelligence, I’m sure we will hear more and more about this ‘mystical’ subject in mainstream media in future.

The reason why I am bringing this up is not to convince you of your innate heart-powers – I assume you are already aware of that. The reason is the growing number of people working with me who realize that they can’t really feel their heart. So, what makes it so hard to feel the heart? Do we really need all this spiritual and metaphysical knowledge to find what’s already there?

Gary Zukav
Gary Zukav

True heart-connection is based on inner congruence and integrity. If we are schismatic, fragmented or mind-oriented even regular meditation or other sworn spiritual disciplines and modalities cannot make us have this experience. It’s also nothing we can level up to or gain through aligning to some distant star-system (seriously?). All it requires us to do is to become aware and shift our attention to our heart – or “side-step” - as one of teachers used to say. How many times a day do you try to really feel your heart?

Not being able to feel our heart is nothing to feel bad about. The entire system we live in is geared towards distracting us from our true heart-connection! Billions of dollars are being spent on diverting our energies into emotions, cravings and addictions; and often worse, false beliefs, false gurus and total externalization of our inner powers. So, never doubt yourself if you feel like you were blinded by the collective tendency to keep us from true inner connection and intimacy (as this would make us too difficult to control). Instead of beating yourself up try to see this realization as a True Self prompting into a new direction!

Our Mind & The Irony of Loving ourselves

When beginning to learn how to truly connect within new challenges arise. While energetic clearing and identifying of energetic blocks are not the focus anymore (as this begins to happen spontaneously) we will encounter a different problem: Self-Love. Here is where most of us get stuck and end up gravitating back into our old ego-ways. Isn’t it ironic that the inability to love ourselves on this deeper level is what prevents us from connecting with our hearts?

Understanding the layers of our energy body enables us to realize the layers of our ego its intricate energetic programming. Hidden darkness, such as shadow, inner child, karmic aspects, trauma, etc. are part of these layers and often block the access to our heart. Needless to say that they cannot be meditated away either!

A few months ago, I almost fell over in disbelieve while listening to a heart-connection energy process of a fellow energy worker programming her clients with the repeated message of “Think love!” Sorry, but this is definitely not how you get there! Our mind and thinkingness is exactly what is in the way of true heart-connection and self-love. This deeper connection can only be felt if we actively relearn to love all dissonant parts of us, which includes our mind but doesn’t use it for the process. If we truly want to connect with ourselves and others there is no other way than actively participating in our self-healing process, so that we can consciously learn to love again.

Heart-Chakra, Fake Love & False Heart-Connection

The next stage of heart-connection is the exploration of our personal and energetic boundaries and the dynamics of energetic projection and absorption. On this journey we will learn the empowering effects of energetic consolidation, etheric protection and inner discernment. But learning, experiencing and gaining knowledge is not enough; they are just tools on the way of becoming able to discern true from false heart connection.

When we go wide and open our field for higher vibrational energies we still need to be aware of our inner balance and boundaries. A too open crown chakra for example can pull our energy into astral dimensions; an imbalanced root chakra can pull us into our fear worlds; the same counts for an enlarged heart chakra. I rarely mention this as most of us still need to work on the basics of opening our heart chakras, but if our heart chakra is enlarged we can easily get pulled into the illusion of a ‘false’ heart connection.

Our heart chakra is not the same as our heart center. It is the energy center and regulator for our heart energies; and like all chakras, imbalances show as contracted, blocked, cut-off or enlarged chakra fields. The transCODES CHAKRA-CLEARING SERIES practices this and helps to understand and feel energy centers and chakra fields.

Heart-center or heart-field is an inner field (located slightly lower than our heart chakra) that forms when we are in total energetic alignment and coherence with our inner heart-mind/divine consciousness. If our energy flow in our heart chakra region (or slightly below between 3rd and 4th) is blocked, a true and balanced flow of energy flow within our energy system is inhibited – we see this a lot and mention it frequently; it often leads to lack of self-expression, controlling emotions and/or mentalism.

On the other hand, if our heart chakra is ‘artificially’ increased it can create the experience of a major loss/leak of energy through projected love in this field. Again, it has the same disconnecting effect as our mind and often worse, as it falsely makes us believe that we are ‘all open and loving’….there is a very fine line between true openness and projected openness!

Projection of lovey-doveyness is not the same as heart-connection, which has no payoff. A false-heart connection promotes white shadow traits and specialness and is therefore not only a volatile and dangerous energetic state, but also preventing self-love. If our heart-chakras are too open and therefore imbalanced, we become can easily become prey for false intimacy, energetic vampirism and superficial ‘love-props’. Some of the symptoms of enlarged heart-chakra energy through projection include emotional absorption, dippyness and externalization of love, as our heart energy is still directed towards outside of us.

False heart-connection can be observed in many esoteric and new ages circles, where the perceived ‘loveyness’ is merely projected and therefore often misleading (and sometimes even damaging.) The side effects of this false connection can be feelings of abduction, abuse, co-dependency, blindly following an idea or cause, ‘being taken advantage of’, ‘being sucked dry’ or ‘being treated like a doormat’.

Discerning True from False Heart-Connection

Most people in the spiritual scene tend to confuse these two states and are often unable to discern between true and false heart-connection. True heart-connection doesn’t need control, power or force to sustain itself. It is unconditional! False heart-connection requires props, confirmation, attention, reassurance, disciplines, and rules. A true connection with Self not only consolidates our field spontaneously, but also eliminates the false need to merge with and project onto others. In context with intimacy in our relationships, this becomes one of our major prerequisites for a healthy and long-lasting connection.

The easiest way discern true from false heart-connection is by focusing on truth and honesty with ourselves. What may feel like vulnerability at first (through lack of control and fears of the unknown) soon pays out as energetic balance and etheric protection. It strengthens our entire energy field and with it our personal boundaries in relationships.

True connection can only unfold when we feel congruent with our True Self and inner divine love – it’s when we have nothing left to defend because our natural boundaries and inner guidance are fully intact and congruent.

A precise description of how it feels to be connected is difficult, as it feels differently for everyone, but when it happens we can pinpoint it intuitively. From my personal perspective, one of the most gratifying and heart-opening things about my work is reading the sharing of someone who is experiencing his heart-connection for the first time. It creates a field that can be felt by anyone who is on the same path to the heart. Participants in our Sacred Self-Healing Course can post and read those experiences and thus, without doing anything, contribute in helping others to open their heart-field as well. This is the true power of our heart and once on this path it opens the field for many others!

All of transCODES modalities are geared towards empowering us to experience our inner heart-connection. GRACE Integrity or Chakra Clearings in particular help to learn the difference between these two energetic states. The most effective way to find to our heart is probably the combination of all of them which we carefully complied in the Sacred Self-Healing Course.

If you are not afraid to let go of your ego-mind’s control, join us on this exciting journey!

Thank you for your time.

Much love,


This article was also posted in the transCODES May 2015 Newsletter. To read the newsletter click here.

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