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Trauma Clearing - Preventing Retraumatizing and Energetically Closing Trauma Wounds

By jona bryndis, Mar 13 2015 08:29AM

When we are traumatized, what really happens to us?

On an energetic level, after the traumatic event, we walk away with a different vibration. How did this leave us feeling? Very painful experiences may have left us unable to face how we felt, and we were left numb. When we went numb, we walked away from ourselves. There is no blame here....we all had to get by somehow, to cope in some way.

When we run a trauma, we are responding from our conditioned reactions, to life and it's events. We traumatize ourselves over and over again, from past key traumatic experiences (ranging from severe, to simple emotional upset), that run in the background of our conciousness, creating a Trauma Load.

In the last GRACE Trauma Clearing Transmission, we experienced our traumas as the glue that held our karma in place. Sometimes we are not concious of when our key traumas happened. For example: at birth, a very young age, or from a past life.

If we look at karma as our inherited genetic patterns that create a certain vibratory rate within us; attracting and creating life......closing our traumatic wounding, will release us from the karmic ties that hold us as well.

In the GRACE Trauma Clearing TransCOACHING sessions, you will be taught to connect to your self-healing ability and go back in time, unwinding the Karmic traumatic ties, and lightening your load. It facilitates immediate integration of emotional, mental and energetic triggers. You'll be guided to discover your own self-healing abilities and start lessening your trauma load, in the first session.

When there is Grace, karma is no more!

Energy work helps us heal from trauma. When we go back to these key traumas and unwind the energy that holds us in unhealthy patterns, we raise our resonance, lighten; which restores our physical, emotional and mental health. We literally 'lighten our load!' It's not necessary to re-live the pain of the event to heal. This transMISSION modality utilizes the GRACE Integrity® process to re-code and thus lessen the trauma load without re-traumatizing or reliving the actual trauma memory.

Trauma clearing is an ongoing process, as the associated defensive patterns often take longer to transcend than just the original wound; but you can get to the point where you do not find anymore trauma. You'll notice as you reduce your trauma load, (this does clear in batches), you simply won't be as reactive as you used to be. As your energetic triggers are beginning to dull down in the process, you will find yourself with healthier choices to respond with. The objective of this work is to lighten your load, notice when you are traumatizing yourself and learn how to clear it in the moment.

If you've been looping back, again and again, in behaviours and patterns you just can't seem to break out of, Grace Trauma Clearing, may just be the piece of the puzzle you've been missing. For more info on our next GRACE Trauma Clearing transMISSION this Saturday, 14th March, 2015 @3PM click here.

Much love, Catherine di Pietro

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