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Soul Self Embodiment - How Can Spirituality Help Find Ourselves?

By jona bryndis, Aug 28 2019 05:35AM

Many of us energetically sensitive, spiritual and empath people feel lost when faced with the adversity of dealing with human conflicts. We strive for a life expressed through mutual respect, compassion, healing, abundance, oneness, deeper values and integrity - virtues are working on developing through aligning our perception of the world to our heart's truth. But at the same time we beat ourselves up for not being perfect; for having emotions that feel 'unspiritual' to us; and desires we keep hidden. Something isn't adding up.

What's the missing link that can help us to feel more connected and peaceful within?

With compassion we can recognize that there is a deep wound in all of us. We all long for happiness, love and inner connection. We all want to feel that we belong here (somewhere). So, we seek. We seek for meaning in our being and higher purpose in our doing, but more often than not we find is negativity, degradation and anxiety. If we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, people ridicule or attack us for our views. What is missing in us, that no matter what we try, we simply don't seem to be able to function as 'well' as others.

Between trying to find better ways, jobs, relationships and living conditions to express ourselves in our individuality and deeply caring for others and our planet, we we often get lost in seeking. Not knowing where we belong, what to identify with and how to discern truth we get caught up in trying to survive and maintain whatever we have. In order to regain at least the illusion of control we do what we all are designed and conditioned to do - we cope. Instead of stopping for a moment, slowing down and forming an inner and outer relationship with our true Divine Nature, we feel pressed into a form and suffer from endless repeat. Learning how to trust in our true nature and the strength that can come from our inner soul self we can never learn that the energy needed to break the seeking-cycle comes from introspection and stillness. We are too busy seeking ...

The symptoms of Inner Separation are the same for all of us: Powerlessness, loneliness, repeating childhood/trauma, toxic relationships, financial lack or simply robotic numbness. Forming an inner spiritual connection is part of our human needs. Regular mediation and contemplation can provide spiritual insights as well as help to build a pathway to our inner divine nature, similar to prayers. With specific energy work modalities, such as Energy training we can go even deeper and get the needed direction of where inner work is needed through real inner experiences.

Deeper energy work requires a little bit of learning about our energy and how to connect and scan energies within, but it's not rocket science. We all have this ability built in, and from the perspective of teaching energy work modalities for many years, it seems that most of us really only need missing puzzle pieces to internalize their inner spirituality.

Therefore the journey to our own version of practical spirituality is neither an ascension nor and accomplishment. The hardest part about feeling an inner wholeness and peace is in understanding that we don't need to DO anything to get there. We need to allow ourselves to BE it instead! Once we realize that we (our ego) is in our own way of feeling inner connectedness, it begins to become clear that this journey is more about letting go than acquiring something.

The Journey to embodying our Soul Self is not about acquiring anything! It's a journey of letting go of what we think we are or need to be.

Regardless of our personal challenges while reconnecting with our heart and learning how to communicate with our True Self, listening to our inner guidance and directing our inner energies is something everyone can do. The spiritual power of standing still and taking a moment for inner heart-based reflection is so immensely healing, that many of us forget to do it. It's like talking about the healing effect of drinking plain ol' pure water. The simpler a solution the more inertia we seem to have to actually do it. So, what's holding us back from bringing our spiritual insights into action?

In order to use spiritual insights to actualize our journey into our practical lives we need to learn how to internalize our OWN Soul Self experience!

Energy Awareness & Mindfulness teaches us that there are other ways to directly connect with our Soul Self than mental, physical or emotional disciplines. In Remote Energy Session (read here how these session work) we can access parts of our Self that are typically blocked by our mind, body or emotion. The nature of these Remote Energy Session is gentle, loving and safe. Grace itself works through softness, compassion and subtlety. It gives us the space to reconnect with our self-forgiveness and connects us with the feminine aspect of healing. But don't let that fool you! The level of clearing (masculine aspect of healing) that can be accomplished through this integration work can be very intense! It's like clearing, integration, and connection all wrapped into one.

The entire SOUL SELF GRACE Cycle presents the complete journey back to embodying our very own Soul Self. It allows us to experience our spiritual connection first hand and trains our energy to vibrate higher. In consecutive cycles of 3 Energy Sessions per Healing Process we are slowly allowing our energy to adjust and clear all blockages in the corresponding layer of our energy body.

Grace is an energetic resonance that connects us directly to the heart and soul of True Self. It's an energy frequency that we can work work with and align to. In your personal energy sessions we practice this alignment and train your energy field to resonate on this frequency. As this occurs, a spontaneous release of lower vibratory pain, trauma and fear allows us to experience ourselves within the state of heart-consciousness.

The power of this modality lies in its energetic alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance. It initiates emotional, mental, physical and energetic clearing and integration through heart-centered energy healing. In a gentle way it facilitates the overcoming of mental, physical and emotional trauma and thus allows us to reconcile with our lost/given away/taken away soul aspects.

Working with the various Grace Cycles can aid those on the spiritual path by aligning to and practicing connection work through multiple layers and aspects of our journey. The high vibrational resonance of this highly effective self-healing modality is the alignment to the frequency of 'GRACE'. While this word can remind some of us on religious teachings, the spiritual purity of this resonance has nothing to do with religion.

The way this Energy Healing modality works is through bypassing our mental overlay, such as self-judgment and negative self-image, to allow the clearing of emotional energies through the heart. It addresses core aspect on the energetic/spiritual level and can thus help us to break through persistent emotional, mental and energetic patterns.

The work with the Grace Resonance happens through several layers of our Energy Body. The GRACE Cycle consist of 12 different self-healing a cycles (3 Remote Energy Sessions each) that build upon another. Together, they gradually train our energy vibrate higher and higher. It's an amazing way to connect deeper with your heart and align/feel the work of Grace within you.

Here, the different GRACE Cycles in an overview. A recommended time frame to work with these cycles is one per month (three Energy Sessions plus one Energy Coaching Session per Cycle):

GRACE Integrity®

GRACE Manifestation

GRACE True Love


GRACE Mental Heart Fusion

GRACE Sacral Heart Fusion

GRACE Trauma Clearing


GRACE Power Clearing

GRACE (Twin) Soul Reunification

GRACE Redemption


GRACE Soul Monad

GRACE Gaia Sophia

GRACE Soul Integrity

GRACE Soul Self Sessions can be booked as private sessions in discounted packages of three individual sessions with following energy coaching (Skype or phone) or individual sessions including energy coaching.

Thank you for your time.



Founder & Owner of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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