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Stripping Off Our Ego & Living Truth - 2 Spots Available for November Heart Warrior Boot-Camp

By jona bryndis, Oct 29 2017 04:08PM

This is just a quick notice that we have two spots availble for our 90-Day Heart Warrior Boot Camp starting 1st November 2017 (through December and January). If you are interested in this intense 'personal energy training' program - now is a good time! We can only take on new Heart-Warriors once other complete their training.

In previous writings about the Heart-Warrior Program we have pointed out the details of this cutting edge combination of energy work, shamanism and classic coaching and how it can provide a groundbreaking transformative experience for every participant. By learning how to reconnect with ones self physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually it not only shows us new ways of contextualizing the deeper meaning of our life's journey, but also teaches us valuable integrative self-mastery skills; be it how to better communicate, negotiate, manifest or express our true potential.

Read here: Heart-Warriors Wanted

While the benefits for most are showing in the area of personal growth immediately, the long-term effects of rewiring our inner decision-making and reconnecting with our True Inner Power are often shocking. By learning how to read and manage your own energies and to bypass some of your most inhibiting blocks (conscious or unconscious) you will not only experience yourself in a new light, but also become able to reconnect with your higher inner abilities that will empower you to implement a whole new level of boosting your personal career, relationship, or health from within.

But - experiencing ourselves stripped from our ego perception of our daily lives can be challenging! The purpose of this program is not to stroke our egos, on the contrary! It’s designed to guide us into the safe space within can help us to grow beyond the limitations of our ego! It can show us how to connect with the peaceful Warrior of The Heart, that resides in all of us and end our daily struggle of coping with inner conflicts.

Read the Heart-Warrior story of a recently graduating Boot-Camper:

"When the Heart Warrior program was first introduced, it caught my eye. As i read through the description i felt a spark attraction which i quickly shutdown by the level of dedication required i.e. food choices, exercise, daily and weekly journaling, homework, coaching session's, daily meditations and countless transmissions. I felt there was no way i could fit this into my life and certainly not from the survival structure my energy had been resonating on. Later in the year, little synchronicities edged me closer bit by bit until i felt excited but scared and took the leap and signed up. An energy emerged ready to pounce on any challenge, as an opportunity.

During the program and session schedule, there is a mystical unfolding that seems to take place. As if each energy session were perfectly orchestrated just for you to develop, align, clear, recontexualize and uncover aspects of yourself that may have remained hidden or blocked by various coping mechanisms and an altered perception of self and the world.

With the help of the transCODES.com team, i have for the first time developed access to a 'safe' place within, by learning to connect with my heart and dedicating time and energy to nurturing myself i have found the ability to connect more with myself and others. There are many energetic dynamics at play, that during the program you begin to learn like what is mine, what is yours, where are my strengths, where are my weaknesses, what are my needs, what are my desires, am i being true to myself or do i mold like a chameleon trying to fit in.

What has been most surprising is what you feel you have worked through or possibly even believe to have made you 'unique' or 'special', may actually be an additional shadow trait for which may inhibit your ability to see, feel, or hear truth.

I feel the biggest pre requisite is the willingness to become real.

This program, is jammed packed and is of intrinsic value. A gift to myself i will forever be grateful for and of the unconditional love and support found here at transCODES.

The biggest question comes when you are guided to create a life in truth, to become congruent and be of service to others....can you let go and surrender to the path of your heart?"

J. Hand ~ Australia

Click here for info on the Boot-Camp details and here for pricing - but - as you read about the program details, be aware that you will not be able to understand this program from paper. Feel out if it's your heart or your mind guiding you! If this program resonates with you have the courage to follow your heart's guidance, be prepared to discover what it means to become absolutely true to yourself!

We all know that there are changes ahead - and whether you want to break through persistent blocks in career or relationship, start a healthier way of living, enhance your way of dealing with current collective energies or create a new beginning - feel welcome to join our in depth self-mastery program! If you have questions how the Heart-Warrior Program can benefit you or your career please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your time.


jona bryndis

Founder & Energy Coach at transCODES

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