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Shifting our View of the Ego from Mind & Emotion to the Spirit

By jona bryndis, Jul 29 2018 09:00AM

The ego as defined by Sigmund Freud is the mediator between the impulsive and animalistic drives of the id and the critical, moralizing comments and structure of the super-ego. It is, in the ‘healthy’ version, the mature adult that balances the drives and wants of the child (id) and the parental structure that attempts to define what is okay and not (super-ego).

The ego in this model regulates the impulses of the id and the needs for conformity of the superego via rationalization, intellectualism, defensive or coping structures and various methods of hiding impulses and judgments that brings about a multitude of expressions geared at what is perceived as normality and healthy interaction with the world.

And, this view of the ego and the model associated has served many well actually giving quite a complex and well-developed structure to how people behave and act. It has led to tremendous study, contemplation and even a more powerful understanding of the human psyche and interaction. It also created an entire area of study (psychology & counseling) that has also shed light on other areas of interest ranging from metaphysics, sociology, philosophy and even spirituality.

If we are to stop at the mind’s view of the ego, and the mind only as what we follow and serve, the ego can make us feel empowered and in control as we can easily define or describe the majority of human interaction via the intellect and some of the other terms that are included in Freud’s model such as the various defense mechanisms, projection, transference/counter transference and catharsis to name a few.

The ego, from the mind’s view, can take us to very effective inner realizations and greater understanding, but, by itself, is flawed from a spiritual perspective due to the nature of its creation.

The ego develops very early in life and is innate to this plane and being human. And it is created out of necessity due stress, fear and possibly trauma, which brings about a separation between what we truly feel or experience and what we allow ourselves to experience (formation of defense mechanism and illusions or delusions of what we truly experience).

This separation leads us to the belief that we are actually only the experiencer of all that we are from a mind and body perspective and nothing more, which creates a firm indoctrination of dualistic thoughts and feelings. Which, based on our karma, plays out various experiences that allow us to have the choice to keep going further into defensive structure or to begin to realize how limiting this form of life is…

Freud himself was atheist claiming at one point of his life that God was nothing more than an illusion and a want/need for a strong father figure, which may shed light on the limitation of the ego from a mind perspective as in this view the mind is god or the maximum level we can obtain, which of course today could be described as being simply egotistical or narcissistic!

Now, when we shift to a spiritual view, where a person has usually become a bit frustrated with coping as they can feel the limitation or restriction in it, the ego becomes something of a nuisance at first, even shunned out of fear, anger, conscious or unconscious guilt, or simply out of frustration for all the defensive nature that it brings with it.

Overtime though, the spiritual seeker sees the power of and necessity of connecting with the ego as it contains in it the keys to openness, lovingness, and even truth and intimacy. They also see the addictive like quality of the patterns, repetitions and satiated impulses that come with the ego keeping us from a greater truth that lies beneath all the defensive structure…the return to the original and loving view of what we were and now can be without defending and coping.

By facing the defensive nature of the ego we can see that we are more than our mind and our emotions, and that the id’s impulses and the super-ego’s grumblings are nothing more than the mind and emotions attempts to keep things normal and in the known.

This realization, along deeper spiritual work, begins to break down the ego structure to the point where it is still there, but no longer riding us to react, dodge, deny and so on. The ego keeps dissolving as the id and the super-ego are also confronted and consciousness (or spiritual inner power) becomes more and more center stage replacing the dominant experiencer with the more encompassing observer.

This shift from the reactive, almost automatic drama of the mind and the emotions to a view of consciousness where there is space to decide and act (observer) other than react immediately brings us to the realization of the limitations of the mind’s view of the ego typically replacing it with the more effective and broadened view of the consciousness view where the ego is just a part of us that is necessary at one point, but limiting at another.

The ego has kept humanity safe and very active for millennia, it has brought about great change and even growth. And, it will not go away, but to the spiritual seeker, the need is to shift the paradigm of the mind and emotions view of ego to one of consciousness where there is a place for it all, but we have the choice and chance to change what is needed to feel more real, true, and connected within.

Spiritual work aids this as it encompasses exercises and activities that work to enhance or experience the feelings and expressions of consciousness and heart-level interaction, which with time break down all the patterns, reactions and urges of the ego allowing us to feel and sense more…realizing that there is so much beyond the ego, and all we need to do is agree to face it and embrace this new view.

So, love your ego, understand that it is needed and not going anywhere other than into the background of your life. This at first will be scary or even uncomfortable, but it is only because you have never tried anything else. With time, you will notice and see that the spiritual view will link you to energies and aspects of inner power that will replace the old with a more loving and livening view of life and all that is around you.

To help with this transition of a mind’s view to the spiritual view of the ego, we have numerous remote energy transMISSIONS coming up that are coming up to practice this connection to our hearts while working to break down the ego patterns in the way of this connection. Either click on each event or go to the link below to find out more information on each of these sessions. Each of which are geared towards enhancing our spiritual connection from various angles.

Grace Mental Heart – Initiates mental clearing and practices fusing our mind with our heart-field to allow for dissolution of mental looping.

Grace Sacral Heart - Initiates emotional and trauma clearing through heart-center connection and practices fusion of lower emotions/chakras with the heart-field.

Grace Recovery - Aids in recoding of addictive structure, including codependency via activiation and practice of heart-alignment

Grace Gaia – Sophia - Trains a shift and intensified alignment to our highest potential and inner manifestation abilities.

We hope to have you join to see what this work can do to aid you in your journey. And, if you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]

with love,


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