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The Art of Transcending Ego & Its Addictions - SACRED SELF-HEALING PROGRAM - New Years Discount Running Out

By jona bryndis, Dec 31 2017 05:00PM

Imagine all your problems or inner conflicts could be solved by shifting our energetic state to a faster vibratory rate, in which you have access to more abilities – solutions you cannot see when caught in the state of your problem. Energetically seen, everything is ‘just’ energy.

Currently, many of us are working on correcting our life circumstances, setting new goals or making plans to change. Some of you may be thinking changing jobs, a different place to live, a happier relationship or simply following your inner calling to spiritually excel. What if you had full access to your Higher Inner Power to make these changes without needing anything from outside of you? What if the solutions to your problems or conflicts are already inside of you – you just can’t see them yet?

What if your problems aren’t really problems - if there were merely challenges caused by your ego creating the illusion that your aren't able to access your inner wisdom and creativity?

According to Energy Work all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disorders including addictions are caused by energetic imbalances or inner disconnection. Through consciously re-activating your innate self-healing codes you can learn how to permanently transform your overall state of health, wealth, and even relationships.

Sacred Self-Healing is a unique energy connecting and self-healing program suitable for everyone. Tt facilitates inner heart-connection on multiple levels of our energy system, and thus activates your own spiritual intelligence. Starting by reactivating our inner heart-connection and opening up the world of perception and consciousness the program offers advanced energy work modalities taught 24 Steps. For only $39 per month this 12-month journey will change the way you perceive yourself, your inner power and the world live in! With the current New Years Discout this comes down to $25 per month.

Through simultaneous stimulation of higher consciousness brain states, heart-connection, deep energetic recoding and psychoeducation it supports the development our conscious awareness and higher perception It increases your ability to pinpoint imbalances before they manifest in inner and outer health aspects and helps you to access your inner guidance.

The Sacred Self-Healing Program is a 12-month meditation-based self-training journey and can be done from home and at your own pace. The the course is suitable for supplemental recovery work and highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their inner and outer relationships through exploring their deeper aspects of Ego, Shadow, Karma, Inner Divinity and True Self. It shares hands-on energy work techniques, workbook & exercises and teaches how to read and direct inner energies and includes clearing, connecting and integrating modalities.

The program is accompanied by trained energy coaches for personal guidance and encourages spiritual, mental and emotional intelligence through interaction in online meetings, forum and email exchange.

In this unique program, Jona and Jeff combined several schools of mental, emotional, mystical, spiritual and shamanic healing techniques into a powerful consciousness development and ascension tool. It allows for a non-denomiational and agenda-free approach for learning energy work, psychic defense, developing heightened perception and energy management.

This one-year journey allows you to gently learn new ways to handle your personal energy management, can help you successfully recover from addictive patterns and enhances your self-consciousness and awareness.

Sacred Self-Healing Program Details

With this 1-Year Journey you will deepen your ability to:

- Connect with your Heart

- Discover your True Self & Inner Divinity

- Learn how to identify and overcome too much Thinking & Emotions

- Read & Perceive Energies

- Identify, transform & align your energy

- Integrate Shadow Aspects

- Understand Addiction & Recovery

- Clear Karmic Family & Relationship Aspects

- Heal Inner Child Wounds

- Connect With Masculinity & Femininity

- Clear Manifestation and Abundance Blocks

- Transcend inner Programs & Patterns

- Prevent Energetic Absorption & Attacks

- Feel and direct Inner Self-Healing Energies

- Apply Energy Work into your Daily Life

- Deal with Energetic Sensitivity

Self-healing means to learn how to be to conscious, independent, confident, successful and loving with oneself and others, in all areas of your life.

"The transCODES Sacred Self Healing Program has far surpassed anything I could have possibly imagined or hoped for in my self healing journey. It has gone from knowing the path to walking the path... The experiences I am having through this course have not only been life changing, most importantly... LIFE GIVING. Through the steps I am learning who I truly am and connecting to that most sacred part of me and in turn healing at the deepest levels.

Jeff, Jona and the entire transCODES team are experienced, genuine and solid.The real deal. Anyone interested in self healing you have found the right place.

It's the greatest gift anyone can give themselves. I am eternally grateful for TransCodes and the Sacred Self Healing Program. "


While the course is guiding you through the latest interdisciplinary clearing, connecting and integrating modalities in energy and consciousness work; it also sparks our spiritual understanding and deepens our spiritual evolution through raising our vibrational frequency step-by-step.

The coded daily meditation sessions (click here to listen to a sample meditation), spoken by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper integrate fusioned masculine and feminine energies, which further deepen the inner energetic connecting process. Both share a background in spiritual and mental counseling, as well as energy healing which allows them to combine the experience of traditional and transpersonal healing modalities. It is the core of transCODES' work and combines the experience of 20 years of energy coaching, spiritual healing and shamanic work. There is nothing comparable to the depth of this program.

Throughout the course, you will be accompanied by Jona and Jeff via email and become part of the growing Sacred Self-Healing community in forums and regular online meetings. Sharing our experiences and learning how to communicate the deeper aspects of our Self is vital part of this journey.

Come and join our Sacred Self-Healing program and discover that there is a whole different world of understanding and dealing with energetic perception, spirituality, healing and communication free of judgment or agenda.

"The Course has gifted me with a new clarity, peace and prospective...I am lighter and more alive. Grateful and excited for the tools to emerge from the inside out...this revolutionary path is exceeding all expectations...I am in awe. "


"Finding your Sacred Self-Healing course has been like a 'miracle' – for the last several years I was looking for guidance on how to embark on a journey into a more spiritual, more powerful way of living. It was as if I knew there was more, I just could not find the door. Going with you through this course, is like opening the doors...Each Step is a magical transformative experience. I have learned to trust my feelings more . I used to "should myself" and "judge" myself....so much so that I did not even notice that I was doing it. Now, I am more able to relax and just be.

Jona and Jeff are both so clear, articulate, supportive, loving and overflowing with resources and ideas whenever people need more support....and unlike some teachers, they seem to be free of ego-driven energy. They honour everyone equally without judgment and respond to all questions in a timely manner with love and understanding. When they speak, it is clear and pertinent. When they listen, they do so deeply and intently...and even when addressing complex issues, they do so without excluding others' experiences which may not be in alignment.

Everything is woven together in a tapestry of love, honour and acceptance...all the while speaking from their magical hearts. I cannot help but feel the veils disintegrating more tangibly with each Step in this magical course. If you are looking for a positive change in your life, my personal belief is that you will be infinitely rewarded by embarking on this Sacred Self Healing Course.

Thank You!"

M., Australia

Sacred Self-Healing Free course member services are:

Online webinar meetings, FREE Energy Coaching, Training Videos, Workbook Exercises, Training Buddy Program and Remote Energy transMISSION discounts. In addition a Personal Self-Healing Coaching Program is available. The 24 Steps are shipped twice a month over the course of 12 months. You will receive a Workbook Binder and a 4 GB Memory Stick in the mail for your pdf workbook pages and mp3 files delivered with each Step. The 250+ workbook pages contain a script with exercises, educating and inspiring material, as well as guidance as to how to work each Step. The program is developed for self-study from home.

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