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Team Future Self - Bridging the Gap between Our Past, Present & Future

By jona bryndis, Jul 5 2018 03:12PM

When it comes to working on manifesting our future most people think of affirmations and visualization. As we all know, the ‘picture on the fridge’ can work to certain extend, but what about our higher goals in life? And what if our desired version of the future is not really to our higher benefit? What happens to our future when we change, when our values, needs and our integrity level shifts as we spiritually grow?

Questions like this may seem a bit ‘out there’ if health or money are our main concerns, but for the consciously evolving person it’s natural to think about the goal system rather than how to get there. After all, whether or not our envisioned future is congruent with our highest potential is not only a theoretical question. For many of us a missing vision of our future can really shake up our personal or professional lives – and as in so many cases – be the main cause for feeling stuck in the ‘wrong’ life, job or relationship.

As our awareness changes our definition of success changes and so we come to the realization that it’s not that we don’t want our life/job/partner, it’s just that we simply don’t feel fully compatible with them anymore.

How can we bridge this invisible gap between our past, present and future - between wanting, feeling, envisioning and inner knowing??

Accessing Information from the Future

There are different approaches and techniques to getting a feeling for what our future may look like. Not sure if I can speak for most readers here, but you are likely already familiar with meditation and deeper inner reflection techniques, so I won’t waste your time with basic introspection modalities.

The most common way to gain information about our potential future (apart from seeking counsel from a psychic or fortune teller, which is not what I am suggesting here) is the mental visualization technique, which mostly works with a projection of how we want our future to be. From an energetic standpoint this classical way of honing in on what we want is based on our solar-plexus energy and represents a very ‘masculine way’ of approaching our future: Bulls-Eye directed and with the energetic force to make changes coming from our will power and ego.

The problem with this kind of manifestation is that it’s inseparably linked to our ego. Not only is it intertwined with possible false perception of ourselves, but it’s also linked to our mental beliefs, judgment and most likely also our fears, as our ego mainly seeks relief from fear. For someone trying to transcend the ego and its associated attachments, addictions and limitations, solar-plexus manifestation is ‘old school’ and counterproductive.

Therefore, when trying to implement new – integrative ways of seeking answers or higher vibrational solutions for our future a new paradigm has to be brought in; one that includes our intuition, our heart and our creative side - our right brain if you will - or the more ‘feminine way.’

(read more in: "Aligning our Energy to Higher Golas in Life")

You don’t need to be a psychic to access information about your future. Everybody can learn this! All you really need is a good connection with your heart, half-way processed emotional and mental energies, an understanding of your ego’s patterns, and confidence in reading our own energy/inner signals, which can be learned.

(read more in “Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations")

If you are a bit unsure if this is for you but you can feel that there is something beyond your fear, keep reading...

Overcoming Obstacles with Entanglement

The main obstacle in trying to access what’s in our highest good is to withstand the temptation to SEEK VISIONS – as in trying to push our inner vision. This would be just another layer of our ego again. So, even if you managed to get our ego into the wobbly boat of spiritually growing beyond its own limitations (which takes courage and a little practice), it still wants answers. The need to have a fix for everything can override your best intentions.

It is our ego’s mouthpiece, our Critical Inner Voice, the part in us that is not 100% sure if these new paradigms will drive us into financial or personal ruin, that keeps driving us into ‘finding solutions’. Here, the insight that lower vibratory solutions (e.g. any thought or emotion based fear, anger, or guilt) don’t really work for us anymore can help us to overcome our mental and emotional looping.

At this point we learn about DETACHMENT and the need to let go of the notion that we need to ‘do’ something to receive this kind of info.

The second paradigm shift needed to overcome our fear of the future leads to the realization that we don’t need to ‘have’ anything either. All we really need is an open mind and heart – excitement, curiosity and willingness to follow our inner guidance. Whenever our ego rebels, it’s actually a good sign that we are getting closer to our higher manifestation abilities.

In order to get to our most advantageous future self you will need to know how to keep your emotional and mental looping down. Your ego will continue to struggle with the idea that you are about to decide something ‘risky’ or not according to the rulebook, regardless of how integrity your goals have.

The more experience you have with navigating our inner worlds and reading our own energy the easier it becomes to untangle the entangled and to discern what’s past, present or future. We will see many different options – different timelines even - and we will realize that it’s all up to us now. No escape – no scapegoats – no blaming circumstances or karma anymore. We understand that our future is created as we go, depending on which level of energy we can hold.

Seeing ourselves composed of entangled present, past and future selves is essential. We need to know who we truly are, and we need to be okay with it! We need to be willing to fully reconcile with our past to be comfortable with our present and to trust our future self.

We need to fully embrace all parts of us!

Getting Our Past, Present & Future Self in the Same Boat

Our PRESENT aspects are probably the most painful to look at – they are the ones that cause the void in us. We feel stuck in the wrong life and don’t how to move on. Again, it’s important to understand that our ego prefers us to stay where we are at, as it feels most ‘safe’ and familiar to it – even if we struggle.

Our ego controls us with the pain of the past and the fear of the future, which is why it’s vital to become aware of these components (and its triggers) if we want to liberate ourselves from these binds.

Wanting to change means being okay with NOT having the solution right away.

Our PAST aspects are mainly dominated through pain memory stored in our energy system. It is difficult to not see ourselves as the result of our past, but the past is not the cause for our struggle! Our struggle is the energetic, mental and emotional rehash our ego triggers when incoming energies hit our unresolved inner conflicts. These triggers can be stored as trauma, loss, crisis, or as in most cases as energetic attachments.

If we really want to let go of these OLD BURDENS – we need to realize how much of our energy is/has been occupied. This then helps us to realize how much of our energy can get caught in charges related to past aspects that are not really important anymore.

Some past aspects simply cannot be resolved externally (e.g. with the person/s involved) - but in order to move on that we need to accept this is part of our karmic set up (read recent articles on Karma and Karmic Relationships for more insights on how to re-contextualize karmic attachments.)

Letting go of the grip from the past is imperative. It increases our chances to become able to invite higher vibratory solutions and thus plays a major role in unifying ourselves.

Feeling out our FUTURE self is usually the most surprising part in our inner reflection process. Most of us have more inspiration than we think we do! If we can get past our fears and mental looping, we can get past complex emotional and physical interplay of why our vision of the future is blocked.

The trick is to bypass the ego is to seek the connection through our heart. The heart is the gateway to our higher perception and therefore the path of merging inner emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies into One.

We only see the need to change when the pain of staying where we are becomes greater than the fear of the unknown future.

While this can get us to the crucial point when we can’t take it anymore and allow us to have the needed energy to move forward a bit, there is a back draw. With this attitude there is no guarantee that we will make higher vibrational choices, as our ego can easily get a foothold as soon as the pain is soothed. This is why so many of us get caught in addictive coping patterns, as they simply remove the pain for a short amount of time, just so we don’t need to change anything….

Finding Higher Vibratory Solutions for our Future

Moving forward based on anger or fear still externalizes our power to make higher vibratory changes/choices/solutions and so in essence we never really move forward!

Higher Vibratory Solutions arise when we have the courage to fully surrender our ego to our heart. It can heal the wounds of our past and carry us through the uncertainty of our future. All we need is to let go of our resistance to our original pain and – so that our ego coping is literally not needed anymore!

There is a much cooler future than your ego could ever make up! Your ego is limited – it can only interpolate the future based n the past. If you can surrender your need to control your future and let your True Self do what its best at (pulling you into your highest potentiality of your future) you are all set!

(for more on this subject called Syntropy click here)


The fasted way to practically apply this into your practical high vibrational solution finding process is to visualize yourself consciously asking and receiving counsel from your Future Self.

Whenever you come to an impasse or don’t know how to solve a situation, go into your heart, surrender to your Inner Higher Power and once you are settled in a state that’s free of fear and pain ask your Future/Wiser Self to give you advice.

Be patient.

The answers may come in dreams, physical signals or weird synchronicities. Visioning with your Future Self is not limited to visual perceptions. All these aspects of your selves are ultimately One!

One last tip: Probably the most important step after things worked out for you is to go back to your future self and to THANK IT. This sends a very powerful feedback loop into your energy system, so that your wiser self’s guidance can be better heard by your present self in future!

For those of you who want to learn how to actively apply this energy work check out our new FUTURE SELF Energy Training Session.

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,


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