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The Search for Divine Wisdom - Modern Spirituality

By jona bryndis, Oct 10 2016 09:22PM

As our deeper spiritual journey reaches much farther than we expected we are beginning to understand that we cannot master the true nature of reality through knowledge alone. Dealing with the existential issues of life and consciousness itself requires us to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen and ultimately the development of ethical or spiritual discernment through Wisdom.

This higher conceptual aspect of reclaiming the innate Divine Wisdom residing in all of us can only be obtained if we become fully aware of the archetypal and actual human struggle. Therefore, our journey for Divine Wisdom is often perceived as ardorous, as it means that we need to allow the labor pains of experiencing ourselves with all what we typically avoid or judge. It asks us to face our severed or unresolved inner aspects (Karma, Shadow, Inner Child, etc) and requires a lot of patience - and often beyond the effort our ego is willing to put into it.

While many of us get discouraged on our Journey to Enlightenment, as it seems like a never-ending process of new layers of self-realization and perceived (ego) humiliation, it can offer an immense liberation and healing if we learn to embrace our True Self it in its totality!

There is this yearning for a spiritual experience that can lift us up driving us, but we can't help to wonder how all this fits into our practical lives. Can the search for another 'high' really get us there? How do we reconcile the ever growing shallowness and obsession with instant gratitifaction in our practical lives with our innate desire for a spiritual journey?

Follow me into this discourse on modern spirituality and let's illuminate the deeper aspects of your personal spiritual journey a bit. Perhaps we can find ONE reason there, why it may be worthwhile to continue on your journey...

In classical mythology Wisdom is primarily assigned to the Divine Feminine, which is the reason why there is so much talk about reconnecting with the Divine Feminine and ‘Goddess’ energies nowadays. It is no accident or ‘invention of the emancipation movement’ that the Divine Feminine is the symbolic power of this collective TRANSFIGURATION process.

Femininity is intuitively aligned to giving birth and thus has to embrace the beauty, the pain and the ugly of the creation process at the same time. Metaphorically spoken, it harbors the wet, hot, dark, and bloody secrets of our human creation and thus scares the masculine dominated ego-based understanding of Self in the archetypal sense of glory, achievement and power.

In modern Spirituality our journey becomes the Journey of Transcending our Ego with all its dependencies and addictions rather than the old-fashioned sacrificial devotion to a religous idea or concept. We awaken to a truth that leads us to look at all the falsities first - the stuff that we have been programmed and conditioned with; and most importantly the idea that Divine Wisdom is something outside of us. And so our 'heroic' journey becomes much more than just about faith. It's not enough to be 'spiritual' once a week (never has been). If we truly want to experience our own light, we need to have the courage to burn the old ego-ways and rise like a phoenix out of our own ego ashes.

Who really wants to sign up for that in the age of the drama of Collective Divine Comedy in full swing?!

There is Practical Wisdom that we gather through our personal experiences and applying our virtues throughout our lifetime. Then there is Conceptual Wisdom, which we can obtain through educating ourselves and shifting our inner intention and alignment. And lastly there is the huge realm of Intuitive Wisdom one can only achieve through spiritual maturity.

We already understand that Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. So, seeking more info or gathering titles or certifications from spiritual workshops and online-courses somenhow doesn't cut it. If we want to experience our Divinity and gain access to this inner wisdom we need to internalize that we are not just a 'lost soul' on the path to nowhere.

Many of you readers already understand that developing transpersonal skills through meditation, contemplation, lucid dreaming or remote energy transMISSIONS can be great tools for learning how to tap into our Divine Consciousness.

But the key to allowing a new level of Wisdom to emerge within us is to develop our emotional and spiritual maturity. This cannot be achieved through mental disciplines alone. We need to FEEL it!

This process of increasing our consciousness requires a serious attitude towards embracing all aspects of self-transformation - especially our Ego - and with it the realization that the path to Divine Wisdom can get a bit ugly. On this journey, there is no way to circumvent the darkness of our ego. It won't make us special and it will definitely not feel gratifying! Bummer! All this has no meaning when one searches for the higher understanding of why spirituality, because it is NOT just mental concept!

The search for spiritual wisdom needs to be a subjective experience - a hands-on and internalized feeling inside - so that we can define our own spirituality regardless of what others believe it is!

While the development of Intuition is collectively associated with Feminine traits, reaching Intuitive Wisdom needs to include the harmonizing of all inner dualities. This implies overcoming the limitations of masculinity and feminity! Our ego clings to dualities as if judgments, opionons, blame and guilt could help to overcome its own fear of death. Instead, these are exactly what fires it on. And so we need to agree to let go of our programmed thinking that one 'has to be in a certain way' to overcome the limitations of our ego - something that most of us who are taking this path seriously have to practice day in and out!

Learning how to overcome inner duality has a lot to do with reframing and reprogramming implanted ‘Luciferian’ codes of guilt, shame, sin and power hunger by seeing them as part of our collective inheritance. As soon as this kicks in we become able to transform our perceived personal flaws into virtues and realize that we can bridge for example our lack of knowledge through knowing. As we learn to allow instead of force our enlightenment we begin to tap into an infinite source of energy, the warm, loving and safe space of our True/Higher Self. We learn about our ego's wantingness to 'get' instead to receive and learn how to replace control, power and battle with trust, self-love and compassion, and thus facilitate the emergence of Divine Wisdom in us through simply becoming it!

If you can feel/see/intuit the practical meaning of allowing the transcendence of your deepest archetypal human wound - your flaws - you are on your way to understand the importantce of self-liberation.

You will notice that facing whatever fear or pain that is coming forward on your journey is nothing but the needed recontextualization of your humanity and become able to witness the rebirth of your inner light first hand! But remember, the ego is not the enemy! Our attachment to its perception of ourselves and others is. Every single part of your humanity is an important puzzle piece – if you will, they are your redeemer codes - to unlock the total awareness of your Divine Nature within.

This can only be felt if you are willing to allow the transformative power to liberate yourself from the illusion of your ego perception. This is what the search for Divine Wisdom is about – to accept ALL parts of you – the good, the bad, the ugly – and to let go of the belief that your ego could ever understand the purpose of your personal Divine Journey. Trust me, it can’t!

Thank you for your time!

With Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


Jona Bryndis is the creator of the powerful 24 STEPS - Sacred Self-Healing Experience, which accompanies any modern spiritual seeker on a 12-month deeper journey of exploring his/her personal understanding of spirituality.

transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

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