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The Mother Principle - Healing our Divine Inner Connection

By jona bryndis, Jan 27 2015 05:50AM

Balancing of inner Masculine and Feminine energies is one of the top subjects in energy work, as they affect our entire energy processing and expression. Interestingly, the majority of questions are regarding how one can reconnect with the Divine Feminine – and although there is a profound need to reconnect Femininity into our culture, the Divine Masculine cannot be left out. Connecting with one always also means to reconnect with the other!

Sadly, I observe extreme forms of disconnect from Femininity and Masculinity relatively often in my daily work. In many women and men, this inner imbalance has created such a deep pain, that the re-connecting and healing process often means to overcome distrust and hostility towards women/femininity first.


We all have the energy of the Feminine and Masculine Spirit within us. Both energies are part of the same eternal Divine Field – representing the MOTHER and the FATHER PRINCIPLE.

Misunderstood, disturbed, violated or wounded connection with our inner masculine or feminine is a very common cause for inner imbalance, energetic blockages, and unhealed aspects. If we are female our predominant source of energy is most likely the Divine Feminine, or Mother Principle – if we are male, the Divine Masculine or Father Principle. However, true inner connection can only be accomplished when both principles are equally present, balanced and in harmony.

On an energetic level the inner separation from either energies or both can lead to deep emotional/physical/mental/spiritual pain and fear cycles. Therefore, healing the connection to inner divine source, represented through the balance of these two energy frequencies, is often one of the most transformative and healing processes.

Divinity, Feminine Spirit, Masculine Spirit and Divine Love are inherent in all human beings – no matter whether we are male or female. We were created out of the union of both aspects of divine spirit and we all have both aspects of Divinity within us. Only through the reconciliation and 'marriage' of our inner Father and Mother Aspects can we begin to heal our Divine Connection.

Allowing prolonged inner separation happens when we seek our identification, validation and connection outside of us. This externalization of our inner powers is what allows degradation, violation and wounding of our inner integrity to take place. Therefore, overcoming the inner separation plays a major role in our self-healing process.

Connecting with our Inner Divinity, breaking free of collective programs and allowing our energetic potential to fully unfold, including our ability to manifest a happy and healthy life and relationships, requires us to transcend our ego’s dualism and reconcile with our inner Mother, Father Principles and ultimately our Inner Child Aspects.


Chronic or traumatic separation from feminine spirit can cause, what I call the ‘violated feminine spirit within’. The violated feminine spirit shows as the neglected, abused, rejected and unappreciated archetype of the loving mother - the wounded ‘wrathful mother’; diminishing, berating and degrading towards self and others, and often also often children and spouse.

Violation of the Feminine Spirit has been inherited from one generation to the next for thousands of years; it is part of our conditioned behavior and collective programming and therefore needs to be addressed by both, men and women.

Collectively, the main contributors to a violated connection with femininity (in both, men and women) are our mainstream media (movies, songs, TV shows, social media), easily accessible pornography and collective degradation of the Feminine. Sociological phenomena, such as the wide spread absence paternal love/energy during formative years as well as the lack of healthy female role models (e.g. ‘wrathful mothers’) further inhibit a natural connection to the Feminine and can even lead to an alienation and total refusal of feminine energies in our lives.


Although many of these violations were essentially brought on by ourselves, mainly through our lack of self-worth and self-expression (including healthy boundaries), the healing process can still be challenging.

Violations of our inner femininity can leave severe imbalances and dysfunctions in our energetic/emotional/mental/ physical bodies. They often show as energetic holes or bars in our energy system. They can also be felt as persistent pain-memory in our physical cells, spikes and sludge in our reproductive organs.

They can manifest in many ways and in males as well as in females; the most common physical manifestations based on my observation, are breast/ovarian/uterine/prostate, gallbladder, intestinal or thyroid dysfunctions/disorders; general abuse of the physical (e.g. over exercising, eating disorders, drug abuse) but also migraines, neck tension and asymmetric facial expression.

Emotionally and mentally they often show as inability to trust, severe attachments issues, strong defense mechanisms and sexual projection, narcissistic wrath and control patterns, emotional vampirism, victim attitude and co-dependency.

While this is a quite a list of dissonant inner aspects, energetic clearing, connecting and integration work can be of great assistance in the healing process. Our Healing Circle Workshop are dedicated to working with the integration, connecting and balancing our inner energies.

Thank you for your time!



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