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Facing Your Own Nemesis

By jona bryndis, May 31 2019 07:00AM

Collective energies are on turbo drive again unveiling the global ego and its shadow. The energetic bombardment through political merry-go-rounds, financial crashes, contaminated food and water, social injustice, techno-control, spiritual emergencies, Wave-X, you name it, has only yet begun. The global shadow is about to unleash its most powerful weapon upon us: Fear, Anger and Negativity. However, all collective phenomena are also mirrors of our own unresolved issues. We cannot separate the two. Projecting DISDAIN, ANGER AND VICTIMHOOD towards others is when we need to look at our stuff.

Anyone who understands the purpose of inner work understands why getting a ping to look into his own mirror is not about blaming or attacking - it's about INTEGRITY and checking in with oneself in order to better discern our own parts and ego payoffs.

There is a level of inertia in all of us that is enabling this COLLECTIVE CRAZINESS. Empath or not. We need to allow TRUTH to be seen - and in order to shift our energy and hold this higher vibratory place, we cannot truly believe that selectively picking the cherries off the cake will change anything. We cannot ignore that we all part of cake! The more we energize our own fear, anger and negativity - the more we are obstructing the light that want's to illuminate the Global Shadow, so that we can all evolve into our higherpotential as humans.

Thinking that this 'Divine Comedy' is outside of us and that we are victims of it means neglecting our part in it. Every collective has its karma, and due to our presence here - at this time of the unleashing of the Global Shadow - it is also part of our karma! Karma is not punishment - karma is simply what we need to go through so it can be healed within us, regardless of whether we believe in incarnation or not. (to read more about Karma go here).

The only way out of the collective karmic wheel is to face and heal our own shadow, so that the darkness and separation cannot get a grip on our soul.

You can of course sit there, talk about, philosophy, comment on facebook posts and bicker about how politician lie to us, how corporations control us and how dark forces are trying to eat our soul… and add to our global negativity, while justifying your own inertia with what you can’t do - like everybody else - or, you can execute your free will and actively begin your journey to from your mind to your heart and thus explore what’s really in store for you.

The world won’t change because you think you've figured out what's wrong with the world. The world can only change if you begin to experience and apply your Inner Power through becoming accountable and responsible for your own energy!

The purpose of collective darkness is to steer us into our ego’s fear of death (read more on this subject here) - to not change anything! The way we are conditioned to react rather than respond is through triggers that makes our thoughts spiral and our emotion dramatize, while our Heart, through which we could tap into the ‘Field of all Possibilities’ slowly dystrophies. Collective programming continually bombards us with fears. It keeps our ego in a constant state of emergency. And as a result we lose the connection with our heart; our lives become dominated by inner/outer conflicts and contradictions; we become empty, fearful and lonely, and buy into collective fear.

What most don’t realize is that our very own Heart-Connection can provide the way out of this collective wheel. Having a happy, healthy and abundant life and planet do not require fancy techniques or outer tools! All we need is to find the pathway back to our heart that gives us the ability to discern who we truly are, what drives us, what our real needs are and what we truly want – what the world needs. It spontaneously clears our ego pay-offs and delivers the guidance on how to get there. But instead of spending time fostering our inner connection and exploring the opportunities through oneness we choose to separate ourselves and to live in our ego’s illusion of specialness.

Global Shadow is not ‘out’ there – it’s in us! We are part of it and as long as we promote or align our energy to our victimhood and inner and outer negativity, we are feeding it!

Every tiny unhealed or dark aspect we transcend within ourselves; every moment we spend in deep love for the beauty of this world and the human condition; and every iota of courage to be congruent with what our heart tells us sends out a vibrational wave to everyone and everything with consciousness on this planet (humans, animals, plants, minerals and water). As it weaves into the collective energy field on this planet it expands into Divine Consciousness and disrupts negative energies.

The more refined our energy the larger the radius of our heart-field and the faster our manifestation speed - and also, the more powerful our ability to disrupt the collective grid of darkness.

On the other hand, every negative thought promotes the web of collective contraction, darkness and fear. If we are concerned about where the world is going and how to survive the collapse of the global shadow, we need to begin within ourselves!

Redemption, which is often part of our journey, is not about feeling guilty or acting out of the need to make good, nor saving the planet for that matter. Redemption is about becoming true to ourselves – about becoming a True Self. By leaving our Shadow-Man, our Pain and Fear, our Inner Child and Karmic Bondage behind we are claiming the right to be true to ourselves. This allows us to apply and manifest our soul’s sovereignty into our practical life, and to reaffirm our soul’s purpose of anchoring the Divine Field into the physical .

Make every act, every thought, every feeling a physical anchoring process, expressing who you truly are.

With this understanding comes the knowing or remembrance that everything you are going through is nothing but the microscopic version of what the global ego is going through. Even if ‘Being of service for others’ may not be on your priority list right, consider the power of your ability to tap into the cosmic heart by tapping into your own heart! It will inevitably lead to the realization that all you need is to do is to step out of your personal struggle.

Let go of what is holding you back from experiencing your inner Divine Connection and begin to see yourself connected to all (even if others refuse to do this). At the end of day, when you are balancing your life’s records it will not be about what others did or wanted you to do. Your karma is the balance sheet of YOUR inner congruence and YOUR choices.

By allowing ourselves to be in our heart and to anchor Divine Love within we can provide healing for hundred’s of thousands of people on this planet…without knowing it or having the intention. This is the power of true healing and manifestation! Scratch the specialness, just see the enormous the potential! We are all connected, folks! Never forget this!

So, why aren’t we in our Sacred Heart Space all the time?

Well, of course you may say: “We all have lives, jobs, families and obligations. They force us to spend the majority of our time with other things” Sure! However, all I am hearing is: “Because we choose not to” and the reason for that is because bought into the global shadow and tell ourselves we ‘can’t’ - and that’s what collapses our ability to make changes right then. If you choose to separate yourself – you choose to disconnect from your heart, and with it the from Divine Source that has the power to heal it all!

If you really want to make changes, now is the time to step up! Begin with changing your perspective beyond your personal struggles and stop engaging in activities, thought patterns, emotional drama and surrounding yourself with negativity. Stay away from people who feed off misery and specialness – as long as you are with them, you are part of them!

Instead of battling with yourself about what you can or can’t do, feel out what you could do! What if you could create a life where all these aspects are in harmony with another; where they don’t contradict another?! What if your life could promote harmony with others? What if you could take care of your obligations and be in your heart while you do it? Why not?!

What do you think you need to change to manifest a life in harmony with your True Self?

Your personal ego struggles are all related to not knowing what your true needs and potential is. Find out what truly drives you and not what your ego dictates you in form of body (eating, substances, release of energies ), mind (goals, beliefs, pleasing, compliance) and our emotions (yearning, not wanting to be alone, drama).

Ego pay-off is the currency of fear, desire and specialness; love is the currency of your manifestation ability. Reclaim our inner truth and to act on it!

If you want a happy, healthy and abundant life grow beyond our personal battles with your inner negativity. This inner battle is implanted by Global Darkness to separate us from within and thus from our Higher Power. Acknowledge that we are all a part of the whole and that it's in our hands to either feed or stop negativity!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


transCODES provides educational and transformative healing modalities and courses for everyone. The most popular programs are the SACRED SELF-HEALING Journey and the 90-Day Self-Mastery HEART-WARRIOR Boot-Camp (click here for more info on both programs).

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