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Spiritual Emergence or Emergency? - Basics Of Dealing With Spiritual Growth

By jona bryndis, Apr 6 2017 05:00PM

Sudden irrational fear, sadness, anxiety or anger are amongst the most typical signs of inner change – but why do these emotions overwhelm us right when we are ready to move forward? Why is it so hard to outvibrate growing negativity?

Awakening to our deeper spiritual connection is undoubtedly a big theme in these times of uncertainty. We can't change the world, but we can change the way we see and deal with it! However, many of us who are discovering their energetic and ampathetic abilities also begin to feel the disadvantage of our sensitivity. The more aware we become of outer negitivity, the harder it get's to not absorb other people's fears or anger - and to NOT see the world/others as a hostile place.

What in us gives our emotions the power to wear us out, distract us from our inner goals, disrupt our inner connection and drain our energy to the point were we feel giving-up or giving-in is the only solution?

Why do so many of us feel we want to isolate ourselves?

How can we learn to better handle this spiritual emergence without letting it turn into a Spiritual Emergency?

These and similar questions are reaching me almost daily in my blog and forum community for energetically sensitives, consciousness seekers and empaths. The answer is complex, as it involves several layers of our emerging consciousness. Follow me here in this (rather long) investigation about how to better deal with our Spiritual Emergence...

The short answer is:

Our Ego - because it want's everything to stay as it is.

The long answer is:

Because we are complex beings with emotional, mental and physical hard-wires. Our Spiritual Growth is not an event but a gradual rewiring process.

Manifesting your true potential and the fulfillment of your purpose in life emerges out of the harmony of all levels of your existence simultaneously. Leaving out one or several levels can lead to energetic, emotional or mental schisms/fragmentation, which in return blocks the energy flow between those levels. In order fully embrace the unraveling of our Spiritual Intelligence, we need to learn how to overcome our ego's resistance and embrace the process!

So, when going through inner or outer changes it is often not the change itself but our emotional, physical and mental reaction to shifting energies within that can become a major obstacle. In fact, the most common reason why we feel more like revolving rarther than evoloving is because of the amount of our unprocessed emotional and mental energies that pop up, right when we are ready to break free from existing patterns. So, let's look at the different aspects that can influence the way we perceive our Spiritual Emergence:

1. Dealing With Expectations: From Inside Out? Or Outside In?

Most of us believe that change is something that happens from outside in, which is why it often looks that outer circumstances are responsible for holding us back. This is understandable; for some reason things always seem to conspire against us right when we felt the courage to do something about what we want to change, be it our job, family, finances, relationship, moving or manifesting a healthier life style – there is ‘always’ something that happens, that seems to hold us back. Sound familiar?

In order to break through set-backs or dramatic ups and downs we need to break down our beliefs and expectations about how we can manifestat our higher goals. Let's go a bit deeper and illimunate the underlying Energetic Dynamics at play:

2. Dealing With Impatience: Event or Process?

For many of us our journey feels like a drag. For years we've beend reading, adjusting and meditating. But somehow we never really feel we are 'progressing'. The reason for this is not because we haven't been facing our inner stuff, but in the way we approach it. Deep down we have this notion that we need to do more in order to get better, but as many of us find out, this belief just makes it even more frustrating. The true reason why we don't feel like we are advancing is in the thought process itself. Spiritual Emergence cannot be willed or forced. As its name hints at, it spantaneously occurs. It is a beingness and not a doingness.

From an energetic point of view, change occurs as shift of our energy level into a higher plateau. In order for such a leap to take place our intention or willpower are not what can get us there. Technically we are already there! But in order to perceive consciousness is something that resides within us we need a certain amount of energy that allows us leave our current energetic state. In physics, this is called activation energy – in emotional terms we refer to it as Courage or Empowerment – the inner feeling of ‘Yes, I can feel it in me - All I need is to let go of the stuff in the way!’.

Courage is the energetic frequency needed to overcome our inner inertia keeping things the way they are. The reason why we subjectively feel more safe in our comfort zone, even if we perceive our circumstances as unhealthy or dysfunctional, is because it feels familiar.

The amount of energy needed to overcome this inertia depends on the energetic difference between the vibratory level we are in and the level we want to ‘ascend’ to. Logically, if we find ourselves very low in energy, e.g. in an unhappy relationship, financial trouble, being sick, having lost our job or being fed up with unhealthy routines, the energy needed to get to love, happiness, wealth and health is pretty high. This doesn’t mean that we can't get there, it just means that we need to be prepared to deal with resistances as they come up. The best way to apporach this is by changing our attitude and accepting that it will be a step-by-step process.

One of the most common self-sabotages, besides approaching our self-actualization from a defensive perspective, is that our expectations don’t match with our energetic frequency at all! To meet and match the energetic frequency of your higher goal it is very important to understand that we need to be there to get there. If we want say LOVE on all levels we need to realize that all beliefs around lack are counter productive! The more we yearn for love from the outside, the more we energize what we don't have!

Our circumstances are the reflection of our inner energetic vibration. Therefore, in most cases it’s not that outer energies conspire against us but that our inner energies hold us back!

3. Dealing With Reality: What Is Really Holding Us Back?

As mentioned above, one of the greatest obstacles is getting past our mental and emotional illusion of familiarity. In our minds ‘familiar’ is hard-wired with ‘safe - regardless of its actual spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or energetic quality. The energetic mechanism that keeps us in our current vibrational level is directly linked to our ego. Our ego’s job is to secure our mental, emotional and physical survival.

However, when we set out on our spiritual journey ‘survival’ is not our main concern anymore. In fact, the largest portion of the journey of embodying the awakening soul is to develop higher goals and manifest our fullest potential – beyond the limitations of our ego!

Ego however isn’t interested in our ‘highest potential’! Its main concern is to maintain what we have, where we are and to keep things ‘manageable’. It plays into our lower Chakras and is often associated with guilt, fear, addiction, trauma and specialness.

So, what most of us don’t know or ignore is that whenever we shift our energy even just the tiniest bit, we will be dealing with our ego's resistance. The energetic difference in frequency has to be equaled out. The way this happens for usia through having to release the energy that allowed our ego to cope. Therefore, as we make the jump into the unknown, huge amounts of emotional and mental, often also physical energies are released!

So, while setting out (‘setting in’ really) on the journey of exploring your true heart’s desire through deeper inner spiritual or consciousness work, you need to be prepared to deal with unhealed or ego-controlled inner aspects first, otherwise we will be hit hard when finding out that our 'ascension journey' is not about becoming all-spiritual but about becoming all-real - and resist becoming real.

Spritual Awakening is the process of discovering your Higher/True Self and learning to love ourselves and the world with all parts!

4. Dealing With Resistance: What We Resist - Persists

During the initial breaking through our ego's coping and control mechanisms it’s very common to experience unexpected waves or strong energetic sensations, often emotional in nature. Most of us have been avoiding or repressing the deep seated pain or fear of pain related to our inner wounds and separation. When touching on these unhealed aspects in our spiritual consciousness work, meditation or energy healing sessions we often encounter an almost uncontrollable release of ecxess emotional or mental energies.

The reason for this is simple - through focusing our attention (e.g. during an energetic clearing or adjustment session) we are speeding up our energy in those areas, which allows them to unwind. The fact that they tend to come out uncontrollably is due to our temporarily unblocked state, which is actually a good thing! We call this Healing Crisis - the release of blocked energies.

The experience of such a temporary Healing Crisis or Spiritual Emergency can create confusion, doubts and even chaos for a while. It takes a bit of inner discipline to not allow this momentary ‘activation mode’ to throw us off our intended path. If we can break through this short period of emotional, mental or physical roller-coaster we will discover that it’s more a Spiritual Emergence rather than Emergency.

5. Dealing with Emotional Energies

Energies tend congegrate like a layer of energy around or in front of a deeper aspect that needs to be cleared/healed. When sudden emotional energies are released during or after an energy or meditation session it’s typically showing that this emotion has been sitting there in a stagnant or pent up state - in other words, that it needs to be addressed.

In general, I recommend taking note of sudden outbursts of anger, sadness or fear coming forward during/after a remote energy session (or any other situation really) – and if possible for you in this moment, to accept this emotion instead of avoiding it.

Here a brief quote from ‘Dangers of Avoiding or Repressing Emotional Energies’

“Energy work teaches us to regard our emotional aspects as integral part of our energy system. It shows us, that the transcendence of our denser energies (slow vibratory frequencies) cannot be accomplished by leaving them out, on the contrary! Our energetic/etheric cell memory is transdimensional – so nothing can be left out, as anything unresolved will permeate and replicate into all layers of our energy systems and lifetimes!

This means, that contrary to the popular new age belief, dealing with our emotions and the conglomerate of our so called ‘lower stuff’ is actually often more important than having visions or drifting off into the ‘cool higher stuff’, as it will always pull us back ‘down’ if we ignore or deny it."

(also read: "Self-Mastery - Dealing with Awakening Higher Perception")

6. Dealing With Inner Judgment

Our emotions are messengers. They give us information about the nature of the ‘obstacle’ in place. So, when anger is released for example, it means that there is a part in us that a part of us has not been able to face this anger in the past; often, because we can't allow ourselves to be angry, or because it’s so deeply buried that we don’t even know where this anger is coming from. The latter is often the case when our Inner Child wound is triggered. A sure sign that this is the case is when we feel anxiety or helplessness along with our anger.

In order to deal with sudden releases of anger, sadness or fear, etc. it is important to remember that our emotions are a vital part of our inner signaling and NOT that we are ‘bad or not spiritual enough'! Our mental belief that emotions are ‘bad’ is what allowed for them to get buried and controlled by our ego in the first place. Therefore, when in such an emotional crisis it is also important to pay attention to our surfacing mental patterns, e.g. our Critical Inner Voices, spiraling worries, contradictions and mental looping. Just like our emotions, our mind plays a major role in the complex intertwining of our ego control!

7. Dealing with Excess Emotional or Mental Energies

The very purpose of spiritual journey through meditation and energy sessions is learning how to bypass our mind so that we can get to the deeper patterns and programs that are holding us back from truly connecting within. We cannot make the changes that can enhance our life’s experience by suppressing them!

The more we work on our inner heart connection the more harmonic and less fragmented our energies becomes – the less we are getting overrun by repressed or hidden emotions!

The deeper a meditation or energy session goes, the more layers of energies and emotions will be released. This can easily make you feel like being out of control, lost or 'going nuts’ - but know that this is just an ego illusion! Energetic releases are a big part of the purpose of inner consciousness work. It's totally normal to experience werid physical stuff and sudden emotions during and after sessions!

The trick to getting through emotional or mental looping is taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that energetic restructuring and clearing is happening that our minds can't handle - hence it simply gives up. Therefore, know that’s it’s not always possible to rationally understand your emotional or energetic sensations. Accept that and trust in your inner self-healing!

Breaking through you ego’s limitations also means breaking through our need to control your inner healing processes!

As soon as you are willing to learn this new language - your personal lexicon of inner sensations - you will begin to understand your energy system better and feel a bit more comfortable! If you want to change, realize that you have to trust in your inner higher ability to heal yourself.

Simply surrender to your energies and allow yourself to go through whatever wants to come forward.

Often it’s not the emotion itself, but your judgment of yourself that creates the inner pain and suffering! so, stay open, not beat yourself up, and keep observing rather than judging!

If you can stay in our heart and trust in your intention to grow and expand, you will realizethe purpose in allowing your emotions to come forward. Try to breathe through those times and learn from it! (Click here for an advanced Energetic Breathing Technique.)


What are my emotions trying to tell me?

The rawness is always also a sign of they depth! Often raw emotional energies don’t make sense. They just come up out of nowhere. But deep down there is a pattern to it.

What is the pattern? What does this emotion remind me of?

Did I ever have a similar outbreak of these uncontrollable emotions before? When? What could it be linked to?

Is there a feeling of not getting what I need, or longing for something associated with it?

How do I normally express what I need (if at all)? Do I feel resistance expressing my needs (inner or outer)?

Is there a discrepancy between how I express my feelings and how I truly feel?

Is there a Critical Inner Voice talking to me?

What/who does this inner voice remind me of?

If there are specific sudden emotions, worries, doubts or thoughts that reoccur or get triggered easily, it’s a sure sign that there are even deeper aspects underneath and that we have a mental or emotional spiral or cycle attached to it!

What is the pattern? Can you see it?

In general, the purpose of allowing emotional releases is to become aware of stuck emotions and make connections.

Which body parts do they feel linked to?

Do I have any chronic or psychosomatic illnesses located in those areas?

8. Dealing with Outer Energies

Another good reason why it can be worthwhile to sit in our emotions for a bit longer than we normally would is the possibility that they may not be ours to begin with. The ability to discern inner from outer energies is one of the most important tools we can learn through energetic and heart-based consciousness work.

Absorption of other people’s or collective emotional energies is more common than you think!

What most people underestimate is the connection and the dynamics between inner and outer energies. Just because most people can’t see energies doesn’t mean that they are not present! We constantly interact on an energetic level – the seen and the unseen. Therefore, it’s a bit naïve to think that we are in full control of our energies.

However, everyone can learn how to read and work energies; but most importantly we need to be willing to take responsibility for our energy and what we put out there. Probably the most eye-opening aspect of understanding energetic interaction and dynamics between people is the realization that energies are in a constant flow of action and reaction, balancing and counter-balancing. Whether or not we are aware of it, our energy affects others, too! In regards to absorbing outer energies the energetic mechanics are very simple:

The more we project – the more we absorb.

A large part of dealing with outer energies therefore again depends on our discipline to manage our own energy. If we project our emotions onto others – we will always also absorb theirs and even other people’s or random collective emotions resonating on the very same vibratory level.

Emotional absorption affects energetically sensitive persons and empaths more than unaware people or people who have no problem with acting out their emotions.

Therefore, we all need to become more aware that a big chunk of emotional energies we are digesting, storing or releasing aren't even ours! But in order to reduce this energetic ‘contamination’ from the outside we need to be willing to own our own energies at all times. As soon as you begin to own your part in the process and allow things to be shown the way they are – you will become able to deal with anything!

My tip in general is, be open to what is going on around you. Read my regular weekly energy updates and inform yourself about collective energy bands going through us all! If you find yourself in an intense emotional crisis it may just be the result of intense collective energies bombarding yo. More often than not it's not just us! And if you are feeling you are not yourself, let your loved ones know, that what you are going through something internally, and that it has nothing to do with them.

Ask for space - and learn to give yourself space to process, integrate and heal. Do not expect the people around you to be mind readers, because most likely they will think it’s about them…

In Conclusion:

In order to enoy your Spiritual Awakening and Manifestation process learn how to read inner and outer energies, and let go of any belief or need to measure your spiritual growth!

You will know that you are there, when you're there!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


If you are interested in this deeper consciousness work, stay tuned and subscribe to my blog and weekly energy digest. If you would like to experience a personal energy coaching session, take advantage of your free intitial skype/phone session (email me: [email protected]). If you want to learn how to go deeper in your own meditations check out the 24 STEP Sacred Self-Healing Online Course or join our ongoing public remote energy sessions. Click here to learn more about the remote energy transMISSIONS.

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