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The 5 Principles of Higher Learning

By jona bryndis, Feb 23 2020 10:00AM

There are many different ways of learning some of which are programmed in us and others that come through experience. However, the most frustrating thing for us all is when we have made an experience, understood what we experienced and still can't seem to change. Repeating relationship issues (be it with family, friends or partners), money issues, ongoing emotional exhaustion, feeling manipulated, taken advantage of, feeling not good enough, experiencing life as a struggle or trying hard to no avail are typical examples for our learning not really gripping. What in us is preventing us to implement what was learned and why do we often feel we haven't learned anything?

The reason why we get stuck in our minds and our misery tends to repeat over and over again is that our ego-mind believes that what we have (or not), whom we are with (or not), where we are at (or not) is familiar and thus manageable. For our ego mind, what's familiar creates a sense of safety - even if it is toxic, self-defeating or even abusive. However, deep down there is a part in us that knows that there is a self-destruct in somewhere. We just can't put a finger on it and thus often seek the answers outside of ourselves. Instead of facing where in our lives we are not authentic or true to ourselves, we distract ourselves with blaming, craving or controlling.

The hardest part of trying to overcome subconscious patterns is that they are mostly hidden to us. They only show in our internal 'to go places'. Therefore, emotional and mental coping patterns are often so blindspotted that we cannot even feel when something really isn't good for us. But our body knows, our emotions know, our energy knows, even our critical inner voice knows when we are so blind to the most obvious dysfunctional or outright destructive behaviors within ourselves or in others. They constantly send us signals, but we are too confused, distracted or fixated on something else, that we are not able to see this until after. But we don't see how we are actually avoiding or numbing ourselves from facing and changing our own limitations. Instead, we project everything onto others, blame or simply react without us being able to stop it. We feel disconnected and afraid of making mistakes, and don't realize that we have the 'technology' already in us.

We all are capable of HIGHER LEARNING - the subjective learning experience through our internalized connection. Through learning how to use our mindfulness, soulfulness, and gracefulness we can learn to become more authentic and strengthen our inner connection so that we can better feel what is true to us and what isn't. We can cultivate a sense of higher learning through tuning in instead of tuning out.

Part of our prototypal CNS-based human neurological make-up is to avoid pain or danger. It detects anything that could potentially be a threat or trigger unwanted/uncomfortable sensations, thoughts or emotions our ego (which is tied to our body) sends an ‘emergency signal’ to our nervous system, which in return activates our autonomous somatic responses through neurotransmitter emission in the limbic or animalistic part of our brain (look up ‘Amygdala’). Depending on our predisposition and where we have the most unresolved energetic charges it will activate our personal way of ‘reacting’ to a potential challenge – Fight-Flight-or Freeze.

There is no way to prevent our Central Nervoussystem from reacting to what we are sensing, but we can learn to sit through it and teach ourselves how to not allow this involuntary response to dominate our choices. We can even learn to discern our emotional and mental responses in form of constantly judging and assessing what happens based on our past pain. When we choose to go deeper, past our physical, emotional and mental responses, into our energy system, we will begin to notice that most of our reactions are not necessarily how we truly want to react – in fact, one of the most typical characteristics of ‘reactions’ is the fact that they can overwrite our better knowing or intentions and thus nullify our better knowing. Therefore, paying attention, forming literacy around our own unconscious mechanisms and discerning our inner energies can ultimately allow us to first understand some of our unconscious mechanisms and then to change them – which in return helps to emotionally and spiritually mature.

In 'The Art of Responding vs. Reacting' I wrote:

"In a reactive state we experience life as a constant challenge or struggle and regard ourselves as either prey or predator – victim or perpetrator. Typically, the more struggle a person subjectively experiences the more complex the stored defensive or aggressive mechanisms. Avoiding, escaping and fighting are just a few examples of this old way of programmed reactivity.

With this attitude towards our inner and outer world, our outlook on life and people around us can become hostile and the vibratory level of our coping skills is therefore comparably weak or even non-existent; but worst of all, this inner alignment typically further perpetuates low vibratory states, triggers, and reactionary patterns to a point where dissonances keep manifesting in an endless cycle of repeating inner and outer drama. As s result of this constant flight-or-fight perception many energetically sensitive people live in a constant state of anxiety, excessive mental looping and controlling as coping mechanism for attempted damage reduction."

(to read the full article click here)

Only very few people have decoded the art of a healthy and happy life ashigher expression of cultivated learning about the balance between mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness, but we all have the tools within us, we just need to DO them.

Mental Intelligence (mind/intellect) is a cool thing to have, it is part of our preprogrammed (lower learning). It can help us to understand or anticipate, to rationalize or express things better, but does not provide a guaranty for happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in life. When dealing with the everyday aspects of our overall well-being and outlook on life it mainly comes down to how well we can respond to setbacks, challenges, and our ability to express ourselves.

Emotional Intelligence, which is not the same as Emotional Maturity, allows us to resolve the deeper causes of unhappiness, such as relationship and communicational issues, but it can seldom address the underlying trauma, abandonment, abuse, addiction, intimacy and attachment issues of our pain-body. To overcome the multiple layers of ego-coping and self-rationale it requires the active involvement of our deeper inner True Self Consciousness to be healed.

Caught in this unconscious wheel of emotional stress and coping we can easily feel lost. Our ego does not have the tools to change this! Therefore, in order to change this inner conflict, a shift in our perception has to take place first. We need to begin to observe the ego and its hard-wired reactions so that we can begin to transcend those behaviors that are no longer appropriate for us!

Transcending the ego means to dissolve its power over us. Eliminating it is not possible. It is an integral part of us. Therefore, the Transcendence of Ego has to happen through accepting that it is there, but releasing the old mindsets and beliefs that allow it to dominate us.

(Read more about Transcending the Ego here)

Nowadays, it is widely understood that Emotional Maturity and Spiritual Intelligence are linked. A spiritual connection is proven to be a key element for inner peace, happiness and healing. Therefore the pathway to Emotional Maturity is through allowing our Emotional Intelligence to merge with Spiritual Intelligence located in our Heart, which is based on our level of consciousness, awareness and inner connection - which then allows us bypass our Ego!

The missing link to changing our existing patterns is connecting with our heart's intelligence. It changes our perspective and with it our perception. It activates a 'higher intelligence' in us that is often described as Divine Consciousness.

Higher Learning is a blend of Emotional Maturity and Spiritual Intelligence practices that are communicated to us through our Authentic True Self.

Tapping into 'Divine Wifi' the Higher Consciousness in us leads us to the realization that our ego-awareness can only get us as far as our preprogrammed and conditioned collective matrix allows us. Breaking through the barriers of our ego-mind and Higher Learning are therefore directly linked with the willingness to break through the limitations of our collective bias.

(Read ore about True Self here)

The 5 Principles of Higher Learning


-> Feeling deeper within & forming more Tolerance


-> Forming a truth-based internal Lexicon & gaining Clarity about self


-> Developing Discernment & Competence through embracing self-growth


-> Cultivating a non-personal Witnessing of self & embracing challenges


-> Trusting in inner Knowingness & continually recontextualizing reality based on Inner Truth & Guidance

Thank you for your time.

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Owner of transCODES

If you are interested in experiencing this new way of higher learning (or Meta-Learning) check our GRACE Soul Self Program as it can further assist in this alignment/anchoring process of your Soul Awareness This combination of energy coaching (via skype or phone) and remote energy sessions can be best categorized as a high-frequency energy alignment. However, like all transCODES transmissions, programs, courses and personal sessions, the desired field alignment can always be done in self-directed processes, which is the ultimate goal of Higher Learning, namely to adjust to different frequencies facilitated by remote energy transMISSIONS.

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